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Opening June 15th!

If there are two things that go together for better or worse (probably worse if we’re involved) they are drinking cocktails and hitting balls really far and really hard with sticks.

In what may just be the best news we’ve ever brought to you, those two things are now possible simultaneously because TOPGOLF IS HERE and race ya to the bar.

It seems as though we’ve waited our entire lives for this moment but turns out it takes awhile to build a multi-tier golf ball hitting establishment with huge nets blocking said golf balls from straying into the path of oncoming cars.

So Topgolf. What is it and how do you get there as soon as possible? Read on.

Officially opening June 15th, Topgolf is no doubt going to be a very good time. Basically there are several levels with multiple people smacking balls out into the ether at any one time. Micro-chipped balls allow you to keep track of your score and no matter your level of expertise, you should definitely give it a go.

Your ‘hitting bay’ (fun) features a TV screen so you can see the accuracy, or lack thereof, of your shots and laugh at your friends when they suck more than you do. There are an array of targets to aim for depending on your level of competitiveness and you can give it a go solo or make it a team effort.

As mentioned, there’s a bar and some tasty eats to ensure our latest good time venue is an entire experience for you and the gang.

Firstly (and most importantly) there are cocktails called Golf Bags, which are indeed shaped like golf bags and come in two delicious flavours – Citrus Cabana and Oakheart Punch. Two of each please.

Then there’s the Margies – one of which is the Strawberry and Jalapeno Margarita and that alone is enough for us. The Topgolf Marg is made with Patron Silver no less and that’ll match the fancy golf pants you bought just for the occasion.

All the rest of your usual suspects are covered and local beers and spirits make many appearances which is what we’re all about #goldcoastforlife.

To the food. There’s quite the variety including seasonal selections, shareables, sliders, salads, burgers and desserts.

We’re definitely going to go the Craft Beer Queso, Chicken & Waffles and some Warm Pretzel Bites. Dessert will be the Stuffed Skillet Cookie, which is a warm cookie (yep in a skillet) with vanilla bean icecream and your choice of sauce on the side. Hi salted caramel, love you.

There are also brunch cocktails if drinking in the AM is your thing (*proudly raises hand).

What else. You can plan an event at Topgolf and bring a larger crew to get involved in the good times or give someone you like very much a gift card and make them take you along.

It’s going to be a good time guys, we’re pumped (who woulda thought).

LOCATION: Cnr Roadshow Way and Entertainment Drive, Oxenford
HOURS: Seven days, 9am until late

Words by Kirra Smith

© 2024 All Rights Reserved.