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Yot Club

A giant party yacht is coming to the Gold Coast.

Ever dreamt of being that person sailing around onboard a giant superyacht with all your friends, sipping champagne and generally having the best time of your life? Same.

Well friends, we’re here to bring you the news that all your Beyonce-being-fabulous-in-the-Caribbean dreams are about to come true thanks to a new Gold Coast venture called Yot Club.

Yes, it’s the world’s first super yacht entertainment venue licensed for up to 400 guests, over two luxurious levels and we, the yacht party starved people of the Gold Coast, get to climb aboard in the coming months.

Designed in Queensland and currently under construction in Australia’s largest Marine precinct (right here on the GC), the YOT Club project is the brainchild of entertainment and marine experts who are our new favourite people.

You will never see partying the same again.

The gist is that Yot Club will boast a sit down dining section for 260 people plus a stand up cocktail section and all with a relaxed beach club vibe, but floating on the actual ocean.

Both the upper and lower levels will have full service bars and a full service kitchen will be built in aswell.

The super yacht will cruise in at a whopping 40m in length and 23m wide and that is plenty of room for all your friends (and then some probably).

There’ll be a multi-functional stage for live entertainment and, of course, a state of the art sound system for your dancing-on-a-yacht pleasure.

Yot Club will obviously be THE destination for live music, private and corporate events, product launches and ticketed events so you know where our next birthday bash will be.

Oh and if you so desire, you may also venture into the exclusive, centre hull VIP Green Room Lounge. It’s like a little below deck bunker and it’s super fancy.

If you’re hiring the Yot Club there are plenty of drinks, canapé, buffet and sit down dining packages to choose from, all priced on a per head basis.

Brought to us by Crystal Blue Yacht Charters, Yot Club is without a doubt one of the most exciting things to happen to the Gold Coast and we cannot wait for permission to climb aboard.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

Words by Kirra Smith

White Rhino

Happy days have arrived in Surfers Paradise and they come in the form of a sleek new, double-storey corner space that’s bringing all your Jumanji dreams to life. Except pretty and not at all terrifying.

White Rhino is complete and will open its’ doors to us, the food and beverage loving people of the Gold Coast, late next week and Surfers is set for a little shakeup friends.

There’s a lot to unpack here so buckle up and let’s get into it. As mentioned, White Rhino is an expansive corner space on Cavill Ave and it’s all open and airy and filled with quirky little delights.

Let’s begin with the bar, because, obviously. Lit from behind with a digital ocean montage, it’s quite the mesmerizing sight. Above, a rock formation complete with its’ very own waterfall sets the scene.

Drawing your eyes around the room, you’ll notice a tree, smack bang in the middle of the venue, a stunning wrought iron staircase winding it’s way to the top floor (as staircases tend to do) and, tucked in behind it, are the stars of the show; the white rhino and her (could be his) baby. The pair are meticulously crafted really quite ah, realistic. Love them.

A step up above the casual bar section you’ll find a slightly more formal dining area artfully decorated with velvet and high gloss wood plus, our favourite, two booth-style arrangements with leafy green backdrops and bulk people watching opportunities.

Upstairs, on the mezzanine level, there are three stunning velvet booths overlooking the rest of the venue and out into the street, perfect for gathering the crew and enjoying a slightly more private style of party.

The entire venue has been crafted with an outdoor feel in mind and indeed, no matter where you are, the open space and seamless transition to the actual outdoor section gives a balmy, can-it-be-summer-already vibe.

Now to the food. It comes courtesy of someone you know and love, Adam Dundas-Taylor of Firecue, London’s Nobu and many other fine establishments, obviously.

The menu offers both a fine and casual style of dining and it is all of exceptional quality and even better taste, as you would expect.

The Spiced Pumpkin Salad is a colour-filled treat with chilli and fennel roasted pumpkin tossed in baby spinach leaves with cous cous, pomegranate seeds mint and hummus. It’s both beautiful and delicious.

The Chilli Bug Linguini is also a must-try with chilli and garlic Moreton Bay bugs with sweet cherry tomatoes tossed in brandy and seafood stock reduction and served with fresh linguini. Oh yes please.

Let us not go past the Slow Cooked Beef Ragu (12 hours slow cooked no less) stirred through a rich tomato sauce, tossed with fettuccine and topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese (love you always Parmesan).

There are also epic pizzas and options from the grill like Crispy Skin New Zealand King Ora Salmon and Peppercorn Cut Eye Fillet. YUM.

The cocktails are to die for (but don’t die, because there are many to be sampled) including an extremely tasty Espresso Martini made with beans from our faves Locale Espresso.

