The Gold Coast arts scene is currently blowing the minds of anyone who’s been paying attention and if you’re not one of those people, pick up your act, you’re missing out.

In November the Coast is set to experience a cultural phenomenon so unique that there may not be enough words in the English language to do it justice.

Since we’re all here though, lets give it a whirl.

The Peppers Soul Penthouse will be transformed into an interactive stage to play host to the eccentric Richard Hightower, the richest man in the world at 118 years old. Due to his excess of pennies, and illegal black market organ trading, Mr Hightower is hosting an extravagant party, and everyone’s invited (that’s us).

The experience, because you’re certainly going to get involved, has been described as pleasurable uncertainty (which is nothing like a regular night in Surfers Paradise we promise) and is certain to have you questioning everything you thought you knew about yourself and the arts.

It’s part performance, part dinner party and part immersion into a story so intricate you’ll feel as though it were written just for you.

The brains behind the show are Bleached Arts’ Director Louise Bezzina and Interactive Artist David Pledger who together, have created the party of the year. With sweeping 360 degree views of the Gold Coast no less.

It’s a whole new world and it’s just begging to be explored.

You’re gonna LOVE it.

LOCATION: Peppers Soul Penthouse, The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise
DATES: From November 1st to 5th

Words by Kirra Smith.



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