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Dine in lakeside luxury at Emerald Lakes new brunch spot

Huntington’s Café joins the fray.

We’re here to talk about a lovely little lakeside paradise that is both somewhat of a Gold Coast hidden gem and the perfect place to escape to should you need to experience something you won’t find anywhere else around these parts.

That something is a sweet little community, tucked away across the lake and bursting with colourful, European-esque vibes and many a lovely little boutique to spend your hard earned dollars within. Not to mention a sophisticated, new dining spot to satiate that post-shopping hunger.

It’s called Huntington’s Café and it’s been open for a few short weeks, serving up healthy dishes the likes of which you probably haven’t tasted before.

Let’s discuss the space first though. It’s an indoor slash outdoor space with a beautiful deck that stretches out toward the lake and with all of the sun-soaking opportunities.

Inside, there’s a little book nook, intimate little bench seating areas and an upbeat vibe that can definitely be attributed to the exceptional views (and eats).

So the menu. The focus is on healthy dishes that make you feel good and indeed they do.

For breakfast you simply cannot go past the Hemp Protein Pancakes with whipped banana and ricotta seasonal fruit and maple syrup. They are not only very good for you but also delicious and, hemp.

There’s also Cereal Milk Panna Cotta with buckwheat crunch, seasonal fruit and grated dark chocolate.

You may also build your breakfast, so that’s a good time.

For lunch there’s Braised Mussels with shallots, garlic, capsicum and tomato that will certainly tickle your tastebuds plus a Shepherd’s Pie and Falafel Bowl that you’ll probably also want to taste.

The coffee on offer is by Seven Miles and it is fittingly called The Cat’s Pajamas, brewed in Brisbane and very, very good.

Not only exceptional views and good-for-you eats though, there are yoga classes on Saturday mornings, a function space for all your party and business meeting needs and hemp products, made by the team that you may take home to enjoy.

Oh and there are also giant, homemade olives for sale too. So delicious.

Owners Helen Paximadas and Janet Carson have had a few years in the business previously and it all comes together at Huntington’s to create a venue that you’ll likely want to visit time and time again.

See you again soon Emerald Lakes.

LOCATION: 78/3030 The Boulevard, Emerald Lakes
HOURS: Monday to Saturday 7am until 3pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

The Pirate Life Deck

The Gold Coast SUNS are on a winning streak and, if you’re not already, it’s high time you got on board the supporters bandwagon for our one and only AFL team.

With practically a whole new team and coaching staff, we’ve had a cracking start to the season, lead by legendary co-captains David Swallow and Jarrod Witts.

It’s a pretty exciting time for the team and, in turn, those of us who enjoy live sports events in which our team actually wins. And also those of us who like to drink beer and yell things at people who are doing things we could probably (definitely) never do.

Anyway, we’re here today to discuss the recently upgraded bar at Metricon Stadium. It’s called The Pirate Life Deck and, yes, it’s sponsored by one of the very best craft beers around, Pirate Life. How good are pirates.

There are skateboards artfully placed about plus some sweet graffiti feature walls to bring up the good time vibe.


It’s part of the corporate section of the stadium and we highly recommend treating yourself to a ticket first and foremost because VERY DELICIOUS food is included and secondly, it’s the best possible view with plenty of space to spread out.

There are high tables you can sit at to watch the game slash eat all the foods if you get there early enough to nab one.

Back to the food though. Meatballs and pasta, sliders, spring rolls, party pies and sausage rolls are just some of the tasty treats you can expect at The Deck and, in the interest of honest reporting, we sampled them all and they are all the goods.


The food is both brought around by waitstaff and also available for you to help yourself at a station where there is also tea and coffee should you need it.

At the bar, Pirate Lifes’ range of craft beers are on tap and in the fridge there are wine, sparkling and bottled beer options for your sipping pleasure.

The view from The Pirate Life Deck is unrivalled with an epic view of the entire field, it’s all undercover and there’s plenty of space to spread out.

The Pirate Life Deck is the entry-level corporate area at Metricon Stadium. Tickets are $149 per adult and $135 for kids aged six to 12.

It’s one of the best spots to watch the game and you should definitely go check it out for yourself next time the SUNS are playing at home.

LOCATION: Metricon Stadium, Nerang Broadbeach Rd, Carrara

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Living Spa Dolce Vita

One Spa, RACV Royal Pines Resort (image supplied)
One Spa, RACV Royal Pines Resort (image supplied)

Ever had one of those days where you just CANNOT anymore? Same. But you can also never quite put your finger on what it will take to bring you back to life? Same, times two.

Well, we went in search of the answer and you may not be surprised to hear that it is complete and utter pampering at the hands of someone who knows exactly what pampering means.

And we also know just where to get it. You’re welcome.

One Spa at RACV Royal Pines in Benowa is the answer and there aren’t enough words to describe the experience of the pampering you’ll receive there but here we are, giving it a good old fashioned try.

One Spa is exclusively offering clients on the Gold Coast the LaGaia UNEDITED range of luxury skincare products and treatments. 

LaGaia’s targeted skin treatments, wellness and relaxation services promote powerful health and skin results. 

One Spa at RACV Royal Pines Resort (image supplied)
One Spa at RACV Royal Pines Resort (image supplied)

The stunningly decked out space has amassed a following of people who now truly understand the definition of luxury spa experiences.

