The Grazing Plate brings breaky boards to Paradise Point

We’re back with more foodie news from the north and it seems like Paradise Point is throwing their hat in the ring for the coveted title of the Coast’s most exciting up and coming foodie mecca. 

A few short weeks ago we reported on the sweet new Plant Based Cafe and here we are again to discuss The Grazing Plate, a newbie that opened just last week slinging something a little bit different.

Found on Bruce Ave, The Grazing Plate is the work of Paula and Andrew Statham who are quite the well seasoned travellers and wanted to bring something they are passionate about to the people of Paradise Point. Which is of course, wholesome eats, a welcoming but sophisticated venue and a way of dining we don’t often see in the land of Oz. 

Now the vibe of the newbie is casual, decked out with both indoor and outdoor seating plus a big section in the back for functions (wedding receptions and the like), there’s pops of greenery everywhere and some of the prettiest tiled flooring we’ve seen. It’s a delight. 

At the moment, the team are focusing on their breakfast menu but lunch will be rolled out later in the week and dinner in about a months’ time. 

As you might have guessed, the menu is based around a grazing plate style of eating and you can do this as a solo act or share if you’re visiting with your pals.

Of course, all your favourite dishes are available too like fruit and cereal bowls, housemade pancakes and a soon-to-be-released potato rosti selection that we already love the sound of very much. 

Let’s discuss the grazing plate option though and basically you start with a free-range egg selection (two for two people etc.) and then it’s a choose your own adventure type situation. 

With add ons like grilled haloumi, gourmet pork sausages, sirloin beef, Indonesian fried rice, avocado and housemade baked beans (to name a few) it’s pretty much the breakfast creation of your dreams. 

Basically it’s just a way to share all the things but at breakfast time. Lovely.

When the lunch trade starts, it will be exactly the same deal so how good is that. 

To drink, there is The Cat’s Pajamas coffee along with fresh juices and soon, cocktails and lunch time friendly beverages. 

Soon there’ll also be a Saturday grazing brunch and a Sunday roast grazing brunch and it’s all about eating a little bit of everything, which we’re obviously all about. 

The Grazing Plate offer catering too and soon they’ll be holding cooking classes if you’re keen to learn a thing or two yourself.

See all the fun things are happening at Paradise Point. 

Pop up there and check it out for yourself.

LOCATION: 3/8 Bruce Ave, Paradise Point
HOURS: From 6.30am daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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