Georgie & Coopa Stevenson

Georgie and Coopa Stevenson (image supplied)
Georgie and Coopa Stevenson (image supplied)

Some would never imagine getting into business with their siblings, but some actually flourish in the partnership. Enter brother and sister duo, Georgie & Coopa Stevenson. These two are a force to reckon with; and are taking the health and wellbeing industry by storm with their Gold Coast born business, Naked Harvest Supplements. We were able to ask what it’s really like running a business with family and why both Georgie & Coopa love the Gold Coast lifestyle.

How long have you both been Gold Coast locals?
G: I’ve lived here for 2 years and Coopa has lived here for 3 years. Before that we were Brisbane locals!

Tell us how Naked Harvest Supplements came about.
G: Naked Harvest was founded by Coopa and I a few years ago, and the idea behind it was that we’ve both always had an interest in taking supplements to compliment a healthy lifestyle and wanted to bring to the market something that was natural, yummy and without any extra crap. We both personally have had issues in the past with supplements and our intolerances, so we thought let’s bring something to the people like us and that’s how Naked Harvest started.

Naked Harvest Supplements (image supplied)

What makes running a business on the Gold Coast so great?
C: We love the lifestyle! The fact that you can wake up, go for a beach walk, get into work so quickly with barely any traffic! I live so close to work and it’s just so easy getting around. I love to go to the beach in the afternoon as well, it’s just great that it’s so easy to get around everywhere!

What’s it like being in business with your sibling?
C: Working with a sibling can definitely be challenging at times but definitely comes with its rewards. We’re so lucky that we’ve also been able to bring our parents on board too, so the whole family is involved! The best thing about working with family is that you have a trust that comes so naturally, and that’s priceless!

Tell us what your proudest entrepreneurial moment is?
G: When we reflect and look back at all the things we’ve achieved with Naked Harvest, the community we have built is something we’re the proudest of! Having such a support system around our brand is something that money can’t buy and something we said from day one we wanted to focus on! Our community is the reason Naked Harvest is where it is today!

Georgie and Coopa Stevenson with their Sweet Strawberry Natural Pre-Workout (image supplied)

What is one message you wish you could share with people about their wellness?
G: It’s a journey, it’s not a destination. It’s something that constantly changes and it’s something you constantly work on and be in tune with and give your attention to. It’s not an end goal, it’s something we work on and it can constantly change!

What does the future have in store for Naked Harvest Supplements?
C: We have so many exciting things coming up for Naked Harvest! We want Naked Harvest products to optimise someone’s day from morning to evening and give our community everything they need for a healthy lifestyle. We’re always listening to our #NHgang and taking their feedback on what they want next, so watch this space!

What are your Gold Coast favourites…
Café: G: Niche and Co – I love their Acai bowls! + C: Wildernis Cafe
Coffee spot: G: Custard Canteen + C: Jefferson Coffee Nook
Restaurant: G: The Collective + C: Las Palmas
Bar or pub for a drink: G: Burleigh Pavilion + C: Palm Beach Surf Club

How do you choose to spend your weekends?
G: My partner Tim and I might go up to Beechmont, we love the Gold Coast Hinterland and have a chill weekend getting off our phones and just relaxing. If not, our Sunday tradition is Sunday morning coffee on the beach with no phones with just us and the doggies.
C: I love to play golf and surf on the weekends! It’s why I love the Gold Coast so much, it’s so easy for me to do things I enjoy! I also LOVE spending time with my son Bohdi outdoors!



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