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Betty Wilson’s Dining Room

An exclusive fine dining pop-up restaurant for Kirra.

By James Barnes, Destination Food
By James Barnes, Destination Food
By James Barnes, Destination Food

The phrase pop-up always elicits feelings of excitement and anticipation, particularly when the word restaurant follows and particularly on the Gold Coast.

Happily, we’re here to talk (write) about exactly that; a pop-up restaurant on the Gold Coast and one with an excellent name to boot.

Betty Wilson’s Dining Room is popping up in Kirra as of right now and it’s an exclusive Chef’s Table dining experience like no other.

Brought to us by local chef Jason Atwal, the restaurant will take over one of our favourite southern café spaces by night, Zephyr Coffee Co., from Thursday to Saturday each week.

The Chef’s Table experience will offer an eight-course (!) menu utilising the freshest of local ingredients and Jason’s flair for seafood and experimental cooking techniques.

You may recognise the much-loved Chef from his four year stint at QT Gold Coast’s Bazaar Interactive Marketplace and you will also know that means the menu is going to be one of the very best around.

A favourite dish on the stellar menu is Na Jim spiced prawns with a fresh herbed vermicelli noodle salad encased in a fried prawn cracker and the Heirloom tomato salad with a Burringbar Romano cheese basket. Amazing right?

The aim of the eve is to offer exceptional food in a stylish, relaxed setting paying homage to Jason’s Grandmother, the one and only Betty Wilson. He says she was an incredible baker and as a child, Jason couldn’t get enough of her apple pies with vanilla ice cream, which we completely understand.

In other great news, you may BYO wine to the dinner free of charge.

It’s set to be an experience created with a whole lot of love and the expertise of a man who knows his stuff.

Plus, for we lucky Gold Coasters, with only 12 seats available per night (bookings are essential though, so make sure you lock it in early for the hotly contested seats), it’s the perfect place to make new friends, gather the gang or treat your team to a VIP Christmas party like they’ve never seen before.

Get in quick, we’re fairly certain it’s going to be a popular one.

LOCATION: Zephyr Coffee Co., 1 Churchill Street, Coolangatta
HOURS: From 6.30pm Thursday to Saturday nights

Words by Kirra Smith

Zephyr Coffee Co.

Ahh Kirra. The seaside suburb synonymous with surf, sunshine and ever-present good vibes. The breeze is balmy, the locals are all smiles and now, the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans is wafting down Churchill Street and into your caffeine-loving bloodstream.

You can thank specialty coffee creator newbies Zephyr Coffee Co. for feeding (read: amping up) your addiction and bringing completely unique blends into your orbit to alter life as you know it. Sounds dramatic but bear with us.

The cafe is a simple, relaxation-inducing space just a block back from Kirra beach ensuring salty ocean breezes aplenty on the umbrella-covered front deck. Greenery induces good vibes in the form of fancy wallpaper while the choose-your-own-adventure coffee roaster takes pride of place in the back corner.

Owner Justin has been a passionate coffee connoisseur for many moons and his idea to allow customers to roast their own take home blends is both genius and surprisingly unheard of around these parts.

He orders ‘green’ beans in from around the world and of course, creates his own roasts to make delicious cuppas for y’all while also allowing you to develop your own according to your tastes and preferences.

It’s an actual coffee addicts dream. Of course, the team also create two of their own blends – one for espressos and one for milk based coffees – for those who are all about less effort and faster swigging.

In terms of food, because we know you’re all wondering, there’s a fun range of smoothie bowls to sample, including some you’ve never seen before.

Get around the Black Bowl with charcoal, acai, banana, mango, blueberries and granola for a cooling, healthy snack. Or, if a full day at the beach has you craving carbs, definitely grab yourself a Spaghetti Bolognaise Jaffle and thank your lucky stars those bad boys came back into foodie fashion.

It’s your new favourite summer hang so head on down and get yourself acquainted.

LOCATION: 1 Churchill Street, Coolangatta
HOURS: 6am to 2pm Tuesday to Friday and 6pm to 12pm Saturday and Sunday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

12 reasons locals love Kirra

Kirra Shelter Shed

Nestled between Bilinga and Coolangatta, Kirra may be small but she is also mighty.

Best known for a pumping, world-renowned surf break and ever-present chill vibes, there’s so much more to Kirra than just waves and a pristine stretch of sand (although that’s motivation enough for us).

Here are 12 reasons why Kirra locals ain’t budging for love nor money, and why the wider GC community can’t get enough of this thriving yet mellow footwear-optional ‘burb.

Cotton Living
Who doesn’t love a luxurious homewares store that’s also a patisserie café, and the answer is a unanimous NOBODY. In its beautiful new location, Cotton Living showcases stunning handmade furniture and timeless accessories to make every room in your abode sing. Everything is Insta-worthy with a focus on natural colours and textures, plus you can grab a croissant with your cushion and #WhatsNotToLove. This luxurious space right by the beach is family-owned and the obvs choice for your next coffee date with the gals.
Where: 1 Lord Street, Coolangatta

Siblings Kirra (image supplied)
Siblings Kirra (image supplied)

Once a humble Pizza Hut (and the hottest piece of real estate going around), the iconic and heritage listed beachside Kirra Pavilion has been reincarnated! Founded by local restaurateur royalty Jarrod Kyle and TJ Cianci, Siblings is a modern Australian brunch and dinner showstopper, dripping with 1950’s Miami beach vibes goodness. The menu is infused with fresh seafood and share-plates a-plenty and don’t even get us started on the cocktails! You haven’t lived till you’ve been.
Where: 15 Marine Parade, Kirra

