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Harvest Buffet

The Coast's cream of the buffet crop is now open!

If you’re eating out, why settle for a single paltry dish, when you could be taking your pick from a bacchanalian spread that would put a party thrown by Greek gods to shame?

Since we’re all in agreement that more is always more, let’s talk buffets. And the newest one set to satisfy even the most insatiable of appetites is Harvest Buffet, now open at The Star Gold Coast.

In its former life as Food Fantasy, the venue was perennially popular with both locals and visitors alike. But now in its latest incarnation, Harvest Buffet more than delivers on its promises of a world-class buffet experience that’s bigger, better and even more beautiful (poolside views, anyone?).

Harvest Buffet, The Star Gold Coast (image supplied)
Harvest Buffet, The Star Gold Coast (image supplied)

With a fresh new face and expanded capacity for 500 fellow foodies, the six months of renos to Harvest have resulted in a complete revamp that’s more than skin deep. Now literally one of the largest buffet offerings in South East Queensland, Harvest offers a cornucopia of the freshest seafood and fantastic fare from around the world, guaranteed to please even the pickiest of eaters.

So if you’ve got a group of friends who can never agree on where to eat, want to earn back that belt notch on cheat day, or need somewhere to take that pain-in-the-butt person we all know – who should be a size zero given the number of food groups they’ve sworn themselves off…but strangely isn’t – then Harvest is your go-to option to tick all boxes.

We’ve mentioned the trawler-fresh seafood selection – always going to be a hit – but you’ll find new favourites to feast on at the carvery station. Be sure to try the distinctive, smoke-licious grilled meat dishes from the South American style Parilla Grill while you’re in carnivore mode too.

But wait, there’s more! Not one, but two live kitchen stations, both of the Asian persuasion. The Chinese BBQ and Asian stations are a master stroke of the redesign and allow diners to interact with the culinary maestros behind the menu, instead of keeping them hidden away in the kitchens like some unappreciated 50s housewife.

But shoosh for a second there finicky eaters, we’re still not finished. Harvest also offers Roman style pizzas with a thicker, chewier crust, fresh from the oven, and a selection of house-made pastas.

Finally, if you’re the type of hedonist that heads straight for the desserts (no shame in that!), you’ll have fun with the Wonka-esque two metre tall chocolate fountain and display of decadent desserts that are basically begging to be dunked or drenched in the aforementioned melted, chocolatey goodness. (Feeling like a little food-nap just thinking about it? Yeah, we are too.)

Finally, the days of settling for single serves is over!

Harvest Buffet is now open at The Star, so get down there and feast to your heart’s content friends!

LOCATION: The Star Gold Coast, Casino Drive, Broadbeach
HOURS: Harvest Buffet is now open 7 days a week for breakfast (6.30am-10am), lunch (11.30am-2.30pm) and dinner (Sunday-Friday 5.30pm-late and Saturday 5pm-late).

By Camilla Jones

Chocolate Fountain, Harvest Buffet, The Star Gold Coast (image supplied)
Chocolate Fountain, Harvest Buffet, The Star Gold Coast (image supplied)
Harvest Buffet, The Star Gold Coast (image supplied)
Harvest Buffet, The Star Gold Coast (image supplied)

Harvest Buffet

The eating season (aka the festive season) is well and truly upon us and we Aussies certainly know how to make the most of it. Dining out, picnics by the water, afternoon cheese platters, all of the above; we’ve got this eating business covered.

Which is why buffets are a handy invention. Maximum eating opportunities combined with exceptional things to eat and you’ve got yourself a time. There can never be enough buffets.

Excitingly, a new one is arriving on Thursday 13th December and it comes to your favourite drinking, dining and good time destination, The Star Gold Coast (who are changing things up at warp speed of late).

Harvest Buffet is the brand new piece of the upgrade puzzle and it is one buffet you are going to want to sample at the earliest available opportunity.

The space, previously Food Fantasy, has undergone a major renovation in keeping with The Star Gold Coast’s fancy new aesthetic. It’s people-holding capacity will increase from 100 to 500 (yay, more friends) and the design now boasts more of a light, airy feel reminiscent of the laidback Gold Coast vibes we know and love.

Abundant greenery is offset by washed timber and natural stone with accents of mint, blush and brass (our absolute favourite colours) completing the pretty picture. There’ll be floor to ceiling windows with views of the venues next-level pool, stunning indoor and outdoor spaces with the whole vibe sleek and modern, right up our alley.

A private dining room is available if you’ve got a party going on, otherwise pull up a seat and get acquainted with the other 499 people sure to constantly indulge in the eats.

Harvest Buffet, Seafood (image supplied)
Harvest Buffet, Seafood (image supplied)

Speaking of eats, let’s discuss.

