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The Pink Hotel

A rock 'n' roll revamp for an iconic Cooly hotel. 

If you’ve ventured down Cooly way of late, you may have noticed something sweet (and very pink) going on and it’s something we are really quite pumped about.

The Pink Hotel, formerly Coolangatta Ocean View Motel, has had an epic revamp and some of the doors have recently swung open for our viewing pleasure.

The overhaul is the work of the Eddie’s Grub House team, along with Coakers Building Service and Loberg Interiors and what an overhaul it is.

The space has been absolutely transformed and we could not be more in love with the edgy, modern retro vibe that is now going on in downtown Coolangatta.

The hotel is made up of 17 rooms including six luxury suites, nine standard rooms, one balcony room and one artist suite complete with a grand piano. It’s the stuff of dreams friends.

The six suites all boast vinyl record players with a selection of records from Lou Reed, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Lana del Ray and Black Rebel Motorcycle club and the like. So you get the feel for what’s going on there right?

Good times is what.

One of the very best parts is a brand new rooftop bar, named Santeria, overlooking the ocean and perfect for intimate sunset cocktails. Which are obviously our favourite kind.

There’ll also be a piano/jazz-style bar, which is somewhat of a secret at this stage but how good.

The little reception section will also have a barista station so all your very important coffee needs will be adequately met and there’ll be a hair and tattoo space on the ground floor in case you need a touch up before hitting the town or some sweet ink to remember the absolute time you had at The Pink Hotel.

It’s all very rock ‘n’ roll inspired good times and Cooly is set to be reborn.

The room styles are a mash up of Danish, Swedish and mid-century inspired design but each is completely unique with custom poetry made into neon signs and artwork painted directly onto the walls by Coco Loberg, Jamie Peters and Mike Shankster.

Each room will include a sweet little bar and a Smeg fridge and you may also order room service breakfast and late night burgers from the boys at Eddie’s. How good.

It’s all a bit too exciting to be honest.

How good is summer on the rooftop overlooking the ocean with the option of rolling into bed in the coolest room you’ve ever laid eyes on going to be? Almost as cool as that non-sentence.

The official open date is November 23rd but there are a few lucky folks in there right now testing the goods. We would like that job please.

Stay tuned Coasties, this one’s an actual gamechanger.

LOCATION: 171 Griffith St, Coolangatta

Words by Kirra Smith

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