The Pirate Life Deck

The Gold Coast SUNS are on a winning streak and, if you’re not already, it’s high time you got on board the supporters bandwagon for our one and only AFL team.

With practically a whole new team and coaching staff, we’ve had a cracking start to the season, lead by legendary co-captains David Swallow and Jarrod Witts.

It’s a pretty exciting time for the team and, in turn, those of us who enjoy live sports events in which our team actually wins. And also those of us who like to drink beer and yell things at people who are doing things we could probably (definitely) never do.

Anyway, we’re here today to discuss the recently upgraded bar at Metricon Stadium. It’s called The Pirate Life Deck and, yes, it’s sponsored by one of the very best craft beers around, Pirate Life. How good are pirates.

There are skateboards artfully placed about plus some sweet graffiti feature walls to bring up the good time vibe.


It’s part of the corporate section of the stadium and we highly recommend treating yourself to a ticket first and foremost because VERY DELICIOUS food is included and secondly, it’s the best possible view with plenty of space to spread out.

There are high tables you can sit at to watch the game slash eat all the foods if you get there early enough to nab one.

Back to the food though. Meatballs and pasta, sliders, spring rolls, party pies and sausage rolls are just some of the tasty treats you can expect at The Deck and, in the interest of honest reporting, we sampled them all and they are all the goods.


The food is both brought around by waitstaff and also available for you to help yourself at a station where there is also tea and coffee should you need it.

At the bar, Pirate Lifes’ range of craft beers are on tap and in the fridge there are wine, sparkling and bottled beer options for your sipping pleasure.

The view from The Pirate Life Deck is unrivalled with an epic view of the entire field, it’s all undercover and there’s plenty of space to spread out.

The Pirate Life Deck is the entry-level corporate area at Metricon Stadium. Tickets are $149 per adult and $135 for kids aged six to 12.

It’s one of the best spots to watch the game and you should definitely go check it out for yourself next time the SUNS are playing at home.

LOCATION: Metricon Stadium, Nerang Broadbeach Rd, Carrara

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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