From Grace Loves Lace to Tammy Hembrow, how a local company has helped business’ thrive

These days it seems as though anyone with a laptop can dream up an idea and decide they want to create a business. Which is great news for those who have the tools and are willing to put in the hard work to make it happen.

If you’re a business owner already, you’ll understand that deciding you want to do it is the easy part, after that, it’s all about gathering an arsenal of tools, all of the knowledge you can possibly find and often, a sprinkle of glitter or some such magic to keep things flowing.

One Gold Coast business owner who knows a thing or two about hard work is Dean Oakley, founder of Thrive Web Design. Like many of us, he started his business with a laptop and a dream and now, as the name suggests, it’s absolutely thriving.

For the past 14 years Dean and his now 15-strong team have expanded to boast a vast portfolio of international clients, some of which you already know and love for whom they build beautiful, hand-crafted websites that in turn, help those business’ to grow.

Grace Loves Lace was one such client. Thrive worked next door to Grace Loves Lace in 2011, creating their first ever website and worked closely with them for years. Since then, the wedding dress designers have evolved into a a multi-million-dollar international company.

In 2017, Instagram star Tammy Hembrow approached Thrive to create her site to promote a new exercise program and when the website went live, thousands of copies were quickly sold, creating the brand she’s known for today.

Art Lovers Australia is another business that approached Thrive, this time wanting an online marketplace for artists to sell and showcase their work to lovers’ of art. Since its launch, the site has seen a huge amount of growth.

Not only those well know businesses though, Thrive has also created sites for everyone from law firms to dance schools, ecotourism websites and surf schools and pretty much everything in between.

So what’s the secret to all of this success? According to Dean, it’s a genuine care for what you do and the clients you work for.

He says, “We want to create the best possible online presence for all of them. We listen closely to their needs, requirements and expectations, adding our own professional input along the way. It’s about sharing knowledge of each other’s industries and working symbiotically to create the best possible outcome for that specific consumer market. I’m big on having the right people on the right jobs and our amazing team consists of some of the very best in the industry leading the way”.

So there you have it, you really can make your own business dream come true with a laptop and a little (a lot of) hard work.

If you’re keen to see what Thrive can do, check out their work here.


LOCATION: 71 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads
PHONE: 07 5535 0063


Words by Kirra Smith
Photos supplied by Thrive Web Design





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