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3 wellness events to prep you for the New Year

It’s Wellness Month at Southport Sharks Health + Fitness.

We’re just a wee three seconds away from 2020, or so it seems with the rapid rate the year has progressed of late. The next couple of months will no doubt pass in a whirlwind of balmy beach days, bikinis and BBQs on the beach in bikinis.

Which is why November is the perfect time to get ourselves prepped and ready for the New Year, new us scenario we’re about to encounter.

Enter Southport Sharks Health + Fitness who have very kindly dubbed November Wellness Month and created some super exciting events for us all to get started on said prepping.

There’ll be workshops, classes and tasting sessions dedicated to yoga, Pilates, mindfulness, meditation and nutrition.

Here’s a few favourites we think you should absolutely sign up for

The Nourish Workshop
Friday 8th November from 6.45pm (1.5 hours)
How can we nourish ourselves? In this workshop, you’ll discuss areas of life that are important to nourish, so you can be the best version of yourself. Keeping the approach simple, find out how you can improve your energy, sleep, digestion and vitality. It’s free for members and $20 for non-members.

Bush Flower Circle Workshop
Thursday 21st November from 5.45pm (2 hours)
Bush flowers are powerful remedies that have been used across our beautiful land for centuries. They work on an energetic and vibrational level to support the underlying emotional causes of disease and illness, thus providing a subtle transformation from the inside out. Whether you need support for repeated patterns in your life, with recent or upcoming changes, Australian Bush Flowers are for everyone. Join the circle and create a personalised remedy to take home. It’s $35 for members and $45 for non-members.

Yoga Retreat
Saturday 16th November from 8.30am (3 hours)
A whole morning of yoga is very good for the soul; movement, breathing, stillness, all of the nourishing things. The day will begin with yang and hatha yoga at 8.30am blending the benefits of passively holding yoga poses with more dynamic sequences and standing postures. That’s followed by a 30 minute massage tutorial including styles of massages, self-massage trigger points, basic stretching and foam roller techniques. Then it’s time for yin yoga and meditation; a meditative practice with deep and long held postures that will revitalise your entire body and balance your meridian system. The day is free for members and $20 for non-members. Sounds good to us.

Bookings for all are essential and they will book out. Contact Sharks Health + Fitness to reserve your spot.

So Gold Coasters, if you’re in the market for some rest and relaxation, a little mindfulness and some tools to ease you into the New Year, Wellness Month is for you.

And we KNOW you’re in the market for all of those things.

LOCATION: Southport Sharks Health + Fitness, Corner Olsen & Musgrave Avenues, Southport

Words by Kirra Smith

Southport Sharks Health + Fitness Centre

Karen Capper and Craig Eather in the cycle studio for Radical Fitness/TopRide
Karen Capper and Craig Eather in the cycle studio for Radical Fitness/TopRide
PT Taylor and her client Morgan
Craig Eather in the cycle studio for Radical Fitness/TopRide
Inner Athlete Program
Karen Capper and Craig Eather in the cycle studio for Radical Fitness/TopRide

Like it or not friends, the time has come to start shredding for summer if that is a thing you are a. into and b. willing to sacrifice baked goods for. No judgement over here if not.

If you could stand to shed a bit of winter weight, or you simply want to tone up a little ahead of bikini season, we’ve got good news for you. This Saturday August 25th, Southport Sharks Fitness Centre will host an Open Day and you can both join the gym for $0 and get your first month FREE.

That is an incentive if ever we’ve heard one. Not only that, you get a goodie bag filled with freebies and there’s a mini marketta with all your fave health and fitness brands slinging free samples (think Lorna Jane, Amazonia and ASN to name a few).

If there’s ever been a time to join a gym it is now. What’s so special about this one you ask? Many things Gold Coasters, many things.

Firstly, you can go at literally any time of the day (it’s open 24 hours). Feel like a little sweat session at 3am? Good for you and also, no problem, in you go.

If you’re the kind of person who’s only into the gym for the group fitness classes (same), you’re in luck. Southport Sharks Health + Fitness Centre has over 110 group classes per week so there’s definitely going to be something that’ll get your heart pumping.

Restorative Yoga is probably the fitness level we’re at, or maybe Body Balance or Meditation Yoga. That’s where it ends for us.

