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Crafted Beer & Cider Festival

The festival of drinking is back in Broadbeach.

A festival dedicated to drinking, tunes and generally chilling out is definitely the most Australian thing we’ve ever heard of. Except for maybe Chris Hemsworth dressed as Crocodile Dundee.

Obviously none of us will ever be (or marry) that guy but we can all get involved in the next most Aussie thing – the Crafted Beer & Cider Festival – returning to Broadbeach on Saturday September 7th for the third year running.

Featuring more brewskis (good word) than ever before, this year boasts over 40 breweries (ten brand new) and a whopping 200+ brews (including Crafted Festival Exclusives) from the Gold Coast, the nation and around the world.

Think Burleigh Brewing Co., Black Hops, Lost Palms Brewing (love you local legends), Stone & Wood and Fortitude Brewing to name a few. A number of dedicated cideries (another great word) are also making the trek including Tasmania’s Willy Smith Organic Apple Cider and Granite Belt Cider Co. from Warwick.

The Wiener Haus

Because no festival (and drinking in general) is complete without quality tunes, there are some of those too. Absolute good time gang Delta Riggs will be headlining the night while WHARVES, Seaside and Concrete Surfers will make an appearance with more to be announced as we get closer. 

In case that’s not quite enough, Beer Yoga will be included in this year’s lineup so you can get bendy while cradling your brew. There’ll also be ping pong, a hot dog eating competition and a number of games to ensure bulk laughs.

Obviously we’ll need snacks and of course, there’ll be a huge selection of the best food trucks and gourmet treats from locals faves The Wiener Haus, Little Havana, Fiery Deli and Gluten Free Donuts (YUM) plus plenty more.

Sounds like a party to us.

Round up your crew, locate your favourite Mexican picnic rug and your very best party pants and get your tickets ASAP because this one is not to be missed.

LOCATION: Kurrawa Park, Broadbeach
WHEN: Saturday September 7th, 12pm to 8.30pm

Words by Kirra Smith.

Wiener Haus

For gourmet hot dogs and good times you can’t go past the Wiener Haus.

The much-loved local food truck, offering gourmet hot dogs and sodas with a side of tongue-in-cheek, has put down permanent roots at Stocklands Burleigh.

A stand alone timber and black shipping container is the new home of the Wiener Haus and judging by their opening day crowds, it’s going to be a saucy success.

Offering authentic German Kranskies loaded with a variety of gourmet toppings, the food truck opened in 2013 with the slogan no d*#k jokes.

Their sense of humour, which extends to the menu, has made them household names from Brisbane to Byron Bay.

The ‘Ron Burgundy’ is a traditional hot dog with tasty cheese, red onion and Sauerkraut, the ‘Sanchez’ is made up of sour cream, guacamole, salsa, with jalapeños and corn chips and the ‘Italian Stallion’ is a pizza style dog with tomato and herb sauce, bocconcini, pepperoni and melted tasty cheese.

The Wiener Haus also makes their own sodas in flavours like ‘Granny Smith and Ginger’, ‘Lemon and Lemon Myrtle’ and ‘Pink Lady and Raspberry’.

Exciting times for foodies up and down the coast who need never wait until the weekend for their wiener fix again.

HOURS: 12pm to 8.30pm daily.

LOCATION: Stocklands Burleigh Heads (next to Nook Espresso), West Burleigh Road.

Black Hops II

Black Hops beer (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)
Black Hops beer (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)

Go big or go home is a thing people say and it’s certainly true of the lads at Black Hops who have, in the last few days, opened their second brewery and it is indeed big and also likely your new home.

Black Hops II can be found up north in Biggera Waters, not too far from Harbour Town Shopping Centre, so there’s two excellent reasons to drop in.

It’s a warehouse-style space that, interestingly, used to be a place where giant boats were built. Now though, it’s a sweet, extremely good-looking brewery and the boys really have outdone themselves.

As you’d expect, it’s a big, open space decked out in the boys signature dark hues. High wooden tables line the sidewall underneath another big thing – a stunning mural by another local lad slash legend, Kiel Tillman. It reads ‘Beer made by 3 mates on the Gold Coast’ and it’s a topographical map of the Gold Coast and you probably won’t stop staring at it the entire time you’re there.

On the opposite wall is the reason you came, the bar. Pendant lights hang from above the marble bar, greenery cascades from above the taps and you’ll find 13 beers and one cider on offer.

Around the corner, there’s merch for sale including take-home Growlers and Squealers (our favourite word) and, the hallway leading to the bathroom is a delight, lined with sweet, cartoon-style artwork.

The whole space just screams good vibes.

In case you’re wondering why Dan, Eddie and Govs undertook the mammoth task of opening a second brewery, the answer is simple; supply and demand. Since brewing began in 2015, Black Hops have been stocked in over 400 venues and retail outlets in (mostly) Queensland alone and the rest of Australia want in.

To help fund the new brewery, Black Hops undertook a record breaking equity crowdfunding campaign, raising $400,000 in just six days. Which obviously goes to show that the people want the beer.

