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Zuii Organic

The Gold Coast makeup brand launches the Lux Range.

Organic things are taking over the world, which is perfectly fine by us particularly when some of those organic things are luxe makeup goodies that are also Gold Coast born and bred.

Hello, Zuii Organics, welcome to our lives. What is this Zuii Organics we speak of? Well, somehow, the local brand just came into our lives and better late than never obviously but here we are.

The brand was created by Aussie mastermind Rose Beesey, way back in the 90’s after she saw a gap in the cosmetics industry for a range of affordable completely organic products that have you looking bangin’, while your skin improves just by wearing them (yes please). So that’s exactly what she set out to do. And do it, she did.

Every single thing that goes into Zuii Organics is Certified Organic with a blend of real flowers, power plant extracts, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and many other organic delights your skin wants and needs.

Together, the little guys work to hydrate, soothe, nourish and protect the skin. There are products to prevent fine lines of aging, while others work to counteract dark under eyes, redness to skin and even help prevent skin conditions from worsening. It’s a real treat.

The point of this tale though (got there eventually) is that Zuii Organic recently launched a Lux Range and that’s cool because we also love things that are luxe.

It’s an entirely vegan-friendly and cruelty free range of high-end makeup products, including foundations, lipsticks and finishing powders, designed to make you look a million dollars but also to actually protect the skin and lips from the damaging effects of surrounding air pollutants.

We know what you’re thinking, its hard to find natural products that have good coverage, actually stay on and make you look good but we’ve got news friends, these are actually the goods. Tried and tested by us. ALSO, they smell absolutely divine. The lipsticks are rose scented and amazing and the Finishing Powder has actual rose petals in the bottom. Bye money.

So, if you’re keen to spend your hard earned dollars on products that are not only good for the world, but your face, and will make you look absolutely delightful, look no further Zuii Organic have you covered. Literally.

Bye now, getting pretty.

Words by Kirra Smith

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