Sisterhood Coffee

Feel-good community vibes are a thing we Gold Coasters take very seriously. The more the city grows, the tighter the ‘fam’ feels seem to get.

Particularly when it comes to local eateries where owners know your name, bring out treats for your dog and will take a crying baby out of your arms while you fumble for your credit card.

It’s a pure delight to be part of to be honest and we’re pretty sure you feel the same. The latest spot where all-inclusive, feel-good community vibes are oozing out the door is Palm beach newbie Sisterhood Coffee and, as you can tell by the name, it’s quite intentional.

Found on the Gold Coast Hwy, where Mr Bengel once lived, Sisterhood Coffee opened in the last few days and it’s a bright, welcoming coffee spot you’re going to want to call your local.

Flooded with natural light, accented with pops of mint green and deep blue and overflowing with greenery, Sisterhood Coffee is an interior-lovers paradise and right at home just a few short steps to the beach.

Owned by two delightful gals, Christie Graae and Sam Dunne, who worked together in the very same space a few moons ago and are bringing the coffee culture back down to earth with upbeat attitudes and big old welcoming smiles.

Their motto is good food, good moods and a good space to spend time and that is indeed what they’ve created with Sisterhood. The menu is filled with fresh, comforting eats of the all day breakfast variety that are mostly vegetarian but can, of course, be made meaty upon request.

The Nourish bowl is a winner with two poached eggs, bacon, greens, a toasted seed blend, roasted cherry tomatoes and finished with spiced capsicum and labneh. It’s fresh and flavourful but not at all over the top if intense flavours aren’t your morning thing.

Baked Eggs are also a treat with Boston beans, a baked free-range egg, sausage and sourdough toast. So warm, so nourishing and it can be made vego if that’s your jam.

Of course, there is avo on toast but not your run-of-the-mill variety. Nope, Sisterhood’s sits atop housemade labneh and is served with hazelnut dukkah and olive oil. One of the tastiest we’ve sampled.

Coffee-wise, the gals are using Genovese, fresh out of Melbourne but originating in Italy and GET THIS, they don’t charge extra for alternative milks. So, if you’re an Oat Milk drinker, your coffee won’t cost $9.50. What a treat.

As we’re sure you’re aware, epic new coffee spots have been few and far between of late and this one is exactly that.

Pop into Sisterhood Coffee at Palmy ASAP and get involved in the local community vibe, they’ll be stoked to have you.

LOCATION: 1099 Gold Coast Why, Palm Beach
HOURS: Monday to Friday 5.30am until 2pm, Saturday and Sunday 6am until 1pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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