Dine in lakeside luxury at Emerald Lakes new brunch spot

We’re here to talk about a lovely little lakeside paradise that is both somewhat of a Gold Coast hidden gem and the perfect place to escape to should you need to experience something you won’t find anywhere else around these parts.

That something is a sweet little community, tucked away across the lake and bursting with colourful, European-esque vibes and many a lovely little boutique to spend your hard earned dollars within. Not to mention a sophisticated, new dining spot to satiate that post-shopping hunger.

It’s called Huntington’s Café and it’s been open for a few short weeks, serving up healthy dishes the likes of which you probably haven’t tasted before.

Let’s discuss the space first though. It’s an indoor slash outdoor space with a beautiful deck that stretches out toward the lake and with all of the sun-soaking opportunities.

Inside, there’s a little book nook, intimate little bench seating areas and an upbeat vibe that can definitely be attributed to the exceptional views (and eats).

So the menu. The focus is on healthy dishes that make you feel good and indeed they do.

For breakfast you simply cannot go past the Hemp Protein Pancakes with whipped banana and ricotta seasonal fruit and maple syrup. They are not only very good for you but also delicious and, hemp.

There’s also Cereal Milk Panna Cotta with buckwheat crunch, seasonal fruit and grated dark chocolate.

You may also build your breakfast, so that’s a good time.

For lunch there’s Braised Mussels with shallots, garlic, capsicum and tomato that will certainly tickle your tastebuds plus a Shepherd’s Pie and Falafel Bowl that you’ll probably also want to taste.

The coffee on offer is by Seven Miles and it is fittingly called The Cat’s Pajamas, brewed in Brisbane and very, very good.

Not only exceptional views and good-for-you eats though, there are yoga classes on Saturday mornings, a function space for all your party and business meeting needs and hemp products, made by the team that you may take home to enjoy.

Oh and there are also giant, homemade olives for sale too. So delicious.

Owners Helen Paximadas and Janet Carson have had a few years in the business previously and it all comes together at Huntington’s to create a venue that you’ll likely want to visit time and time again.

See you again soon Emerald Lakes.

LOCATION: 78/3030 The Boulevard, Emerald Lakes
HOURS: Monday to Saturday 7am until 3pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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