Emma Ceolin

Emma Ceolin (image supplied)
Emma Ceolin (image supplied)

Ever been intrigued with the practice of yoga? Well, with International Yoga Day just around the corner on Monday 21st June, now is the perfect time to explore how to get bendy. Ahead of the annual event, we spoke to the owner of Coolangatta’s Yogaventures Yoga Studio, Emma Ceolin to get to know the young entrepreneur’s love for wellness and her local GC loves.

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
I’ve been a Gold Coast local for over 2 years.

Tell us a bit about you.
I’m a yoga teacher, Mama to a spirited one-year-old and proud indigenous owner of Yogaventures Yoga Studio in Coolangatta. I first found yoga as a therapy for my own anxiety and depression and it completely changed my life forever. I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga since 2014 and it continues to enrich my life daily.

For those who don’t know, explain the practice that is yoga.
A common misconception is that yoga is stretching or fitness and it really is much more than that. I like to think of yoga as a work in, not a work out. Yoga is a holistic culmination of physical, mental, energetic and spiritual practices to cultivate health, happiness and healing. For me, yoga is the practice is coming home to yourself.

Emma Ceolin, Yogaventures Yoga Studio (image supplied)
Emma Ceolin, Yogaventures Yoga Studio (image supplied)

What made you start a yoga studio?
My very first yoga class was actually a really unpleasant and excluding experience. I distinctly remember thinking that when I’m able to, I’ll start a yoga community and movement of total inclusivity and acceptance for everyone from all walks of life in hope that no one ever feels the way I felt. When I opened Yogaventures it was terrible timing because I was 9 months pregnant and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, but it still felt so right! The driving force behind Yogaventures has been to create yoga for EVERYbody with the intention to do good by creating an environmentally-friendly studio and supporting many charities and causes close to our hearts e.g. Puppy Yoga, Karma Yoga Classes or the Indigenous Membership Program.

What do you love the most about operating within the health/wellness space?
I feel so privileged to have a career in an industry centred around wellbeing because it means I’m surrounded by a community of gorgeous inspiring humans who elevate your vibration daily. It’s hard to have a bad day!

Emma Ceolin with her child, Yogaventures Yoga Studio (image supplied)
Emma Ceolin with her child, Yogaventures Yoga Studio (image supplied)

What’s one yoga pose/move that you encourage all people do?
If you only have time for one pose I highly encourage a yoga twist. Twists open the spine, heart, support posture, create space for the lungs to expand making more room for oxygen, help with digestion and are nourishing for the nervous system. They’re like the crème de la crème of yoga poses. PLUS they can be done lying down in bed or seated at your work desk!

How will you be celebrating International Day of Yoga?
On International Day of Yoga we are hosting a special yoga fundraiser to support the launch of Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) across Australia. This cause helps create a stronger voices for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within the yoga and wellness industry.

What are your Gold Coast favourites…
Café: Ground Coolangatta
Restaurant: I like Ramen
Bar or pub for a drink: Baskk
How do you choose to spend your weekends? I love to spend weekends surfing, hiking around Springbrook and enjoying the sunset with my family.



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