Agave Rosa
From the brilliant mind that brought us Project Tokyo comes an all new, sandy-shore-dwelling, Mexican fusion dining experience and yep, that was a mouthful. Speaking of mouthfuls, you’ve never tasted better modern Mexican fare, with fresh, delicious dishes infused with dashes of distinct oriental flavours and srsly, the tongue-twisters are coming in hot today. The fit out is bright but totally on-fleek, just how we like our Mexi restaurant and taquerias.
Where: 74 Musgrave Street, Coolangatta

Hibachi Chicken Achiote & De Lechon (Pork) taco's, Agave Rosa (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Hibachi Chicken Achiote & De Lechon (Pork) taco's, Agave Rosa (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

Famous for an overflowing dessert cabinet including, you guessed it, tasty tiramisu, this little gem has become an institution in the beachside suburb. Not only loved for their clever name, Kirramisu serves up a bangin’ breakfast and lunch menu, fresh juices and smoothies, all with a side of multi-million-dollar sparkling ocean views. It’s the little place with the big soul.
Where: 28 Musgrave Street, Kirra 

Kirra Surf
Speaking of institutions, Kirra Surf is a must-visit when cruising into this salty (good salty) seaside suburb. Their range of surfing products and apparel is unrivalled, the staff are super friendly, and there’s always at least (twenty)two things you’ll want to take home with you. Ladies, pop in for a visit and marvel at the larger-than-life posters of your fave easy-on-the-eyes surfer boys. You’re welcome.
Where: 8 Creek Street, Kirra 

People watching the waves at Kirra Beach (image courtesy of Destination Gold Coast)
People watching the waves at Kirra Beach (image courtesy of Destination Gold Coast)

Bread and Butter
From Spanish tapas, stone baked pizzas, handmade gnocchi to cocktails and a large selection of wine and beer, you’re in for a treat at this Kirra icon. A lively space where the good times always roll, take a seat on the terrace and soak up the delightful ocean breezes and beach views. With $20 pick-up pizzas and $25 gnocchi and pasta until 6pm, it won’t break the bank which is the icing on the cake (or the butter on the bread).
Where: 76 Musgrave St, Kirra 

Kirra Beach Bakery
A visit to Kirra isn’t complete without hitting up the local bakery and this is a fact. Whether you’re in need of a post-surf pie, sausage roll, quiche or pastie, a healthy salad or sandwich for the road, or some pre-dinner cake, slice or a sweet treat (don’t judge), Kirra Beach Bakery is the place. Get down there early in the morning for fresh-out-of-the-oven bread and enjoy a slice or two with the local ‘gulls while watching the sunrise. Best.
Where: 100 Musgrave Street, Kirra 

Tofu Poké Bowl, HiPoke (image supplied)
Tofu Poké Bowl, HiPoke (image supplied)

The poke bowl phenomenon has taken the Gold Coast by storm and why wouldn’t it. Originating in Hawaii, poke bowls are made up of protein and salad combinations artfully arranged in bowls and perfect for both consuming and Instagram snaps. Of the signature bowls, we’re all about the Karaage Chicken with edamame, carrot, corn, sweet chilli mayo and lotus root chips. Satisfying and healthy, the entire menu is preservative free and all seafood is sustainably sourced. How good!
Where: 48 Musgrave Street, Kirra

Kirra Surf Life Saving Club
Located right on the beach, this old boy has been around longer than you (est. 1916) and is a firm fave amongst all Gold Coasters. It’s the perfect spot for an afternoon cold one overlooking the ocean or an affordable dinner with the crew. Sit yourself on the deck and let that balmy sea breeze take you to your happiest place.
Where: 15 Marine Parade, Kirra 

Kirra Hill Lookout
Where better to feast your eyes on the world-famous Kirra beach! Trek to the top of the headland and prepare to be wowed by views from Main Beach to Snapper Rocks and everywhere in between. Pack a picnic or fire up the barbie (you’ve earned it after that walk), and thank your lucky stars you get to live in the best place on Earth. No bias, just #truth.
Where: It’s on the big hill, you won’t miss it! 

Skydivers landing on Kira Beach, GC Skydive (image courtesy of Destination Gold Coast)
Skydivers landing on Kira Beach, GC Skydive (image courtesy of Destination Gold Coast)

Gold Coast Skydive
Jumping out of a plane is all kinds of a fun time, and jumping out of a plane and landing on Kirra Beach, even better. The good folks at Gold Coast Skydive are based in Kirra and once you’re out of that plane hurtling toward the sand, Kirra is exactly where you’ll land. After that adrenaline rush you might want to calm yourself with a beer or two. Luckily, the surf club is right there to assist.
Where: 1/78 Musgrave Street, Kirra

Kirra Beach Pavilion
While driving around the headland, you may have noticed the cute little shelter overlooking the ocean. It’s a great place to hide from the scorching sun, and has certainly seen a lot over its lifetime – more than a century to be precise. Early photos of Kirra Beach show the shelter in place by around 1916 and we love ourselves some GC history. The Kirra Shelter Shed makes for a great viewing platform and is the perfect spot to watch whales frolic out in the big blue.

Words by Bianca Trathen.

Bike riders at Kirra (image courtesy of Destination Gold Coast)
Bike riders at Kirra (image courtesy of Destination Gold Coast)

Kirramisu Cafe & Restaurant

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