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Bubbo Dessert

Surfers' new bubble waffle dessert bar.

Step aside ice cream and chocolate topping lovers, a new dessert has arrived to rock your post-dinner world.

Fresh off the streets of Hong Kong (aka Hong Kong street food) bubble waffles have taken the dessert world by storm and, as of this week, they have landed in Surfers Paradise and you should get there quick smart.

Bubbo Dessert can be found in Elkhorn Ave (the beach end) and the space is an absolute delight for Insta-addicts. Pastel green panels line half of one wall giving way to glossy white tiles that wrap around the back and off-white wood paneling taking up the other side for bulk photo background choices.

Pastel pinks and greens offset the light wooded furniture and a neon pink sign brings the whole vibe together, glowing enticingly in the back corner.

Let’s chat food though, since this is what we came for. As mentioned, Bubbo Dessert are creating bubble waffles topped with the most delicious of sweets and wound into a cone shape, because cute.

The waffles are cooked to absolute perfection, crisp on the outside and soft in the middle and sometimes with little surprises baked into the bubbles.

Toppings vary from ridiculous to slightly more chill so prepare to have your mind blown.

The Devil is a chocolate waffle with chocolate chips in the bubble pockets, chocolate ice cream, Tim Tams, chocolate flakes, topping and Nutella and oh man, is it the goods.

The Galaxy is a charcoal waffle with star lollies in the bubble pockets, RAINBOW ICECREAM, fresh cream, sprinkles, Fruit Loops, chocolate sauce and icing sugar and if that’s not the best thing you’ve ever heard, do you even dessert.

One more. No wait, two.

The Matcha Red Bean is a Matcha waffle with green tea ice cream, fresh cream, red bean paste, wafer topping and Matcha sauce and it’s nothing like you imagine it’s going to be (but way better). That’s all we’re gonna say.

There’s a savoury one for good measure and it’s an original waffle with cheddar cheese pockets (help), salad mix, cherry tomatoes, avocado with mayonnaise and cheese powder on top. So it’s a Mexican waffle for goodness sake.

Did we mention this is our new favourite place?

Bubbo Dessert began in Brissy with a market stall inspired by owners Lee and Rachel’s home country of Hong Kong (and their love of street food) and together with third partner Jennifer, they brought these delicious, delicious treats to us very appreciative Gold Coasters. How good.

Charge your phone and get your best Insta game ready gang, because things are about to get crazy.

LOCATION: Shop 10, 2 Elkhorn Ave, Surfers Paradise
HOURS: Wednesday to Friday from 2pm to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 9pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

© 2024 All Rights Reserved.