Dan Anstey

Dan Anstey (image supplied)
Dan Anstey (image supplied)

Father’s Day is the day on the annual calendar when you can really take the time to appreciate the special man in your life. Some dads out there are even graced with the gift of welcoming their child just before or even on the special day itself. One such dad is Gold Coast’s 90.9 SeaFM radio personality Dan Anstey, who welcomed his second child, August Matthew Anstey on Tuesday 31 August 2021, a mere 5 days before Father’s Day 2021. We were lucky enough to catch him between dad duties to get to know him better.

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
I grew up in South-East Queensland (Sunshine Coast & Brisbane) and moved to the GC in December 2016 to start on 90.9 SeaFM.

Tell us a bit about your career to date.
I didn’t expect to end up in radio given I graduated from UQ with a degree in electrical engineering.  My parents were particularly unimpressed when I left my comfortable corner-office engineering consultancy gig to hand out icy cold cans of Coke from the back of a florescent promotional panel van, but here we are. Best thing I ever did!

Tell us the funniest thing and/or your fondest memory that has happened in the 90.9 SeaFM recording studio with Bianca & Ben.
Everyday is a weird trip down the rabbit hole. Throwing $20,000 out of a hot air balloon was pretty memorable!  Also tricking Ben into thinking his wife was pregnant with his ninth child, when it was actually my wife pregnant with our second, was a real highlight.

L-R: Halle, Clare & Dan Anstey in the 90.9 SeaFM studio (image supplied)
L-R: Halle, Clare & Dan Anstey in the 90.9 SeaFM studio (image supplied)

What’s your proudest career moment?
I don’t think there’s one thing to be honest. As naff as it sounds, I think talking to Gold Coasters and hearing their unique takes or stories and realising we’re building a little club is always special.

What do you love the most about the Gold Coast?
It’s all the things that have people who don’t live here think are trite and stereotypical. The weather, the people, the beach, the relaxed vibe. They’re stereotypes for a reason, because they’re true, and you really don’t get how true they are if you don’t live here. Being able to drive less than an hour from the beach and be in the hinterland never ceases to amaze me.  Also, the Aquaduck, that thing is my spirit animal.

What makes the Gold Coast the best place to raise a family?
Everything I said above!  And to be honest the affordability, the Australian Dream of owning your own home is rapidly becoming a nightmare in the cities, still very achievable here (for now). Plus, who would want to grow up in a town without an Aquaduck?  Duck that!

The Brekky crew from 90.9 SeaFM (image supplied)
The Brekky crew from 90.9 SeaFM (image supplied)

How will you be spending Father’s Day this year?
We just had a baby, so doing whatever my wife tells me. Wrangling a two-year-old most likely. Going to be a lot of daddy-daughter time coming up while Duff [Clare] deals with the infant lad.

What are your Gold Coast favourites….
Café: Bam Bam Bakehouse
Coffee spot: All-Time Coffee
Restaurant: Moo Moo
Bar or pub for a drink: White Rhino
How do you choose to spend your weekends? I know how I used to spend them, but with the arrival of our second child I think things are going to be a lot different moving forward…



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