If, however, sweating is your jam, there are about a billion choices for you crazy one. Radical Fitness/TopRide is a good time because it’s cycling but with super loud tunes and instructors who are both very good and very encouraging (trust us) and will help you to forget the pain. Not only that, you get to go on three separate adventures throughout the class and the time actually passes super quickly. Which we think is important.

There’s a class called LesMills Sh’Bam and it’s a DANCE CLASS, how fun! Definitely going back for that one. The Zuu is a 45 minute workout based on primal movements and animal instincts including body weight exercises, cardio, strength building and agility. You can also take part in all the usual suspects including Abs, Butts and Thighs, Boxfit, Pump, Step, you get the picture.

The point is, there are so many unique classes to try that you’ll never get bored and by the end you’ll be a fitter, healthier version of yourself and yay for that.

If getting sweaty with strangers isn’t your cup of protein shake, why not try a personal training session? There are quite the array of trainers to choose, each with specific areas of expertise and all ready to whip you into the best shape of your life.

The Inner Athlete Program is yet another option, if you like support from other exercisers to get you through a session. You get body scans, a choice of 16 different sessions per week, workshops, seminars, nutritional advice and access to personal trainers. All for only $29.95 per week.

So you see, there are many, many ways you can get started on that shredding for summer stuff, just head to Southport Sharks Health + Fitness Centre this weekend to choose your fave.

We’ll be over here eating enough for everyone.

LOCATION: Southport Sharks, Cnr Olsen and Musgrave Ave, Southport
HOURS: Open 24/7


Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Aviary Rooftop Bar

Looks who’s upping their foodie game even further folks. That’s right, Southport is the home of yet another sweet new venue and as of right now, the northern suburb is hot on the heels of its southern sisters.

Aviary Rooftop Bar opens this week on yes, the very top floor of the brand new Mantra at Sharks, and it really is quite a delight to behold. With 180 degree views over the Surfers Paradise skyline and the ocean right behind that, it’s the perfect place for an after work beverage or Sunday arvo session with the crew.

There’s a couple of things going on, starting with an outdoor area called The Nest at one end (yes there are heaters) including a greenery laden wall and plenty of seating overlooking said skyline.

Through the other side is the main bar with lounge-style seating areas, dining tables lining the north facing window and higher tables overlooking the stunning Gold Coast seaway and beyond. We are 100% in love with the colourful, illustration style menus, coasters with hilarious alcohol related sayings and general good vibes due to all of the natural light streaming in from every direction.

A woodfire pizza oven takes up one corner with a teal tiled wall and (our fave) a neon sign reading ‘come fly with me’ (because all the bird-related things) taking pride of place. Plants are artfully scattered about and pastel-coloured tables give a sophisticated yet laidback feel. It’s really very lovely.

Food-wise the menu is filled with all our favourite things including, quite obviously, a selection of extremely tasty woodfired pizzas (tested and approved by yours truly). The In Bloom was a fave with zucchini blossoms, pine nuts, feta, tomato, baby spinach and lemon olive oil. Definitely give The Burrata a try – it’s got smoked burrata (an Italian-style buffalo cheese), shaved prosciutto, tomato, caramelized onion and arugula (rocket).

Share plates are also on offer and range from bowls filled with warm delicious olives and almonds to Pork and Veal Meatballs and, the love of our lives, a Charcuterie Board that must be eaten by everyone.

The cocktail menu is a good time too. We vote for the Bowerbird because it’s got Prosecco with ginger liqueur, lime juice and simple syrup and it is the most refreshingly delicious thing there has ever been. True. The Black Swan is a healthier style of tipple which is (get this) a spiced herbal blend featuring charcoal powder mixed through Settlers Yuzu Gin, Mandarin Liqueur, Licor43, lemon and simple syrup. Insta-worthy and yummy!

The bar is stocked with many a local tipple and all liqueurs are sourced from Tamborine Mountain because supporting local is a thing we Gold Coasters do.

There’ll be a DJ playing all the best house beats on Friday and Saturday nights and acoustic tunes on Sunday arvos. PLUS a cinema area will offer a regular art-house night.

It’s quite the exciting time to be a Southport local what with next-level venues literally springing up all over the place.

