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Wholly Smoke

A back alley smokehouse for Burleigh Heads.

Smoked meats are the best kind of meats and they’re even better when they come from a literal hole in the wall down a side alley in Burleigh Heads.

Surprise, Wholly Smoke is bringing all of those things and then some and you should make it your life mission to get down there and sample the goods this week.

Found just off Lemana Lane, home to Granddad Jacks, Hotel Miami and Karma Collab Hub, Wholly Smoke is a casual space with absolutely incredible smokey scents wafting out so all you’ll need to do is follow your nose and prep your tastebuds.

As we said, the eats are handed out through a hole in the wall and you can pull up a seat along the fence, at the high bench or on the communal table down the middle and there are spots for about 50 folks, which is obviously a party.

Clearly the menu was made for the meat eaters among us and if you identify as such, get excited, it’s some of the tastiest smoked meat we’ve sampled.

To start we highly recommend some Smoked Chicken Wings with your choice of sauce – there’s Smoked Chilli Plum (amazing), Burner (so hot) and Mouth Watering Spice. All so good.

For mains there are rolls, which can also be ordered sans roll (AKA salad) and you may choose Smoked Brisket, BBQ Lamb, and Pulled Smokey BBQ Pork and all of those will make you very happy.

There are also burgers including the Smoked Cheeseburger (top three burgers we’ve ever tasted) and the Sweet Pulled Pork Burger.

Drinks-wise there are traditional milkshakes on offer, including chocolate, strawberry and vanilla and gourmet in PB + J and Ferrero + Nutella flavour and they are the perfect accompaniment to the food.

Happily, Wholly Smoke is BYO so that’s always a good time when scoffing smoked meats with the crew.

Can’t recommend this place highly enough if you’re in the mood for some good, old-fashioned BBQ, everything is a total flavour sensation.

Back alley eats for the win. Also, props for the name, one of the best ever.

LOCATION: 2/29 Lemana Lane, Burleigh Heads
HOURS: 12pm to 5pm Tuesday and 12pm to 7.30pm Wednesday to Sunday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Karma Collab Hub

Creativity and collaboration are two of our favourite c words, we also like Chimichanga but that’s not overly relevant here. The first two though, make up the basis of this story, which will eventually be about a brand new space that opened up in Miami of late.

Karma Collab Hub, found on Lemana Lane next door to Hotel Miami, is the work of Candice Olivia and Steven Morley whose businesses brought them together to create a space for the rest of us to enjoy. Which obviously works just fine for us.

The purpose of Karma Collab Hub is about twenty-fold (trademark on that catchy term) but the general gist is to provide a space where passionate folks, of which there are many in our fine city, can come together to teach, learn, create and also make new friends. Our favourites.

The space can certainly be a co-working type hub where freelancers or those with mobile businesses can come to work alongside folks in similar positions but wait, there’s more.

A stunningly fitout meeting room, complete with a desk magically made out of half a tree by the looks, is perfect for well, meetings, but also presentations and gatherings and just general hangouts if you like.

Elsewhere within the warehouse, which we forgot to properly describe in the beginning but will get to ASAP, there’s a room designed for hands on style workshops. It includes two pottery wheels, a high bench-style table, artworks by local artists all around and the vibe of a place that encourages getting your hands dirty.

The idea is that both up and coming and established creators can hold workshops there to share their skills, get a feel for what it’s like to actually run a workshop and share their creations with the Coast.

Back to the look of the space and what a look it is. First and foremost, there’s a vintage Jaguar taking up the bulk of the main room, shipped all the way from Melbourne, and it has been stripped of all the outside bits you really don’t need when you think about it (doors, bonnet etc.) so just the sleek skeleton remains. Not only that though friends, it has been turned into a table which will soon also have electrical points for laptop charging capabilities. What an absolute treat.

Almost everything else within Karma Collab Hub has been upcycled or built from salvaged pieces by Steven, furniture making extraordinaire, including the table we mentioned before that was actually built within the meeting room.

There are plants hanging all about, a ladder strung with a cool light bulb situation and, of course, plenty of room for activities.

Your mate and ours, Kiel Tillman, has of course created an epic mural on one wall summing up the entire vibe of the space with the words “good is sown, good is collected.”

Because everybody knows, spreading good vibes means there are more good vibes and karma can be very kind you guys. That’s some wisdom right there.

So. Pop into Miami, the most happening suburb around right now, and say g’day to the gang who will also allow you to BYO alcohol and snacks should you need to book any part of the space OR get them to do it if organisation ain’t your thing.

Creativity and collaboration see (c), good times.