The team are Australia’s first brewery to run a successful equity crowdfunding campaign and we are super proud of them (and y’all) and also stoked because we get an epic new brewery to frequent.

To celebrate the official opening, a few limited release beers will be pouring, including Danger Zone (an Imperial Red Ale), Thunder Cloud (a hazy Triple IPA) and Kiwi Lager (an Imperial Lager) so get ‘em while they’re frothy.

Oh and ps. try the Pink Mist, it’s what they call a Saison and (excuse the clumsy explanation) but it’s brewed in a similar way to how champagne is made and it’s got raspberries and it’s very delicious (and not overly beery if that’s your thing).

On Friday and Saturday nights there will be food trucks so you may make the most of a Saturday night on the beers.

Bye now, buying all the Squealers.

LOCATION: 14 / 665 Pine Ridge Road, Biggera Waters
HOURS: 12pm until 6pm Wednesday and Thursday and 12pm until 9pm Friday and Saturday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Peta and Brennan Fielding

What do you get when you cross a laidback Hawaiian brewmaster with a former Aussie Corporate Finance Lawyer? Burleigh Brewing Co. of course.

We sat down for a chat with the couple who pioneered a new era of craft brewing on the Coast.

It’s International Beer Day this Friday, will you be doing anything to celebrate?
Every day feels like International Beer Day for us! Our taphouse is open to the public every Friday evening and this week is no different – Live Music by Benny D. Williams, food by Wiener Haus and 24 taps of awesome local beer by Burleigh Brewing. Surely that beats ‘international beer’ any day of the week 😉

How long have you both lived on the Gold Coast?
I (Peta) grew up in Brissie, with the Gold Coast a bit of a second home. I moved here 28 years ago, then went on a bunch of overseas adventures (for about 8 years in total) and moved back permanently in 2002. I moved back at that point with a husband and 2 kids. The things you collect when travelling the world, hey! Brennan: Peta brought me to Burleigh Heads for a holiday in the late nineties … part of me decided at that point it was a place I could call home!

What made you decide to open the brewery here?
Burleigh provided the perfect location for us to bring our Burleigh Brewing vision to life – a village atmosphere and lifestyle in a region with ‘big city infrastructure’ to support our business goals, and a community to which we could contribute in a meaningful way – and, hopefully, become a treasured part of that community, adding to the overall fabric of Burleigh Heads and the broader Gold Coast. It also offered the opportunity for us to create jobs for people which would mean a very short commute, often on a bike, and time at the beginning / end of the day to enjoy their families and the amazing place where we all live!

Who comes up with the ideas for each of flavours of beer? More importantly, who comes up with their names?
Creating a new Burleigh brew is a team effort. They’ve all come from some kind of experience or adventure and in many ways, the names have come along as part of that process. Take My Wife’s Bitter for example. When we owned a brewery in Hawaii, we named a beer after each of our kids. Peta figured she also deserved a beer named in her honour. And so it was.

What do you love about our city?
The beauty, the energy, the people. We love that we are able to move between our property (with our horses) to our business to the kids’ school and the surf – all within a 15 minute radius. It makes for a pretty special lifestyle. Those of us who get to live and work in this city are a lucky bunch!

The Coast’s culture has changed so much over the last few years, how do you think BBC has contributed to that?
I suppose we could claim to have pioneered a new era in craft brewing on the Gold Coast – which has certainly been part of energizing and releasing the latent creative talent and culture here. And more than just brewing beer, our goal is to inspire others to live their passions too and celebrate ours with the beer we make! I believe that the creative, cultural undercurrent has existed for a long time here, but the maturing of the city in terms of infrastructure, transport etc has really enhanced the opportunities to bring it all to life.

How did you come to be here, tell me about your backgrounds?
It sounds like the start of a corny joke. What do you get when you cross a laid back, surf-loving Hawaiian brewmaster with an Aussie, former corporate finance lawyer? Our paths were certainly very different, but we’re pretty grateful that they crossed.

How did the brewery come about?
Brennan was born to brew! It’s the only real job he’s ever had and he’s as passionate today about the process of creating the perfect brew as he was the day he began. I had an equally strong passion – to create something that didn’t exist before. I didn’t know what it would look like, but I knew how it would feel. So I guess we are two people who came together to turn what we love into what we do.

What have you got coming up for the rest of the year?
There’s always something brewing in our world! New beers, new ways for people to experience our taphouse and our brewery, new ideas and new opportunities to enjoy them. Summer – and the lead up to it – is a pretty crazy time in a brewery. Crazy good.

Best piece of life advice you’ve ever received?
Mum always told me that your nail polish should match your drink and that the toilet furthest from the door in the public loo is the cleanest. Not sure those gems have been the most useful. Dad was a bit more profound. There are no wrong decisions. Just make a decision. And then work like hell to prove it was the right one. Brennan likes to remind himself that the definition of an idiot is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

Being a Gold Coast local we have to ask your Favourites:
Beach: Burleigh Heads
Café: Social Brew. It almost sounds like a brewery.
Restaurant: Anything that stocks a great range of independent beers!Weekend hang: Burleigh Point – or the fire pit in our back yard

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