Gather your gang Gold Coasters, winter or not, there are good times to be had.

LOCATION: Mantra at Sharks, Melia Court, Southport (next to Southport Sharks)
HOURS: Monday to Friday 4pm – late and Saturday to Sunday 12noon – late

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

6 intimate Gold Coast fitness studios

Lighten Up Gold Coast (image supplied)
Lighten Up Gold Coast (image supplied)

Keeping yourself fit and healthy has become big business here on the Gold Coast, but you may feel overwhelmed in amongst the swarm of gym-junkies and tricky looking equipment at the chain gyms. There’s something different about entering a smaller studio with regular friendly faces. Being a fitness — and espresso martini — focussed bunch of folks here on the Gold Coast, we have a smorgasbord of fantastic personal studios where you can work up a sweat and get those endorphins flowing. Slip into some lycra and grab your water bottle; here is our take on the intimate studios you need to visit to live your best active life.

Lighten Up
When you enter this Robina-based studio, the intention is set from the beginning: this is your sanctuary and a chance to nurture your body. Thirty-five classes run across the week, and a modest weekly membership fee means making up for all that tequila on the weekend is not only easy but affordable. Once signed up, you can enjoy a selection of reformer and mat pilates, plus yin and flow yoga sessions which give you the chance to completely mix and match the way you break a sweat!
Where: Suite 3, Level 1 Easy T Centre, Robina

Freeliving Studio Palm Beach (image supplied)
Freeliving Studio Palm Beach (image supplied)

Free Living Studio
So much more than just fitness, you’ll find a mindful movement community devoted to health, wellness, yoga, and more at this Palm Beach-based studio. The understanding here is recognising that physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing is all closely connected and each as important as the other. Classes are methodically split under the four pillars of Strength, Burn, Sculpt, and Restore; with a comprehensive schedule of classes and handy membership options, there’s no easier way to get/keep in top physical (and mental) shape.
Where: Shop 1, 32 Brooke Avenue, Palm Beach

Xtend Barre
Located with a leafy outlook on a backstreet of Burleigh Heads, Xtend Barre is the perfect studio if you regularly find yourself around one of the Gold Coast’s most happening suburbs. Workouts have been curated around combining the science of pilates with the dynamics of aerobic dance to thoroughly tone the body and revive the mind. And with the friendliest bunch of instructors you’ve ever come across, it’s little wonder this life-changing workout has been a smash hit with the locals.
Where: 3 Park Avenue, Burleigh Heads

By their admission, this ultra-chic studio doesn’t do normal. Located upstairs above the rather epic BSKT café, Hustl is an inspiring minimalistic space with an incredible view over Nobby Beach. What a place to undertake a morning class as the sun rises! Their program cleverly fuses advanced pilates with resistance-based cardio to bring you a workout like no other spread out across two slightly different classes. Suitability is geared towards everyone, fitness fanatic or not. And if you join as a member, you’ll also have access to their sister studio in Byron Bay. (For when the borders open back up!)
Where: 4 Lavarack Drive, Mermaid Beach

Hustl. (image supplied)
Hustl. (image supplied)

Pilates + Co
Starting your fitness journey, or maintaining it, has never been easier than with the team at Pilates + Co. There is a wide selection of classes — with a maximum size of 14 participants — multiple week challenges, and private sessions in place for you to smash your goals and a uber approachable team to make it all happen. Their original location in Burleigh Heads is now joined by a newly opened space in Bundall, and should you find it hard to make it to either of these, they also have a state-of-the-art home workout platform with exclusive videos allowing you to work out on your terms.
Where: Unit 5, 75 West Burleigh Road & Units 8-10, 25 Upton Street, Bundall

Kbod Fitness
Do you love to dance like nobody is watching, but also love the high and good feelings you get from a high-intensity workout? Kbod is touted as Australia’s first dance-based fitness centre and is run by an ex-professional dancer of 24 years. Getting in great shape doesn’t have to be boring — Kbod is the studio where you can achieve a dancer’s physique and have a whole lot of fun along the way. Because the best sort of fitness is the fun type!
Where: Unit 4, 40 Ern Harley Drive, Burleigh Heads 

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Pilates & Co (image supplied)
Pilates & Co (image supplied)
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