Bar Juniper

In case you were of the impression that summer wasn’t going to be an absolute time, we’re here to inform you that it is, in fact, going to be a time.

Obviously in large part due to the fact that the Gold Coast is quite possibly the most beautiful place on Earth but in another large part due to the fact that Currumbin is getting a pop up gin bar and celebrate good times.

The gist is this; from today, Thursday the 20th of December, Bar Juniper will pop up over the festive season at everyone’s favourite creekside establishment, Currumbin RSL in a Hamptons style space bringing the tastiest cocktails, live acoustic music, pops of colour and abundant good vibes to the much-loved venue.

Featuring some of the word’s best and boutique gins, including Four Pillars, Beefeater 24, Hendricks, Tanqueray, Plymouth Sloe, Husk Distillers and Bombay Sapphire to name a few, Bar Juniper is set to shake up the Currumbin scene and we can’t wait to check it out.

Having laid eyes on the impressive menu, we highly recommend sampling a tasting paddle, showcasing three premium gins and allowing you to choose your favourite for further sampling later.

Chief Mixologist Chris has created a stellar range of gin cocktails including ‘Bloody Sangria’ made with Four Pillars Blood Shiraz Gin, sweet vermouth, sugar syrup, lime juice, ginger beer and orange and we think you’ll like that one friends.

The perfect summer tipple though, has to be the Pink Spritz, made with Beefeater Pink Gin, Prosecco, Fever Tree Club Soda and strawberries. Refreshing and delicious, what more could you want.

Here’s some fun facts; did you know that in order to be classified as gin, the spirits predominant flavour must be of Juniper and Spain consumes more gin per annum than any other country in the world.

Well, we Aussies do love a bit of friendly competition, especially when it comes to drinking right?

There’s also a selection of share plates to choose from including the Handcrafted Asian Flavours, made up of tempura togarashi spiced calamari (YUM), handcrafted dim sims and chicken spring rolls. Plus, there’s an antipasto and charcuterie board and the vegetarian antipasto choice for the herbivores among us.

So. Water views, tick. Gin cocktails, tick. Tasty eats, tick. That’s about all we’ll need this season, see you down there for a tipple or two in the sunshine.

LOCATION: Currumbin RSL, 165 Duringan St, Currumbin
HOURS: Open daily from December 20th to January 6th (except Christmas Day) from 10am until 10pm 

Photo credit: Marc Thompson




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