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A brew-tiful, new coffee house opens in Palm Beach

Watson Bloom is here.

If there is one thing we know, it is that coffee is a magical, life-saving elixir and without it, who knows where we’d all be while navigating this new world we now live in. On that note, we are very happy to bring you the news that a brand new coffee house opened recently in Palm Beach and it’s one you’re going to want to pop into at the soonest available opportunity.

It’s called Watson Bloom and it can be found within the Sable Palm Beach building on the Gold Coast Highway. Owned by two locals who know a thing or two about specialty brews, the newbie is intimate and inviting and quite a delight honestly.

Inside you’ll find a bench that runs the length of the space upon which the magic happens, greenery drips from every corner and on one wall is an array of take home goodies like Raw treats, Prana Chai and Naked bars. It’s all whites and greys and the epitome of cool, but not too cool (their slogan, quite appropriately).

Coffee-wise Alex Begley and Stephen Harris use a variety of blends depending on your preference and whether you’re into milk coffee, cold brew or a filter brew, they’ve got you covered.

You can also opt for a sticky Prana Chai tea, Craave Chai latte, Hot Chocolate or a fresh, delicious smoothie and you won’t be paying extra for alternative milks. Of which there is any kind you need – Coco Quench, Almond, Oat, Soy, Nut Mylk and the dairy version is organic and really very delicious.

To eat, there’s an array of plant-based treats including raw goodies and banana bread made in-house plus pastries consisting of the yummiest fillings including broccoli and sweet potato and pear and custard. YUM. All of those can be taken away but when the time comes, there will be seating inside and in the little patio area at the front.

Almost forgot the most important thing, there are DOUGHNUTS too.

The idea behind Watson Bloom is to keep it simple and focus on the community and we are absolutely all about that.

Pop in to show them some love next time you’re in need of an exceptional brew and fill up your cup in more ways than one.

LOCATION: Sable Palm Beach, 2/1073 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach
HOURS: 5.30am until 1.30pm daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Bellissimo! An authentic Italian deli opens in Palm Beach

There are very few things in life better than a traditional pizza straight out of a woodfired oven and made with a whole lot of Italian love. Except maybe a smorgasbord of cheeses and also handcrafted pasta topped with all of the Parmesan. Actually, we love them all equally.

Which is why it absolutely warms our hearts to bring you news of a brand new Italian deli that recently opened in Palm Beach by people whose work you already know and love.

It’s Pepé Italia Deli by yes, the team who gifted us Burleigh’s Pepé Italia in early 2017, so you know it’s going to live up to your highest expectations.

The newbie can be found in Palmy’s brand new refurbished shopping precinct Pavilions, on the highway and it’s the first restaurant to open its doors there. With street frontage, plenty of natural light and happy Italians scattered throughout, it’s a place you’re going to want to spend a bit of time.

Inside you’ll find cabinets filled with a variety of cheeses and dried meats (both local and imported form Italy) and fridges packed with homemade pasta and pre-prepared meals like lasagna and meatballs (oh my) you can take home and pretend you made. Which is exactly what we’re going to do.

The deli is a more casual, pared back version of the Burleigh restaurant but the dishes on offer are quite similar.

On the Antipasti menu, everything was a taste sensation but we particularly loved the Wagyu Bresaola with Wagyu beef, shaved parmigiano, reggiano, rocket and lemon juice – so so tasty.

Pasta-wise, everything is made in-house and while you should probably sample every single dish, we were quite partial to the Ricotta e Spinaci with spinach and ricotta, agnolotti, butter, sage and parmesan cheese and Paccheri Positano with clams, mussels, baby calamari, prawns, barramundi, cherry tomatoes and Napoli sauce. Both absolutely stunning.

In terms of pizza, you obviously can’t go wrong especially where Pepé Italia is concerned. If we had to choose one, it would be the Tropea with San Marzano tomato, fresh buffalo mozzarella, prawns, basil, garlic and chilli. Very fresh and very delicious.

Let’s not forget the desserts and if you’ve ever had an Italian dessert you’ll know they cannot be skipped. There’s homemade Tiramisu, Cannoli Siciliana and Semi Frozen Dark Chocolate to name a few and they’re the perfect accompaniment to a pizza and pasta feast (obviously).

Of course there isn’t a single thing on the menu we would eat over and over again so choose your own adventure and prepare to be wowed.

If you’d like a little tipple to go with your experience, all your favourite cocktails are on offer as well as beer and wine of both the Australian and Italian persuasions.

Pepé Italia Deli

Perhaps the best news of all though is Sunday Apertivo – a tradition in Italy where everyone gathers on a Sunday afternoon for drinks and the venue provides the food. Which is exactly what’s going to happen at Pepé Italia Deli every Sunday. It’s the Italian version of a Sunday session and everyone’s invited.

Perfection has moved into Palm Beach Gold Coasters, get down there for some good old fashioned hospitality.

