Guilty Cafe

Thought you’d tried all the sugary goodness on the Gold Coast? You’re wrong. Enter Guilty Café, Currumbin Waters’ latest addition to the scene.

This unassuming little place on Galleon Way is set to take the Coast by storm and not for their delicious array of bagels and healthy breakfast goodies, though they do have those. Nope, it’s all about the milkshakes. That’s right, Guilty Café is about to bring milkshake mania down upon you. Buckle up.

Known as Crazy Guilty Milkshakes, owners Andre and Ray, a former PT and gym junkie, brought the idea back from the US and spent months designing their own versions. In fact, the entire cafes’ concept was built around these beautifully built, guilt-inducing shakes.

How different can a milkshake be we hear you ask? Feast your (reading) eyes on these.

The Sweet n’ Salty Caramel shake is served in a tall glass with a vanilla rim, decorated with caramel popcorn and topped with whipped cream, more caramel popcorn, salty pretzels, salted caramel Tim Tams and a caramel drizzle. It’s an architectural feat and you’ll want to gaze lovingly at it for as long as your willpower allows.

Then there’s the Ferrero Choc-a-Lot. It has a chocolate rim decorated with M&M’s, topped with whipped cream, Ferrero Rocher, crushed peanuts, chocolate wafer Tim Tam’s, an ice cream sandwhich and chocolate drizzle. A chocolate sensation that will leave every other chocolate milkshake in it’s wake.

If you haven’t already dropped your phone and run to the car to try them out we’d be surprised. There are two more tantalizing flavours to test so you can literally visit Guilty Café every weekend for a month and then start the rotation again.

Good luck ordering a beverage of any other kind once you’ve laid your eyes on those bad boys.

Prepare to get your guilt on.

LOCATION: 174 Galleon Way, Currumbin Waters
HOURS: 7am to 3pm Tuesday to Sunday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.



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