Barcode Espresso

If there’s one thing shopping up a storm partners perfectly with, it is a tasty, nourishing brunch, for both resting and refueling purposes. Not to mention, shopping and brunching are two of our favourite things.

Which is convenient because Barcode Espresso opened just last week at The Oasis Shopping Centre in Broadbeach and it is the perfect stopover after a morning of spending all your hard earned dollars.

Found on level one, right in the midst of many a delightful fashion boutique, Barcode Espresso is the work of local lads Scott Kelly and Michael Cartledge and it’s the perfect addition to the bustling little precinct.

You may know Scott’s work from his days as a head chef at Daark Espresso in Labrador and if so, you’ll know his work is the goods. His food-creation mantra is about doing the simple things correctly and we suggest popping into Barcode Espresso to experience how this plays out for your tastebuds ASAP.

The menu is made up of fresh, delicious dishes and every single thing on it is made in house. Including the baked goodies you’ll want to take away for a later time treat.

If we had to choose, we’d definitely go the Eggs Benedict Bao, which is the first of its kind on the Gold Coast as far as we’re aware. It’s got poached eggs, wilted spinach, Barcodes own hollandaise and Sriracha hot sauce with your choice of bacon or avocado on a steamed bao. YUM.

If you’re more into sweet brunch treats, the Raspberry and White Chocolate Waffles are a delight with vanilla bean ice cream, berry compote, fruit and toasted almonds.

Oh and there’s also Truffled Mac and Cheese Croquettes, served with poached eggs, sautéed mushrooms, wilted spinach, garlic aioli and crispy shallots.

So all your favourite things, but better.

There are also fresh sandwiches, burgers and toasties and we really love all of those things.

Sidenote: did you know sandwiches came about because the Earl of Sandwich (an actual place in the UK) was quite the gambler and wanted to be able to hold his cards and his food at the same time, so food was placed inside bread and voila. Sandwiches. How good.

Back to Barcode Espresso though. It was named because the boys are keen to set the bar high when it comes to food within a retail (shopping, barcodes, you know) precinct and that they have.

Changing the game and bringing a whole new vibe to The Oasis Shopping Centre.

We’re here for it.

LOCATION: Level 1, The Oasis Shopping Centre, Surf Pde, Broadbeach

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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