3 reasons to get yourself a Demi Pair

For those who may not be aware, a Demi Pair is a person (perhaps sent from the Gods) to help around the home for a select number of hours per week. This person is usually an international student who lives with a family for a period of time while studying. What a revelation.

Often Demi Pairs live with families who have wee ones and they assist with them too.

Anyway, we’ve rounded up three reasons why you and yours should get on board with this Demi Pair business ASAP.

Household chores
Nobody wants to do them all, not even your mother when she comes to visit you but do them she will because she wants you to live your best life. As do Demi Pairs. These magical unicorns will help out with everything from washing the dishes (worst) to doing the laundry (not enjoyable but not as bad as the dishes) and cleaning up after the children (consistently unpleasant). Your household chores will be cut in half with the help of a person who is there to actually make your life better. Not an offer you get every day.

The children
Rearing (weird word) children is quite the task and particularly when you also have to work and do the above household chores, often in the one day. Life hey. Demi Pairs though! They will help with the children however necessary. Read ‘em a story before bed, yep. Walk them to school in the mornings, love too. Teach them a foreign language, probably. The benefits are endless and we hear one of the very best things is that your children will also gain a live-in friend and what child doesn’t want that hmm? None.

Learn about the world
There’s no doubt life gets SO busy sometimes that we forget there’s a whole wide world out there to explore and learn from. Particularly with the chores and the children, as previously mentioned. Demi Pairs can come from anywhere in the world which means you, and your children, have access to a whole new world when you welcome such a person into your home. There are reports of children learning new languages, completely unique customs and games they could never have imagined before. What a sweet experience for the littlies (and you).

Convinced yet? We thought so. If you’re interested in finding out more head to www.studymatch.com.au and nab yourself an absolutely life changing experience (and some priceless household help).

Words by Kirra Smith




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