The Bower Estate

“Stunning… Exquisite… Divine…”

These murmured variations on the same theme – perhaps punctuated by the occasional intake of breath – are the sounds every bride secretly hopes will echo her footsteps, as she glides down the aisle.

At The Bower Estate however, nestled in the Gold Coast Hinterland on the Queensland / New South Wales border, nuptials tend to take different turn. Here, it’s the estate’s spectacular setting, surrounded by soaring mountain ranges and lush, untouched rainforest, that’s typically the first sight to render a congregation dumbstruck.

And understandably so. The Bower Estate’s 120, lovingly restored acres, neighbour some of Queensland’s most stunning National Parks. It’s a setting so ethereal and other-worldly, that any bride who has always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding, will likely be unperturbed if Mother Nature is first to send guests’ hearts aflutter.

Just 50 minutes drive from Surfers Paradise and 50 minutes from the Gold Coast Airport, The Bower Estate is the living embodiment of one family’s passion for preserving world heritage rainforest and wildlife corridors.

Approaching the estate, the family’s hand is immediately evident in the sea of emerald green, perfectly manicured lawn, which stretches out to the horizon. There it is met by rows of towering hoop pines, planted over a decade ago by the family and now matured into colossal sentinels which mark the edge of the estate, enhancing its sense of seclusion and privacy.

Walking up the graded driveway, it’s impossible not to fall under the spell of such a regal setting. As you emerge on to the breathtaking ceremonial plateau, it feels completely plausible that this could be the type of place a girl might casually lose a glass slipper, or grow her hair long enough to hoist suitors up to her chamber.

With billion dollar views, a real ‘wishing well’ and lawn games to occupy guests in between photographs, the lookout plateau is the perfect place to exchange vows and take wow-factor photos, before meandering up the gently sloping drive to the reception area.

Here guests will be blown away yet again, as they wander in to the slightly unexpected, but straight-out-of-a-storybook, rainforest clearing. Fairy-light-wrapped trees and elegant festoon lights provide a glittering back drop for canapes, champagne and entertainment – be it a band or solo performer. The estate has a charming stage and all AV equipment ready to go, so the choice is yours.


By Camilla Jones



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