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Daymaker Espresso

Miami’s sleek new coffee joint.

If we had to fabricate a fact about the Gold Coast, it would be that Miami is the smallest suburb in our seaside city. Where does it begin and end? Nobody knows. Something you do know though, is that size does not maketh the suburb and little Miami is definitely growing in one very important way – the opening of cool coffee joints way.

Lengthy introductions aside, we do speak the truth, Daymaker Espresso opened very recently and it will indeed make your day.

The sleek new space can be found on Pacific Ave next to the Pacific Ave Fruit and Meat Market and what a space it is.

Dark, moody (same) and minimalistic (not same), it’s all wooden furniture, benches and panels with black metal seating, a polished concrete floor, overhanging greenery and a concrete feature wall with even more greenery. So pretty much all our favourite things rolled into one.

An impressive coffee bar is also made with polished concrete and apparently it’s one huge piece just built right in there. People and their cleverness hey.

The coffee is the goods, brought to you all the way from Hawthorne in Melbourne, where all the coffee-obsessed kids can be found.

Owners Dylan and Andrew, who you will have seen in your PREVIOUS favourite coffee shops, are quite obviously coffee connoisseurs so they chose their absolute fave, which nobody else on the Coast is serving. Praise the coffee Gods.

At the moment you can grab yourself some small food goodies like croissants and various other baked thangs from Burleigh Baker and soon enough there’ll be a full breakfast and lunch menu.

Which will, food lovers, fully cater to everyone from the vegans to the meat lovers and be a small, seasonal menu that we are very excited about.

Happy days Miami folk. And the rest of you to be honest, well worth a little trip to taste that delicious, delicious coffee.

LOCATION: 44 Pacific Ave, Miami
HOURS: From 5.30am to 12pm daily (until the food arrives)

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

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