Here’s the best news you’ve heard all week/possibly ever – you never need to go to the supermarket again. That’s right folks fluorescent lights, wayward trolleys and grabby toddlers are a thing of the past thanks to HelloFresh, the latest love of your life.

Here’s what’s up. HelloFresh deliver seasonal, fresh and healthy produce to your door every week along with step by step instructions on how to easily make said produce into tasty, Instagram-worthy dinner delights.

In the name of delivering you the hand-on-heart truth, we tried it for ourselves and let it be known that if we can cook absolutely delicious dinners that bring face-wide smiles to the heads of our housemates, so too can you.

There were five dishes on our lineup and each one was SO GOOD. First up we made Seared Beef and Pesto Warm Vegetable Toss (yeah we did), then Pulled Mexican Chicken and Rice Bowls then Fetta, Capsicum and Olive Tapenade Hasselback Chicken, then Beef, Asparagus and Snow Pea Sesame Stir Fry AND Pork and Fennel Spaghetti Bolognaise.

Of course, there’s vegetarian options for the non-carnivores among us.

If you aren’t dribbling all over yourself in anticipation go back and read that paragraph again.

Not even kidding, there has never been a time when we’ve made back-to-back gold in our lives and best part is – you can too!

In a choose your own adventure style scenario, all you need to do is decide on your menu for the week, get pumped when your big old box of goodies arrives, cook up a storm and snap some pics so your mates think you’re Masterchef material.

Speaking of Masterchef, the HelloFresh concept was created by former contestant Tom Rutledge who wanted to release us all from the weekly horror of visiting the supermarket. Not really, he just wanted us all to know delicious food can be made with simple, healthy ingredients but still, SEEYA supermarkets.

Seriously, it’s so easy and so so tasty.

Keen to try it for yourself?

Click HERE to save $35 on your first order!

Report back with Insta-snaps.

Words by Kirra Smith



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