Sample giant pretzels, Bavarian donuts and specialty craft beers

Across the globe, October is a time to celebrate all things German and excitingly for all of us, the Gold Coast is no exception. Oktoberfest has been embraced throughout our beachside city for the traditional dress wearing, giant beer sipping, tasty food eating good time that it is and no doubt, you’re as thrilled about it as we are.

The place to be for bulk frivolity is of course, The Star Gold Coast, who have created their very own mini-Munich within which you may live your very best German life for the next month.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout October, Oktoberfest will come to life on The Lawn in celebration of German-inspired food, drinks and entertainment.

Now if you’ve ever visited The Lawn before you’ll know it’s a stunning outdoor area with plenty of seating for all your friends, fairy lights twinkling overhead and all of the space for sipping in the sunshine. Perfection in a word.

Which makes it the greatest place to be for Oktoberfest celebrations.

Not to mention the live music activations, colourful performers, costumed entertainers PLUS dancing and yodelling making it one of the very best Oktoberfest experiences you’ll find outside of Germany.

Garden Kitchen & Bar’s award-winning restaurant team will of course, be whipping up an exceptional Oktoberfest themed menu including giant Insta-worthy warm salted pretzels (YUM), Bavarian-style doughnuts, specialty craft beers available on tap and an exclusive cocktail menu complete with edible flowers.

There’ll also be Gruyere Cheese Spatzles (which is an EPIC type of pasta for those playing at home), Pork Schnitzel Rolls, Grilled Bratwurst with handmade Sauerkraut and Smoked Chicken Drumsticks.

So all of the most delicious things.

Wash all that down with a German beer and you might just find yourself feeling like you’ve travelled straight to sunny Europe but without having spent a fortune on airfares. Best.

Find us perched amongst all the giant pretzels all weekend, every weekend.

LOCATION: The Lawn, Garden Kitchen & Bar, The Star Gold Coast
WHEN: Every Friday and Saturday in October from 4pm to 8pm and Sunday from 2pm




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