Upon entering, you’ll notice how calm and quiet it is, especially compared to the chaotic outside world you will quite soon forget. It’s a special kind of magic, all welcoming and cosy and heavenly.

Similar to the extremely fluffy robe and slippers you’ll be handed to pop on while you sit for a minute in the relaxation room overlooking the water and complete with resident ducks and the sounds of bubbling water. Here you may sip on lemon and ginger tea and read health and wellbeing books like the relaxed, stress-free little poppet you are soon to be.

One Spa at RACV Royal Pines Resort (image supplied)
One Spa at RACV Royal Pines Resort (image supplied)

The new One Spa menu, co-designed with LaGaia, features local and international inspired rituals.

We opted for the Knowing Touch massage which, by the way, was the best massage we’ve ever experienced all perfect pressure and taking place in a dark room with no talking. This unique Akwaterra facial and body massage incorporates both warmed and chilled ceramics to relax the mind and ease discomfort from tight, sore muscles.


Beforehand though, we took part in a 30-minute steamroom situation, that is optional but should absolutely be taken up. Here you may wash your hair, exfoliate your body, make steamy mist fall from the ceiling, have a cold shower or simply just sit and let yourself be steamed.

It is both the perfect pre-treatment time and 30 minutes alone doing nothing at all which is a godsend in itself.

So obviously we HIGHLY recommend a massage at One Spa but of course, the exceptional team also offer ten-star facials, body, hand and foot therapies and grooming services.

Their piece de résistance though are water therapies consisting of everything from the simple (but life-changing) steam shower to a private outdoor Jacuzzi experience, Hydrotherapy baths, Massage Jet showers and Vichy showers. All of which are the ultimate in indulgence.

One Spa at RACV Royal Pines Resort (image supplied)
One Spa at RACV Royal Pines Resort (image supplied)

If you’d like to extend your time there and try a few different therapies tied up into one sweet little package that is the very best idea you’ve ever had.

Another highlight of the new menu is the use of Gua Sha for face and body. This practice adapts the ancient Taoist practice for moderate to deep body massage, and a luminating Gua Sha facial technique for lymphatic wellness benefits. 

One Spa at RACV Royal Pines Resort (image supplied)
One Spa at RACV Royal Pines Resort (image supplied)

At the end, you’ll get more time in the relaxation room plus a few extra treats and then you can be on your merry way, walking on clouds and oblivious to exactly what it was that bothered you at any point in your life before this one.

We cannot overstate the absolutely incredible time that was had during our experience at One Spa. It was, quite simply, something we’ll never forget.

Go see for yourself.

LOCATION: RACV Royal Pines, Ross Street, Benowa

Words by Kirra Smith

One Spa at RACV Royal Pines Resort (image supplied)
One Spa at RACV Royal Pines Resort (image supplied)

Roller Door Espresso

They (we) say hidden gems are the best kind of gems. Because once you find them, the reward is that much sweeter and in the case of this tale, the reward is coffee, good vibes and a pretty little setup that’ll have you rethinking your entire home decorating situation.

It comes in the form of Roller Door Espresso, a new coffee spot in the heart of Bundall’s interior decorating precinct that opened in the last couple of days so you can stay caffeinated while you peruse all the delightful homewares on offer up and down Ashmore Road.

The newbie can be found on a little side alley and is the work of creative genius Jasmine Potter, director of (epic) boutique interior design company Three Balls Red, specialising in super sweet lighting and tiles. So you know Roller Door Espresso is pretty special.

Here’s the lowdown. The space is somewhat of a hole-in-the-wall area behind Three Balls Red with a black roller door marking the spot. The interior itself boasts tropical-inspired pink and green wallpaper on the back wall, glossy green tiles and repurposed cupboards and (our favourite) the prettiest of pink tiles in stunning hues splashed across the front.

Pops of pink and potted greenery complete the scene and it is one place you’re going to want to spend a bit of time staring lovingly at.

At the moment, coffee (Toby’s Estate) and cold drinks are on offer but soon enough there will also be tasty treats like banana bread (love you), toasties and the like.

Jas’s idea behind opening the space was to provide quality cuppas to the people who come in for consults slash to scope out all the interior things in the store with their girlfriends and no doubt those people appreciate that.

Now while all of that is really great news for Bundall and the Gold Coast in general, there is something more that we are SO very excited about.

In the next week or so, Jas will also be opening a homewares store right next door and it is set to be the kind of store dreams are made of.

She has sourced unique, one off pieces by makers and creatives from (mostly) across the Coast to make up a space that is going to be unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Local artists and photographers will deck the walls with their creations, there’ll be handcrafted goodies that’ll blow your mind (we saw some, AMAZING) and everything has been curated with not only the Gold Coast, but the stories behind each piece in mind.

We’ll bring you more news on this ASAP but get excited, it’s going to be so good and we’ve got dibs on most of the things.

Anyway, while you’re there shopping up a storm you can also drink excellent coffee and chat to the lovely gals whipping up brews.

It’s pretty much the perfect time.

Time to roll on into Roller Door Espresso. Bye.

LOCATION: 2/85 Ashmore Rd, Bundall
HOURS: Monday to Friday 7am until 1.30pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

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