LOCATION: Pavilions Palm Beach, 10 Fifth Avenue, Palm Beach
HOURS: 11am until late Wednesday to Saturday and 11am until 8pm Sunday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Balboa Italian

Packing punches bigger than Rocky…Balboa Italian, the new kid on the block. Adding to Palm Beach’s already impressive lineup of bucket list eateries. If it’s not the mouth-watering Italian cuisine and the delicious cocktails, it’s at the very least the phenomenal fit-out, the glamorous chandelier or the bright red Vespa that will leave you yelling ADRIANNN…

Firstly, let’s take a minute to appreciate the monumental precision that has gone into creating Balboa’s fit-out. A two storey Italian escape with red brick walls, big open spaces and head turning features. Wrought iron is used as a feature throughout the restaurant and can be seen on the staircase, the custom made shelves (which hold a fine range of liquor)and the exposed beams that seperate the two levels. Traditional Italy meets urban classic, the brick walls, polished concrete floors and big wooden bar framed with wrought iron panelling set the theme.

Balboa’s lower level offers seating both inside and out, and leaves you immersed in the thick of the action. Head upstairs and enjoy a more intimate dining space, with plush velvet lounges, even a private dining area separated by a chained curtain. Then there are the finishing touches, lush greenery, a variety of antique lights, a bright red Vespa that sits on a steel beam above the main entrance and the main head turner, a giant 12 tier chandelier which proudly hangs beside the bar.

If you can manage to keep your gaze focused for a short while, your attention will be drawn to the main event, food!  “insert eye of the tiger here”. They’ve kept the menu simple and embraced the traditional authentic flavours; pizzas, pastas, risottos, antipastos, steak… the essentials. If we’re talking about contenders for the champion belt, it’s going to be a tough fight; Chestnut Gnocchi, black truffle, vegetable essence, sage and Grana Padano VS the Pizza Bianche Pollo, caramelised pears, chicken, fontina, thyme, mozzarella and balsamic. Or the Polpete, house made meatballs, beef, pork, veal, tomato sugo and crostini going head to head with Fiorentina Style T-Bone Steak, Tuscany style potato, confit garlic, rosemary and pan seared tomato.

Rehydrate between rounds with one of Balboa’s delicious cocktails, a glass of local or imported wine or a cold refreshing beer. The attentive wait staff awaiting in the corner with towel in hand ready to make sure you’re well looked after. Finish up the final round, the big K.O, with a homemade dessert… Salted Caramel Panna Cotta anyone?

The gloves are off, Palm Beach home to yet another winner.


Dinner: Wednesday – Monday 6pm – late

Lunch: Friday – Sunday from 12.30pm – 2.30pm

By Amy Merridan

Palm Beach fave Highline gets a sweet spring revamp

It’s official friends, spring has arrived on the Gold Coast and with it comes sunshiny good vibes, even-more-magic-than-usual sunsets and people getting about with a little bit extra pep in their step (a poem, you’re welcome).

There’s more outside time, more socialising, more eating, drinking, beaching, all the very best things. We’re big fans.

You know what else we’re big fans of? Spring revamps. And in particular, spring the revamps of local venues we adore and can now spend more time frequenting.

We’re talking about Highline in Palm Beach, bringers of their very own variety of sunshiny good vibes, one of our favourite fitouts on the Coast, EPIC eats and as of just recently, a brand spanking new outdoor space that we’re considering moving into for summer.

Tim, Candice and the crew have knocked out the back wall to transform what was once an intimate, cosy little space into an intimate, cosy little space with a sweet new undercover outdoor area that you’re going to absolutely love.

It’s all textured white walls with hanging greenery, succulents and cactuses (cacti whatever) dotted throughout and a Fiddle Leaf Fig that is far more alive than any we’ve ever owned. Must be all the good vibes. A peach feature wall marks the outside entrance and there are plenty of tables for all your friends.

It’s a little old school beach shack and a little bit all of your design dreams come true and perfect for those balmy spring slash summer days we all migrated here for.

Not only that excitement though, the team at Highline are still serving up some of the best brunch eats around with a menu based around locally sourced, fresh produce of the highest quality.

For example the Wild Mushrooms are indeed wild and the best mushroom dish we’ve ever tasted with mushrooms (obvs), goats curd, Jerusalem artichoke and sage on toast. Don’t miss it.

We also devoured the Baked Eggs with tomato sugo beans, eggs, sausage, silverbeet and Pecorino on toast. Perfection.

Order at least three dishes with a side of perfectly brewed Marvell St coffee and you’ve got yourself a time.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, if we didn’t already live in Palmy, we’d move there just for Highline’s above and beyond goodness.

Go see for yourself.

LOCATION: Shop 5, 1132 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach
HOURS: Open daily from 6am until 2pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Highline (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)
Highline (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)
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