As you know, a buffet is a magical place filled with an array of food choices to which you can return time and time again until you can no longer walk and/or keep your pants buttoned. So it’s heaven.

At Harvest Buffet said food comprises of an absolutely incredible seafood selection filled with the freshest of oceany goodies (including plenty of locally caught treats), a super stacked carvery station, a Chinese BBQ and Asian stations, a house-made pizza and pasta station and of course, one of the very best decadent dessert buffets you’ve ever laid eyes upon.

Including a custom-designed chocolate fountain, which is where you’ll find us, obviously.

It’s an eclectic fusion of buffet classics and the Chef’s unique take on some interactive styles of dining.

Go check it out for yourself, the team at The Star Gold Coast have outdone themselves.

LOCATION: The Star Gold Coast, Casino Drive, Broadbeach
HOURS: Open 7 days a week for breakfast (6.30am-10am), lunch (11.30am-2.30pm) and dinner (Sunday-Friday 5.30pm-late and Saturday 5pm-late).

Words by Kirra Smith

Harvest Buffet, The Star Gold Coast (image supplied)
Harvest Buffet, The Star Gold Coast (image supplied)

The Star Gold Coast

Nineteen at The Star

Picture this: you’re 19 floors up nestled into a plush velvet booth overlooking the Broadbeach cityscape with the ocean sparkling invitingly in the background. At your back is a low-lit kitchen, the length of the restaurant, where you can watch some of the best chefs in the world working their magic.

With a glass of Ruinart champagne fizzing softly in front of you, you’d be forgiven for thinking you had stepped off the elevator and into one of New York’s finest establishments.

Not so. Nineteen at The Star is the epitome of understated sophistication and the restaurant slash bar slash nightclub has taken the Gold Coast’s dining scene to a whole new level (the nineteenth in fact) since its recent unveiling.

The food, of course, is what we’re here to discuss and should you feel like treating yourself to an unrivalled dining experience, this is the place to do just that.

Begin with caviar because a. if you’ve never tried it before, why not start with the best and b. if you have, why not start with the best. Nineteen source their Russian Beluga Caviar sustainably through the Caviar Ambassador for Australia.

Head Chef Kelvin Andrews suggests spooning the caviar onto the back of your hand and allowing it to warm to room temperature before tasting to bring out the flavours (of which there are many). It’s a difficult experience to explain but one that you must try for both deliciousness and eating-from-your-hand-in-a fancy-restaurant purposes.

Foie Gras is a dish some of us had not had the pleasure of sampling but what a pleasure it was. Kelvin and the team serve their corn-fed, Roast Highland Duck with a hint of wasabi, sprayed with organic soy sauce and topped with an onion ghost (yes, that’s as fun as it sounds). There are snack and main options so choose your own adventure.

The Tasmanian Rock Lobster Bolognese entree has quickly become a popular dish because it’s all the good things in the world. The shell is roasted over fire for up to four days to create some incredible smoky flavours (among other techniques that ensure the utmost deliciousness). It’s a game changer, you won’t want to go past that one.

A Peking and White Duck dish is served with golden hazelnuts and while we do love all of the foods, this one was a favourite. Particularly because you can add the creamiest, tastiest mashed potato there has ever been. No exaggeration. It’s called fifty-fifty because it’s half butter and half potato. Yes. It. Is. Feed us that every day for the rest of our lives please and thank you.

Dessert lovers aren’t left out with White Chocolate and Caviar the must-try dish. Yes you read that correctly (don’t forget salted caramel was once a foreign concept too). Single origin white chocolate from Ecuador is transformed into ice cream and topped with Caviar smoked with applewood and drizzled with gold flake-infused olive oil made right here in Burleigh. Nineteen at The Star are the first venue in Queensland to boast this magical elixir and the only one on the Gold Coast. Eat it.

Sustainability and minimal wastage are the name of the game here and the team work closely with local farmers to ensure the highest quality produce is available at all times.

The bar menu is equally impressive with, of course, only the highest quality ingredients on offer.

Nineteen have also carefully selected creative cocktails with equally thought-provoking names. One of which pays homage to the Gold Coast’s Aboriginal heritage using the original name of Broadbeach Island, Loch Door. Who knew?

That’s a lot of words to describe an experience that is, quite simply, indescribable. Nineteen at The Star is elegant and refined with every single detail perfectly executed.

World-class dining, right here on the Gold Coast, what’ll they think of next.

(Love you fifty-fifty).

LOCATION: Level 19, The Darling at The Star Gold Coast, Casino Dr, Broadbeach
HOURS: From 12pm Wednesday to Sunday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

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