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Park after Dark

Dreamworld’s nighttime party event with lasers, neon lights and more.

Generally, we’re not huge fans of the dark. Many a late night horror movie we really shouldn’t have been watching at age eight made it so.

There comes a time though, when all fully grown adults must face their extremely irrational fears and that time is now. And with good reason.

Park after Dark is back at Dreamworld friends and that is a reason to venture out at night if ever we’ve heard one.

Never had the pleasure? Allow us to enLIGHTen you.

Park after Dark is, as you might expect, a Dreamworld nighttime adventure but with added benefits going during the day just can’t provide.

For example, this Saturday night (April 13th) marks the beginning of 2019’s event series and to mark that opening, Neon Nights will take to the skies.

One of Australia’s leading DJs, Emma Lancaster, will light up Dreamworld’s Main Street with an epic dance party while Skylighter Fireworx will make some magic with a dazzling display of fireworks.

The family owned biz has performed at the Sydney Olympic Games as well as New Years Eve events on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, plus over 700 further events each year. So you can expect quite the show.

Not to mention, Dreamworld will be alight with a mixture of neon lights, lasers, UV lights, flames and special effects. It’s set to be a real treat for your senses.

There’ll also be roving neon performers painting guests with fluorescent paint, fire twirlers and folks rolling around in illuminated aqua balls. Pretty much anything light related is happening and that’s just the first event of the season.

Of course, you can still jump on your favourite rides, which darkness seems to add a whole new level of excitement too.

The literal cherry on top is that Dreamworld will be introducing a new spin to the Park After Dark menu; bringing the best street eats via an array of local food trucks to tantalise your tastebuds.

So a sweet DJ set, spine-tingling rides in the dark and more neon lights than you could possibly imagine. What a time.

Don’t miss Dreamworld’s 2019 inaugural Park after Dark experience this weekend (and all the ones after that).

See you there. We won’t even be scared.

Tickets start from $19.

LOCATION: Dreamworld Parkway, Upper Coomera
HOURS: From 6.30pm until 10pm, Saturday April 13th

Words by Kirra Smith

5 reasons to visit Dreamworld’s LEGO Store

Australia’s first official LEGO store opened at Dreamworld in early 2016 with fans lining up outside overnight to be the first to experience the magic.

They weren’t disappointed and the stand-alone store has proved popular ever since with everyone from children to adults enjoying the experiences on offer.

While there are many reasons to make the drive to the LEGO Store at Dreamworld, here are the top five:

1.     BIG LEGO

There are life-sized LEGO creations. That’s right, a LEGO genius somewhere in the world has spent countless hours putting together a seven-foot-tall Incredible Hulk, two Stormtroopers and, in honour of the Gold Coast and Dreamworld, a giant tiger, koala and blonde surfer guy. The life size models are iconic to Dreamworld and the Gold Coast were built by Ryan McNaught, here in Australia. They must been seen to be believed.


There’s a Make-Your-Own Minifigure station where, as the name suggests, guests can choose from hundreds of pieces of LEGO to put together their very own LEGO person.


A world famous Pick a Brick wall is a floor to ceiling, four sided structure made up of hidey holes with every colour and shape of LEGO piece under the sun. Use the wall to create a new toy or to add some extra pizazz to something you’ve already made.


There are almost five tonnes of LEGO pieces available throughout the store with everything from tiny Superman key rings complete with a red cape, to a stunning Disney castle with themed rooms from favourite movies.


As an adult, it will take you back to the wonder of childhood and for the kids, a world of opportunity awaits.

Weekend sorted, get building.

HOURS: 9am to 6pm daily.

LOCATION: Dreamworld Parkway, Coomera.

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.

Meet Dreamworld’s purrfect tiger cubs

In what may just be the most adorable news in Gold Coast history, two tiger cubs were born at Dreamworld a few weeks ago and, as of right now, you can go stare at their fluffy little faces while repeatedly needing to remind yourself why tigers don’t make good pets.

The pair, Melati and Mya, who were officially named today (February 13th) weigh only 3.66 and 3.36 kilos respectively and are still just learning to walk (bless).

Melati is an Indonesian name meaning ‘Jasmine flower’ and Mya is a name with many origins essentially meaning ‘beloved’ or ‘great’. Which they clearly both are.

The wee babes have now been relocated from post-natal care to Tiger Island’s ‘up close’ nursery den where the aforementioned staring at fluffy faces will take place.

Due to poaching and deforestation, it is estimated there are less than 4,000 tigers in the world today and that, friends, is devastating.

The Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation has contributed over $2 million toward tiger conservation programs since their launch in 2012. Which is why (besides the fact that there are TIGER CUBS on the Gold Coast) you need to get down there and tell all your pals to do the same.

Dreamworld’s tiger team (not the technical term) provide funding to organisations such as Wild Cats, Fauna and Flora International and The Phoenix Fund who police the jungles to find and destroy traps and track and arrest poachers.

Interactive tiger cub experiences, including photos with the little loves and walks around the park, are expected to be available in March – just in time for the Commonwealth Games.

As parents of human babies say, they don’t stay little for long, and right now they are the size of a large cat (like a domestic cat obviously) but without all the anger and entitlement issues.

Mostly the cubs just sleep and eat, which is the dream quite frankly, but it’s not every day you get to see a baby tiger, so get there before they grow into, you know, animals that can fit your whole head in their mouths.

What a time to be a Gold Coaster.

LOCATION: Dreamworld, Dreamworld Parkway, Upper Coomera
HOURS: 10am to 5pm daily

Words and photo by Kirra Smith

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