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The Grazing Plate brings breaky boards to Paradise Point

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We’re back with more foodie news from the north and it seems like Paradise Point is throwing their hat in the ring for the coveted title of the Coast’s most exciting up and coming foodie mecca. 

A few short weeks ago we reported on the sweet new Plant Based Cafe and here we are again to discuss The Grazing Plate, a newbie that opened just last week slinging something a little bit different.

Found on Bruce Ave, The Grazing Plate is the work of Paula and Andrew Statham who are quite the well seasoned travellers and wanted to bring something they are passionate about to the people of Paradise Point. Which is of course, wholesome eats, a welcoming but sophisticated venue and a way of dining we don’t often see in the land of Oz. 

Now the vibe of the newbie is casual, decked out with both indoor and outdoor seating plus a big section in the back for functions (wedding receptions and the like), there’s pops of greenery everywhere and some of the prettiest tiled flooring we’ve seen. It’s a delight. 

At the moment, the team are focusing on their breakfast menu but lunch will be rolled out later in the week and dinner in about a months’ time. 

As you might have guessed, the menu is based around a grazing plate style of eating and you can do this as a solo act or share if you’re visiting with your pals.

Of course, all your favourite dishes are available too like fruit and cereal bowls, housemade pancakes and a soon-to-be-released potato rosti selection that we already love the sound of very much. 

Let’s discuss the grazing plate option though and basically you start with a free-range egg selection (two for two people etc.) and then it’s a choose your own adventure type situation. 

With add ons like grilled haloumi, gourmet pork sausages, sirloin beef, Indonesian fried rice, avocado and housemade baked beans (to name a few) it’s pretty much the breakfast creation of your dreams. 

Basically it’s just a way to share all the things but at breakfast time. Lovely.

When the lunch trade starts, it will be exactly the same deal so how good is that. 

To drink, there is The Cat’s Pajamas coffee along with fresh juices and soon, cocktails and lunch time friendly beverages. 

Soon there’ll also be a Saturday grazing brunch and a Sunday roast grazing brunch and it’s all about eating a little bit of everything, which we’re obviously all about. 

The Grazing Plate offer catering too and soon they’ll be holding cooking classes if you’re keen to learn a thing or two yourself.

See all the fun things are happening at Paradise Point. 

Pop up there and check it out for yourself.

LOCATION: 3/8 Bruce Ave, Paradise Point
HOURS: From 6.30am daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Plant Based Café shoots colourful eats into Paradise Point

Plant Based Cafe at Paradise Point (image supplied)
Plant Based Cafe at Paradise Point (image supplied)

The plant-based life is one that has gained huge momentum over the past little while with dedicated eateries popping up all over the place and many people adopting more of a green way of life.

The Gold Coast has joined in on the fun, becoming home to a few vegetarian venues that we the people have welcomed with open arms.

Plant Based Cafe at Paradise Point (image supplied)
Plant Based Cafe at Paradise Point (image supplied)

The most recent of which is Plant Based Café, found in Paradise Point on Grice Ave and next door to Cross and Feather, it opened late last year and it’s been quite the delight ever since.

Owners Airi Kanazawa and Ali Imz noticed a need for more plant-based spots on the northern end of the Coast and so, as many aspiring change-makers do, decided to change that right up.

Plant Based Cafe at Paradise Point (image supplied)
Plant Based Cafe at Paradise Point (image supplied)

Now plant-based eater or not, you’re going to want to sample the absolutely stunning eats on offer here. Created by both Airi, Ali and former Masterchef contestant Christina Laker heading up the kitchen, every single dish is a delight to behold and yes, packed with flavour too.

For breakfast there are dishes like Nutella Pancakes with house-made Nutella poured over three layers of fluffy, vanilla pancakes and finished with organic coconut ice cream, blueberry compote, fresh seasonal fruits and peanuts and that is one dish you’re going to remember for a long time.

Plant Based Cafe at Paradise Point (image supplied)
Plant Based Cafe at Paradise Point (image supplied)

If you’re more of a savoury fan, the Zucchini and Corn Fritter Stack is next-level with a stack of low-fat, baked fritters served with tomato relish, smashed avocado and a lightly-dressed petite salad. So tasty and perfectly presented too.

There’s also a Buddha Bowl, Matcha Tea Mochi Pancakes and a Dukkha Mushroom Medley to name a few more delicious dishes.

For lunch, there are burgers, tacos, pasta and Spiced Buffalo Cauliflower Wings which are one of our favourite things ever. The Chi-kin Burger is the go with a grilled chi-kin patty, housemade slaw, pickled gherkin and melted cheddar. All day please.

Plant Based Eatz, Paradise Point (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)
Plant Based Eatz, Paradise Point (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

To drink there are smoothies of the Snickers Protein, Chocolate Mint and Blueberry Chia varieties plus an organic blend of coffee from Byron Bay Coffee Company, plus of course, cold pressed juice and kombucha.

The team are also aiming for a waste-free business, recycling everything daily and taking leftover food scraps to an animal shelter nearby. So that’s really great.

Do yourself a favour and get into Plant Based Café ASAP to taste some exceptional eats in a high vibe space that is doing good for not only the Gold Coast but the world.

We like.

LOCATION: 1/2 Grice Ave, Paradise Point
HOURS: Daily from 6am to 3pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Plant Based Cafe at Paradise Point (image supplied)
Plant Based Cafe at Paradise Point (image supplied)

Gotham Grill & Rooftop Bar

New York-style sophistication made its mark on Runaway Bay over the weekend with the long-awaited opening of Gotham Grill & Rooftop Bar.

The multi-restaurant space is a game changer not only for Runaway Bay but the Gold Coast dining scene in general.

