Yot Club

Ever dreamt of being that person sailing around onboard a giant superyacht with all your friends, sipping champagne and generally having the best time of your life? Same.

Well friends, we’re here to bring you the news that all your Beyonce-being-fabulous-in-the-Caribbean dreams are about to come true thanks to a new Gold Coast venture called Yot Club.

Yes, it’s the world’s first super yacht entertainment venue licensed for up to 400 guests, over two luxurious levels and we, the yacht party starved people of the Gold Coast, get to climb aboard in the coming months.

Designed in Queensland and currently under construction in Australia’s largest Marine precinct (right here on the GC), the YOT Club project is the brainchild of entertainment and marine experts who are our new favourite people.

You will never see partying the same again.

The gist is that Yot Club will boast a sit down dining section for 260 people plus a stand up cocktail section and all with a relaxed beach club vibe, but floating on the actual ocean.

Both the upper and lower levels will have full service bars and a full service kitchen will be built in aswell.

The super yacht will cruise in at a whopping 40m in length and 23m wide and that is plenty of room for all your friends (and then some probably).

There’ll be a multi-functional stage for live entertainment and, of course, a state of the art sound system for your dancing-on-a-yacht pleasure.

Yot Club will obviously be THE destination for live music, private and corporate events, product launches and ticketed events so you know where our next birthday bash will be.

Oh and if you so desire, you may also venture into the exclusive, centre hull VIP Green Room Lounge. It’s like a little below deck bunker and it’s super fancy.

If you’re hiring the Yot Club there are plenty of drinks, canapé, buffet and sit down dining packages to choose from, all priced on a per head basis.

Brought to us by Crystal Blue Yacht Charters, Yot Club is without a doubt one of the most exciting things to happen to the Gold Coast and we cannot wait for permission to climb aboard.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

Words by Kirra Smith



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