LOCATION: 47 Lemana Lane, Miami
HOURS: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm

Granddad Jacks Distillery

In what may just be the happiest news of 2018, a gin and whiskey distillery will roll open its doors in a few short weeks and we could not be more into it.

Granddad Jacks Distillery has been in the works for what feels like four years to those of us who love both gin and whiskey a little too much. In reality it’s only been four months but the wait is almost over.

On August 24th, the industrial-style Miami distillery will open for the good folks of the Gold Coast and, it’s certainly a cause to celebrate. Found on Lemana Lane, the distillery has taken up in what used to be a mechanics workshop and the transformation is pure magic.

Father/son team and owners Dave and Luke Ridden (along with the lovely Jess) scoured the Gold Coast in search of iron beams and the like to build a space that fits perfectly in Miami’s backstreets. Steel-inspired high tables with copper stools stretch down the centre of the room and two of the coolest leather couches we’ve ever seen make for a little chill spot at one end (if they go missing forget you read this). A day bed along one wall is lined with colourful cushions and underneath a mural proclaiming ‘too busy for bullshit, too tipsy to care’ and that, friends, is our new life motto.

Above the bar, an exposed brick wall boasts a painted portrait of the man himself, Granddad Jack, whose face peers out over the whole space, keeping an eye on you and your whiskey-fuelled shenanigans. There are wine barrels placed artfully about and the cruisiest of cruisers, decked out in Granddad Jack’s signage, is parked up the back. Oh and the main affair, a huge copper still sits at the back pumping out all the tasty booze. Love you.

So who is this Granddad Jack your new favourite watering hole is named after? Well, he’s a New Zealand born lad whose hard work and sharp mind allowed him to pay a huge family debt singlehandedly at the ripe old age of 14, that’s who. Luke, his great grandson, adopted the same hard working, ‘too busy for bullshit’ attitude and here we are, just a humble beachside city with our very own distillery. What a time.

Granddad Jack’s will sell only their own styles of both gin and whiskey and they’ll have a few varieties of each including what they call a ‘navy strength’ gin that’s 58%. Gimme.

There’ll be no food available on site but, hooray, you can BYO whatever you like so it’ll be a cheese platter and gin party for us thank you very much.

The epic space is also available for events including birthdays, engagement parties and wedding receptions and there was even a secret Sofar Sounds gig there recently. So much room for activities.

Okay we’re done and so very excited. Keep August 24th free, you won’t want to miss this one.

LOCATION: 43 Lemana Lane, Miami
HOURS: 10am until midnight Wednesday to Sunday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Hotel Miami

How good is making new friends in a sweet, good time space while pretending to work but really just watching animal docos? So good, gang.

In an (un)surprising turn of events, you can now do all of those things at the Coast’s sweet new co-working and events space in the suburb that may just be our new fave – Miami.

The gist is this. Lemana Lane is a kind of urban, cool kids paradise that was once only home to mechanics and warehouses hording who knows what. Now though, it’s a place you definitely want to be, what with the recent opening of Hotel Miami and a coming soon gin distillery.

Hotel Miami’s creators realised the areas potential far before the rest of us, nabbed themselves a warehouse space and filled it with all kinds of goodies. There’s velvet couches, handmade desks (ask ‘em how that went down) perfect for Insta-snaps, a dartboard and best of all, a Yamaha parked right in front of a neon sign that reads “fuck yeah”.

Oh and there’s a photo studio too. See, good times.

The idea was to open a space that would allow co-owner Nick to escape from the confines of his bedroom and a cat whose actual name is Winston Smushface.

Jokes. It was so Nick, along with his fiancé Jessie (the boss) and mate Darran, could create a place to hang out with other creatives, “work” on their various other businesses and create a fun little Miami community. They adapted a community event they used to attend in Venice Beach where local businesses would come together and showcase their goods while also making rad new friends.

The point is, you can rent one of those handmade desks for a day or on a fulltime basis (recommended for bulk good times) and there are upstairs offices up for grabs too.

The photo studio can also be hired for any fun projects you’ve got going on and there’s super speedy Internet and everyone’s other favourite thing – air conditioning.

As of April 6th there’ll be an event on the first Friday of every month (dubbed First Friday to make writing about it easier) that’ll showcase local artists and finally bring Gold Coasters the live music we need and deserve.

Whether you’re in the market for a new workspace or not, get down there and check it out, the crew are keen to meet all the like-minded creatives they can muster.

And they’re not bad at hilarious banter either.

LOCATION: 1/49 Lemana Lane, Miami

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

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