Owner and Chef Daniel Ridgeway has outdone himself with an unrivalled design concept featuring art deco details you’d expect to find in 1920s NYC (should you be a time traveller).

First impressions are magic – glide through a leather door and find yourself in an entryway draped with heavy red velvet curtains. A golden staircase leads you past a cityscape mural lit by twinkling lights and alighting on the threshold, you might just find yourself thinking you’ve stepped into the coolest space on the Coast.

The first floor is home to Gotham Grill, a low-lit space sectioned off by an impressive wine cabinet and featuring a stunning dark wood bar and cosy corner complete with red velvet lounge.

Up another set of golden stairs is Gotham Rooftop Bar featuring a wrap around verandah with views across the Broadwater and a bar that can only be accessed from the outside.

As we’ve mentioned previously, there are two restaurants within the space, offering quite unique dining experiences.

Gotham Grill, as the name suggests, specialises in all things grilled. In particular the very best cuts of steak; a Black Angus Dry Aged Porterhouse on the bone is the pick of the bunch. Once you choose your meat, add as many sides as will fill your belly and get excited for a good time.

Of course, there are non-steak choices along the lines of Whole Baked Fish de Jour and Confit Duck Leg with potato pave.

On the rooftop, it’s a pizza, pasta and burger party and if we had to choose three things to eat forever, it would be those (in any variety).

The pizzas are absolutely loaded with mozzarella and the Spaghetti and Meatballs are a dream come true. A Lobster Roll is never a bad idea and wash it all down with Gotham’s Dark Chocolate Mousse (because best dessert ever).

In further mouth-watering news, the Gotham Tower is a selection of all the tastiest fresh seafood and it’s probably meant to share but that’s a no from us.

The bar menu is exceptional as you’d expect from a Ridgeway venture with vintage wines and creative cocktails (Fruit Bat anyone) for your sipping pleasure.

Unsurprisingly, Gotham Grill & Rooftop Bar booked out for the first two weeks immediately so if you’re interested in the sensory foodie experience of a lifetime, right here on our doorstep, make your reservation right now.

It’s a good time to be a Gold Coaster.

LOCATION: 6 Bayview Street, Runaway Bay
HOURS: 5pm to 10pm Monday to Thursday, 12pm to 11pm Friday and Saturday and 12pm to 10pm Sunday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Cross + Feather

Cross + Feather

We’ve got it on good authority that every brunch in the UK is a boozy one. We’re all for that obviously and it’s come to our attention that there simply aren’t enough boozy brunches in our lives.

Luckily, we’ve found a couple of lads who share our thoughts and they have come to the rescue. Said lads are Pete Jeary and Clark Lynn, a UK born pair who, in the last few days, opened brand new brunch spot Cross + Feather in Paradise Point and (you guessed it) they’re big fans of a tipple or two at brunch too.

Found on Grice Ave, just off the main drag in the delightful waterfront suburb, Cross + Feather is a pared back, intimate space all moody hues and hanging greenery and one of the very best pieces of art we’ve ever laid eyes on. You can choose to sit up at the bar and watch Pete make magic via cocktails and also gaze lovingly at the copper bar or, outside on the street to people watch and soak up that (very necessary right now) ocean breeze.

Highland Martini

As mentioned, Pete and Clark hail from the UK but more importantly, they met at much-loved (and really quite famous) restaurant Hawksmoor where Pete invented a cocktail called Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew and dubbed it ‘a turbo-shandy for the discerning drinker’ which is still served there today, won a slew of high profile awards AND (most importantly) is now served right here on the Gold Coast. At Cross + Feather. Obviously.

It’s made with Beefeater Gin; blended with fresh lemon and house-made ginger syrup and topped with Roger’s Amber Ale and it is possibly the zestiest, most refreshing tipple there has even been. No exaggeration. Oh and 50 cents from each one ordered is donated to Act For Kids, charity dedicated to child abuse and neglect.

So there’s that. There’s also an entire breakfast cocktail menu including the new love of our lives, the Highland Breakfast Martini, made with Kamm and Sons English Aperitif, shaken with a generous teaspoon of Chef’s handmade marmalade and then lightly toasted with a splash of smoky scotch whisky. The smokiness is the winner here, offset perfectly by the sweet marmalade and a cocktail that might just change your life (and made you want to snuggle up by the fire someplace where it snows a lot). Bye.

Summer Negroni

Food-wise, the menu is refined breakfast slash brunch eats and all your favourites are on offer but don’t go thinking you’ll find any run-of-the-mill dishes here.

How does Champagne Infused Eggs Benedict sound? Epic, yes. Tastes even better. Let’s discuss the Mushroom Bruschetta though because who knew mushrooms could be so very tasty. Nobody, that’s who. Well, Chef John obviously. So it’s Toasted New York-style rye bread with rosemary and garlic roast field mushrooms, mushroom parfait, mushroom soil, shaved Gruyere, white truffle and egg yolk jam. One of the great breakfast dishes, sharp and tangy and mouthwateringly delicious.

For lunch, there’s a Kingfish Ceviche with sunrise lime, sea fennel, burnt mango, fermented cucumber and native botanicals and again, can we eat this every day please?

Mushroom Bruschetta

The Raw is also a good time with seasonal baby vegetables, apple-smoked coconut yoghurt, watermelon radish, leek ash and carab soil. Pretty as a picture and the perfect flavour combination.

We could go on but no doubt you’re hungry now and same.

Make it a priority to pay Paradise Point a visit and eat one of everything, washed down with a breakfast cocktail or two.

Boozy brunch is back, baby.


The Raw

LOCATION: 2/2 Grice Ave, Paradise Point
HOURS: 5.30am until 3pm daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Champagne Infused Eggs Benedict, Cross + Feather (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)
Champagne Infused Eggs Benedict, Cross + Feather (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)
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