An exceptional breakfast menu will also roll out from Saturday the 3rd of November.

The unique venue is certain to take Surfers Paradise to a whole new level and, with a few more exciting additions on the way, you might want to rearrange your life to include a little more time there.

White Rhino officially opens on Friday November 2nd and prepare for a summer of fun friends.

LOCATION: 55 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise
HOURS: 11.30pm until late

Words and photos by Kirra Smith


Featuring gadgets, industrial machinery, mechanical horses and exposed copper, all specially sourced and imported, Surfers Paradise’ latest bar and restaurant is the perfect visual representation of the genre after which it’s named.

Steampunk refers to a fantasy subgenre in which those living in the Victorian era imagined their lives to be. It’s all about mixing old and new: fusing the usability of modern technology with the design aesthetic and philosophy of the Victorian age.

Hailing from Tasmania, owner Grant Rodgers has plenty of experience working in historical venues and made the move to the Gold Coast to open Steampunk, the first restaurant of its kind in Australia, after seeing an opportunity for something unique.

The menu is unlike anything else around including share plates of Scorched Bugs with corn and chilli salsa to Crab and Corn Arancinci with smoked paprika aioli and Topped Mini Fillet Steaks (three ways).

If you’re more of a solo eater try the Chilli Salt Local Cuttlefish Thai Salad or House Gnocchi with Haloumi, spinach, tomatoes and fried sage.

The cocktail list is divided into tantalising sections, there’s Toothsome, Sourish, Perplexing, Enchanting and Mind Altering – don’t go past The Enigma made with Makers Mark bourbon, orange and salt or the Juicy Bruiser – Absolut Vodka with Passionfruit juice, lime, Prosecco and a little surprise on presentation.

Offering all day eats and an exciting cocktails menu, Steampunk is the Surfers Paradise anti-nightclub – a place to enjoy some drinks and a bite to eat without having to be involved in the frantic pace of neighboring venues.

HOURS: 11am until late daily.

LOCATION: 3113 Surfers Paradise Bvld (opposite Billabong), Surfers Paradise.

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Milky Lane

If you thought the Coast’s burger game was strong prior to today, think again. Sydney born Milky Lane has landed and the stakes have well and truly been raised.

Bringing their signature stacked burgers with cheese oozing over the sides and almost at the point of toppling over, not to mention next-level cocktails and desserts that’ll make your eyes water, Milky Lane is all your indulgent eating fantasies come true.

Cheat day/week/life come at us.

But first, let’s talk interiors because this is a place you’ll want to charge your phone for. With velvet booth seating, walls adorned with graffiti-style portraits of all your favourite rappers (#eminemforpresident) and dark, underground club vibes accentuated by neon strip lights, a good time is the name of the game.

The bar, in the centre of the space, is the main attraction because a. it’s the bar and b. the people behind it are quite adept at fancy cocktail slinging. You can even sit there and gaze at them lovingly while they prep your drinks if you so desire.

Speaking of cocktails, we would highly recommend sampling a Bueno which consists of Bacardi Carta Blanco, Frangelico, Mozart, Chocolate Liqueur and vanilla cream which is then topped with hazelnut foam and a Bueno bar. Yes indeed.

Alternatively (or as well) hit up the Lamington Martini made up of 1800 Coconut Tequila (love you), Mozart White Chocolate Liqueur, coconut cream, regular cream and topped with coconut foam and a mini lamington. Help us.

Food-wise, the burgers are not only extremely extra, they are also named after celebrities who may or may not have had their day.

The Chic-Kanye is southern fried crispy chicken, maple smoked bacon, American cheese, Carolina slaw, butter leaf lettuce, ML special sauce, BBQ sauce and jalapeno pineapple relish. So all of the things.

The Kevin Bacon is a double Wagyu beef patty, double American cheese, double maple smoked bacon, ML BBQ sauce, ML truffle aioli, caramelized onion and pickles.

Sides are always a good idea of course and even more so are Milky Lanes’ loaded fries which are beer battered and topped with bacon bits, cheesy gravy, shallots and ML special sauce.

There are also Mac & Cheese Croquettes and those are something we could eat every day for the rest of our lives.

Desserts are a whole other story (but not because here we are). We actually don’t want to give too much away but definitely order the Snicki Minaj because it involves things such as Nutella, pastries and salted caramel.

The milkshakes are just as ridiculous as everything else in all your favourite flavours and with alcohol as an optional added extra.

We know what you’re thinking, is there nothing this place won’t do. Yah, salad.

LOCATION: 38 Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise
HOURS: From 12pm until late, seven days

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

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