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Own a share of a brewery

Get involved in Tapworks Bar and Grill Crowd Funding campaign.

They say every dollar we spend is a personal vote for the type of world we want to live in and they, it seems, are very wise. We spend on things to improve the quality of our lives, therefore investing in businesses we love, makes sense.

You know what improves our lives? Tasty food. And also delicious beer to wash down said tasty food. We spend many dollars on those things and we’re willing to bet you do too. Particularly in support of local businesses doing a stand up job.

Which brings us to the point of this tale. Crowdfunding. In particular, the recently announced crowdfunding campaign of local legends Tapworks Bar and Grill, who will soon be opening a second sweet, sweet venue at Westfield Coomera (their first can be found at Chermside).

Their very first actual brewery is also happening in early 2020 so EVEN MORE BEER YAY.

Now, it goes without saying that drinking and eating spots are a fun time filled with all the things we love. Tapworks Bar and Grill Chermside is no exception and we’ve got it on good authority that the Coomera newbie will set the bar even higher.

But back to the crowdfunding. The crew at Tapworks are keen to expand and you know what that means, yes more breweries for us to enjoy and the exciting part is, we can all invest some of our dollars to make it happen.

See, spending equals voting on a world with more breweries. How good.

Plus, as part of this particular campaign, you get to become part owner in the brewery too, so there’s that.

The invested dollars will not only go toward opening more breweries though, they’ll be spent on the creation of Tapworks own brand of frosty brews. Which is obviously also an excellent thing to support.

The aim of the crowdfunding campaign is to allow Tapworks to grow quicker and capitalise on the trends of the industry (more beer for us). Once they’ve created their beer brand, they’ll market it externally.

The other aim is to have five Tapworks Bar and Grill locations within three years so expect plenty more Tapworks venues (and breweries) in the future.

The brand stands for great value, great range and great beer. A ‘beer bar’ with a focus on a wide variety of beers on tap. Their motto is ‘a beer for everyone’ and ours is ‘everyone come for a beer’ so that’s convenient.

It’s good to know we, the patrons of the breweries, are investing in locally owned goodies, which we love.

It’s win win.

Keen to get involved? Click here to learn more.

Stay tuned for more details on Tapworks Bar & Grill Coomera too.

Words by Kirra Smith


Black Hops II

Black Hops beer (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)
Black Hops beer (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)

Go big or go home is a thing people say and it’s certainly true of the lads at Black Hops who have, in the last few days, opened their second brewery and it is indeed big and also likely your new home.

Black Hops II can be found up north in Biggera Waters, not too far from Harbour Town Shopping Centre, so there’s two excellent reasons to drop in.

It’s a warehouse-style space that, interestingly, used to be a place where giant boats were built. Now though, it’s a sweet, extremely good-looking brewery and the boys really have outdone themselves.

As you’d expect, it’s a big, open space decked out in the boys signature dark hues. High wooden tables line the sidewall underneath another big thing – a stunning mural by another local lad slash legend, Kiel Tillman. It reads ‘Beer made by 3 mates on the Gold Coast’ and it’s a topographical map of the Gold Coast and you probably won’t stop staring at it the entire time you’re there.

On the opposite wall is the reason you came, the bar. Pendant lights hang from above the marble bar, greenery cascades from above the taps and you’ll find 13 beers and one cider on offer.

Around the corner, there’s merch for sale including take-home Growlers and Squealers (our favourite word) and, the hallway leading to the bathroom is a delight, lined with sweet, cartoon-style artwork.

The whole space just screams good vibes.

In case you’re wondering why Dan, Eddie and Govs undertook the mammoth task of opening a second brewery, the answer is simple; supply and demand. Since brewing began in 2015, Black Hops have been stocked in over 400 venues and retail outlets in (mostly) Queensland alone and the rest of Australia want in.

To help fund the new brewery, Black Hops undertook a record breaking equity crowdfunding campaign, raising $400,000 in just six days. Which obviously goes to show that the people want the beer.

The team are Australia’s first brewery to run a successful equity crowdfunding campaign and we are super proud of them (and y’all) and also stoked because we get an epic new brewery to frequent.

To celebrate the official opening, a few limited release beers will be pouring, including Danger Zone (an Imperial Red Ale), Thunder Cloud (a hazy Triple IPA) and Kiwi Lager (an Imperial Lager) so get ‘em while they’re frothy.

Oh and ps. try the Pink Mist, it’s what they call a Saison and (excuse the clumsy explanation) but it’s brewed in a similar way to how champagne is made and it’s got raspberries and it’s very delicious (and not overly beery if that’s your thing).

