Cardamom Pod

I’ve never been interested in vegetarian food. I’m not a rabbit, give me meat.

Stifled by my own ignorance, I walked past The Cardamom Pod in Broadbeach hundreds of times, never once giving it the time of day.

How does the old saying go? Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens?

I tagged along with my more open-minded friends for dinner at The Cardamom Pod.  You’ll never guess what happened, I LOVED it (I’ve even been back on my own since)!

Here’s 4 Reasons why you will love The Cardamom Pod too.

1. Feel Good Food

Meat, do you really need it all the time? ‘Nourish by nature’ is the name of the game at The Cardamom Pod, and it’s true, you will absolutely feel nourished from the food -meatless and all!

How hungry are you? It’s almost like a buffet, so you can pick a corresponding amount of food.

With items like hardy meat-free and cheese packed Lasagna, savoury Thai Green Curry and ooey gooey veggie Cheesy Bakes to go with your Couscous and Tofu Salad, you’d have to have a hollow leg to leave still hungry.

If I may make a suggestion, you’ve got to try the hand rolled Spiced Kofta Balls in rich and well-seasoned tomato gravy too. So good!

The next thing to know, is that The Cardamon Pod is owned and run by chefs who subscribe the Hare Krishna faith. This means the food is prepared, served and eaten in ways that honour Krishna. If you’re not spiritual, it’s no problem. You certainly don’t need to believe in a higher power to know this is seriously delicious AND nutritious food.

2. Sin-Free Desserts

Can vegetarians make a good dessert? Well, it’s a no meat restaurant, not no sugar restaurant, so the answer is YES! As pretty as they are sweet, their homemade delights will put a smile on your gob.

We tried the Pod’s Own Lime and Blueberry Pie and the Byron Hippy Pumpkin Cheesecake. The collective favorite was the Pumpkin Cheesecake with layers of sweet pumpkin filling on a dense crust and topped with a pear slice. The side of ice cream wasn’t bad either! The Lime and Blueberry Pie won the beauty contest and was a close runner up in flavour. The creamy sweet & tart pie was topped with blueberries and dusted in pistachios. Being that they are relatively healthy as far as desserts go (most are raw) so, they don’t come with the extra tablespoon of guilt.

3. Getting Your Drink On

So there’s no alcohol served at The Cardamom Pod, but they do have fantastic juices. They call them mocktails. I know, Mocktail, schmocktail right?– hardly! The mocktails are killer! Refreshing and yummy, you’ll barely miss the alcohol. But let’s face it, it’s not easy to convince everyone to go to a vego restaurant AND takeaway their wine (they’re grapes anyway right?).  The good news is, The Cardamom Pod is BYO and corkage is only $1 a glass. Wine spritzer anyone?

4. Luxe Décor

Whoever designed the cool digs at The Cardamom Pod needs to get to my place a.s.a.p. Lush velvet against crystal chandeliers and bamboo chairs, funky colors, hanging plants and mismatched furniture gives The Cardamom Pod a swanky, eclectic, bohemian, glamour vibe. I know that sounds like a lot going on, but trust me, it works! Who says eating vegetarian means getting takeaway out of a little hole in the wall? (Well, me until recently, but I admit, I was wrong).  Grab a Kofta Ball and a Mocktail and sit in a decadent wingback chair overlooking Victoria Park why don’t ya? #lookgoodfeelgood

So, grab the mates and a bottle of wine, and head to The Cardamom Pod

to veg out in sublime eclectic bohemian atmosphere. Oh, and by the way, they have a share plate that feeds four for only $35. Yeah that’s right, healthy food at under ten bucks a person, BYO and Insta-worthy décor.


Open 11:30am – 9:30pm daily. The Cardamon Pod is also now open at the Brickworks in Southport for breakfast! 1/2685 Gold Coast High way, Broadbeach



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