Recipe: Grilled Salmon with Gazpacho sauce

A healthy, delicious dinner to try at home by Southport Yacht Club Chef John Player.

Ingredients for 6 people
6x 190g salmon fillet (skin on) scarred
3 asparagus spears per person
Kiepher potatoes cut into cubes 50g per person
4 olives cut in half per person
Cherry tomatoes for garnish
8 slices of pickled cucumber per person
Extra virgin olive oil drizzled on dish to finish

750g cherry tomatoes
15ml white wine vinegar
6g salt
6g sugar
3g white pepper
1 shallot
½ red pepper
150ml olive oil

The vegetables

  • Potatoes cubed and boiled approx. 5 mins until soft
  • Pan fry asparagus – until soft
  • Place above ingredients into a bowl then continue to add the cherry tomatoes, picked cucumber & olive oil – stir gentle until mixed together. Place to one side.

The salmon

  • Pre heat a non-stick saucepan to a medium heat with small amount of olive oil.
  • Season the salmon with salt and pepper on both sides
  • Place salmon skin side down 4-5 mins then each side of the salmon for 1 minute

The sauce

  • Put tomatoes, salt, pepper, sugar and vinegar in blender and blend
  • Add red pepper and shallot and blend until smooth
  • Slowly add the olive oil.
  • Strain above ingrediency through strainer.

Plate up

  • Place combined vegetables on the centre of a plate
  • Spoon sauce around the vegetables
  • Place salmon skin up on vegetables

Notes from John.

Don’t use too much olive oil when cooking the salmon as this will saturate the fish and skin will not crisp up well.

Don’t heat the sauce – serve at room temperature – heating the sauce will make the sauce split.

The salmon should be served pink inside.



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