On Friday and Saturday nights there will be food trucks so you may make the most of a Saturday night on the beers.

Bye now, buying all the Squealers.

LOCATION: 14 / 665 Pine Ridge Road, Biggera Waters
HOURS: 12pm until 6pm Wednesday and Thursday and 12pm until 9pm Friday and Saturday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Westfield Coomera

Exciting news Coomera clan, your brand new Westfield is well underway and we’ve got the scoop as to exactly what you can expect come October.

As you’d know, Westfield’s are like the King’s Landing of shopping centres; the biggest and the best filled with surprises at every turn and the occasional traitor (come Boxing Day sales).

Westfield Coomera is no exception. It’s set to become one of the Gold Coast’s dining, lifestyle and entertainment destinations of choice and northerners, you should definitely be excited.

Let’s start with the eats, because that’s a good time for everyone. The cuisine selection will tantalise all tastebuds with a range spanning the entire globe. Tapworks Bar and Grill will keep things close to home with a huge selection of craft beer and all your favourite pub-style meals while Kamikaze Teppanyaki & Bar will bring the good times and the tasty eats with a modern take on traditional teriyaki.

Beach House Bar and Grill is a double storey venue offering the very best in modern Australian and coastal dining and Nahm Thai Restaurant will offer a contemporary take on traditional Thai dishes. Burger lovers are covered by much-loved Betty’s Burgers who also bring tasty thickshakes and their signature desserts to the mix and this is only a tiny selection of the eateries Westfield Coomera has on offer.

There’ll also be homemade dumplings, Mexican street food, a rib house and a venue specifically for sweet, delicious crepes. How good!

Not only food though (obviously) the centre boasts some fun lifestyle features like iPlay Adventure featuring Clip N Climb, high-ropes course, roller-skating, laser tag and arcade games to blow off some energy after all that eating.

Plus, a place called The Park Coomera is a putt putt meets beer garden style situation with a full bar and pizzeria, bowling lane, live music stage and life-sized board games and that is the greatest addition to a shopping centre in the history of Queensland.

In all, the new space will be home to over 140 specialty stores plus plenty of outdoor areas for bulk relaxing and a market-inspired fresh food destination.

Sounds pretty good to us. Stay tuned for further information and an exact opening date.

Credit cards at the ready.

LOCATION: Foxwell Rd, Coomera

Words by Kirra Smith

Tapworks Bar & Grill

The Gold Coast’s northern suburbs have been giving the southerners a run for their money of late with a slew of exciting new eateries and bars popping up.

The latest of which is Tapworks Bar & Grill, a very beer-centric venue set to open Friday March 15th at Westfield Coomera. It’s the second in the Tapworks family, the first can be found even further north at Westfield Chermside and is very popular indeed.

It’s our prediction that Tapworks 2.0 will also be a much-loved spot, particularly due to the HUGE range of beers on offer both behind the bar and in can form from the Beer Bunker (in-store bottle shop).

Beer is the main player here with thirty taps broken up into three categories – beers you know and love, beers that are worth knowing and beers for the adventurous drinkers. Which is so fun.

It’s a two storey space with bars on both levels, a huge graffiti-style mural adorning the stairwell and very large, exposed silver pipes running the length of the ceiling and snaking around one another (some lead to the beers taps, how good) to achieve an epic functional feature within the venue, the likes of which you probably won’t have seen anywhere else.

Let’s go back to chatting about the Beer Bunker for a sec. So it is, in fact, a large fridge within the bottom floor bar area for takeways (and you may also purchase them to drink within the venue). The point is, the fridge is filled with MANY beers we had never before laid eyes on, all sporting stunning branding and perfect for tasting tipples you may have never tasted before. Great.

Not a fan of beer, not a problem.

The cocktail menu boasts all the usual suspects – margaritas, martinis, mules and Aperol Spritz. There’s a dedicated daiquiri and mojito menu and a few dessert cocktails that’ll definitely make your day.

Food menu-wise you can eat from breakfast to dinner should that be your preference and all the very best pub-style eats are on offer.

For lunch and dinner, choose from small bites (share-type dishes) including Cheese Board Minis, Baked Camembert and Lime & Pepper Calamari or chicken wings in an array of tasty flavours (hi Portuguese Cayenne).

Of course, there are also larger dishes including nachos, parmigiana, steaks, burgers and salads. All of which are very generous and very delicious.

All of that sound good? Yes. It. Does. Guess what? You can own a part of the new venue thanks to Tapworks Bar & Grill’s crowd funding campaign. Find out more here.

See, happy days for the Gold Coast’s northerners.

LOCATION: Westfield Coomera, 103 Foxwell Rd, Coomera

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

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