Own a share of a brewery

They say every dollar we spend is a personal vote for the type of world we want to live in and they, it seems, are very wise. We spend on things to improve the quality of our lives, therefore investing in businesses we love, makes sense.

You know what improves our lives? Tasty food. And also delicious beer to wash down said tasty food. We spend many dollars on those things and we’re willing to bet you do too. Particularly in support of local businesses doing a stand up job.

Which brings us to the point of this tale. Crowdfunding. In particular, the recently announced crowdfunding campaign of local legends Tapworks Bar and Grill, who will soon be opening a second sweet, sweet venue at Westfield Coomera (their first can be found at Chermside).

Their very first actual brewery is also happening in early 2020 so EVEN MORE BEER YAY.

Now, it goes without saying that drinking and eating spots are a fun time filled with all the things we love. Tapworks Bar and Grill Chermside is no exception and we’ve got it on good authority that the Coomera newbie will set the bar even higher.

But back to the crowdfunding. The crew at Tapworks are keen to expand and you know what that means, yes more breweries for us to enjoy and the exciting part is, we can all invest some of our dollars to make it happen.

See, spending equals voting on a world with more breweries. How good.

Plus, as part of this particular campaign, you get to become part owner in the brewery too, so there’s that.

The invested dollars will not only go toward opening more breweries though, they’ll be spent on the creation of Tapworks own brand of frosty brews. Which is obviously also an excellent thing to support.

The aim of the crowdfunding campaign is to allow Tapworks to grow quicker and capitalise on the trends of the industry (more beer for us). Once they’ve created their beer brand, they’ll market it externally.

The other aim is to have five Tapworks Bar and Grill locations within three years so expect plenty more Tapworks venues (and breweries) in the future.

The brand stands for great value, great range and great beer. A ‘beer bar’ with a focus on a wide variety of beers on tap. Their motto is ‘a beer for everyone’ and ours is ‘everyone come for a beer’ so that’s convenient.

It’s good to know we, the patrons of the breweries, are investing in locally owned goodies, which we love.

It’s win win.

Keen to get involved? Click here to learn more.

Stay tuned for more details on Tapworks Bar & Grill Coomera too.

Words by Kirra Smith




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