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Beat the heat at the Coast’s new MasterChef ice creamery

Ungermann Brothers opens at Marina Mirage.

Ungermann Brothers Marina Mirage Shopfront (image supplied)
Ungermann Brothers Marina Mirage Shopfront (image supplied)

Perhaps the only thing that will help abate the severity of the extreme heat we’re currently experiencing is ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. Eat it as though your life depends on it Gold Coasters because that might just be the case at this point.

In very good news (because luckily ice cream is also delicious), a sweet new ice creamery has just opened up at Marina Mirage and there are some flavours on offer there that are going to keep your tongue busy for a very long time. Yep.

From the beginning though, the newbie is called Ungermann Brothers and if you’re a MasterChef fan you’ll understand the gravity of this addition to our local dessert scene. Ben Ungermann was the 2017 runner up on the show and together with his brother Danny, has created a world-class ice creamery that we now get to visit on the daily.

The gourmet venue is the second of it’s kind, the first opened in Ipswich last year to rave reviews (obviously) and we are so very excited.

Opening just in time for the scorching summer we’ve only just begun (help), Ungermann Brothers is scooping up something a little bit different to your regular icy styles.

There are 18 weird and wonderful flavours including Blue Cheese and Fig, Roasted Garlic, and Lavender and Honeycomb and the exclusive Gold Coast flavour is salted caramel, tempered chocolate and potato chips which are three of our absolute favourite things you guys.

Of course they also do your regular faves too if you’re in need of some normalcy.

Ungermann Brothers (image supplied)
Ungermann Brothers (image supplied)

Move out of the way please, that’s all ours.

Ungermann Brothers ice cream is made with raw and natural ingredients. With no artificial stabilisers or flavours, every scoop is made from locally sourced ingredients in-store daily.

Umm so not sure why you’re still reading, get in the car right now and go sample one of every single flavour and bring us one of each too and we can be friends forever.

Off to bathe in a tub of ice cream now thank you for reading, bye.

LOCATION: Marina Mirage, Seaworld Drive, Main Beach
HOURS: 10am until 6pm

Words by Kirra Smith and photos supplied

Oyster Bar & Grill

It’s not often we get to discuss the stunning oceanside suburb of Main Beach but here we are with some absolutely next-level news. It comes in the form of a somewhat hidden gem, tucked inside Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, known as Oyster Bar. Until today that is.

The stunning space, complete with water views and some of the most exceptional eats on the Coast have given themselves a little makeover and will, from now on, be known as Oyster Bar & Grill.

The change comes with the decision to not only pay homage to the fresh, five-star oysters on offer there but the remainder of the menu, which boasts equally flavour-filled, extremely high quality dishes, straight off the grill.

Oyster Bar & Grill is an intimate space (30 pax) overlooking a section of Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort’s incredible water feature with the sparkling ocean and a perfectly placed lifeguard tower in the background. A fountain flows soothingly in the background and, all in all, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

To start your experience off on the right foot, you should absolutely treat yourself to an oyster shot complete with housemade bacon-infused vodka and tomato juice, Bloody Mary style. Trust us, it’s life-changing.

As you would expect, the oyster selection is perhaps the best on the Coast with five varieties that will leave you with one of the most difficult decisions of your dining life.

We recommend the Fresh Oysters with Lemon Pearls, which are straight from France and pop in your mouth leaving a fresh, citrusy taste perfectly paired with the succulent, mouthwatering sea morsels. You may also choose Prosecco Granita to top your freshies.

If cooked oysters are more your style, there are three choices including Mornay, Kilpatrick and Battered with Sriracha Mayonnaise and all of them are absolute flavour sensations.


From the grill, we suggest sampling the Cape Grim New York Strip for two because it’s served with a bottle of Stonehouse Cabernet Sauvignon and is the perhaps the most melt-in-your-mouth steak we’ve ever enjoyed.

From the sea, the Grilled NT Barramundi is simply stunning as are the Split North Queensland BBQ’d Prawns. Both cooked to perfection and with perfectly complimentary flavours.

Sides-wise (because one must always order sides), the Potato Puree with Confit Garlic, Heirloom Tomato Salad with Vincotta and Garlic Chips and Seasonal Greens with House Roasted Sesame dressing are your new favourite accompaniments.

If you have room for dessert, the Snickers Cheesecake with caramel fudge, Kingaroy peanut brittle and coffee gelato is a taste sensation and the Warm Callebaut White Chocolate Brownie with blood orange gel, caramel popcorn and Connoisseur ice cream are a delight.


A Sommelier was also brought in to choose new wines to accompany the standout menu and there is a Wines of Europe section that will have you planning your next wine tasting tour of Italy quick smart.

As you can see, Oyster Bar & Grill is a new favourite dining destination and, with Valentine’s Day coming up soon, the perfect spot for a date night with your beloved. Don’t miss it friends.

LOCATION: Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, 71 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach
HOURS: Monday to Thursday 5pm to 10:00pm, Friday and Saturday 12:00pm to 10:00pm and Sunday 12:00pm to 9:00pm


Words and photos by Kirra Smith

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