Paris-Rose Paterson and Sammi Fulton-Kennedy

Sammi Fulton-Kennedy (L) and Paris-Rose Paterson (R) of Paris & I (image supplied)

They are the local ladies who created cult activewear label Paris & I with the view of offering cute, Aussie-made workout clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. Love that for us.

We sat down for a chat with Sammi and Paris about why they decided to embark on such a journey and why their pieces are different from the rest (and you should get some ASAP).

How long have you been Gold Coast locals?
Paris: I have always lived on the Gold Coast, I was born at Pindara!
Sammi: I have lived on the Gold Coast since 2013.

What do you love most about living here?
Oh, there’s so much! But beautiful beaches, amazing weather and most importantly, a great community.

Tell us about your activewear label Paris & I?
We started Paris & I in 2018 on the Gold Coast. Our goal was and still is, to create activewear right here in Australia that leaves women feeling confident and empowered. Our brand isn’t just for women into fitness; it’s for women of all shapes and sizes. We didn’t want to follow the trend of manufacturing offshore as this jeopardises quality and the Australian economy. Manufacturing locally in Queensland also means that we can be hands-on, working closely with our manufacturer ensuring high quality and ethical practices. Paris & I is our baby, it’s 100% run by us – we do EVERYTHING. Connecting with our girls and our community is so rewarding. It’s honestly the best part. We still love to write personalised cards with every single order, which is then packed here on the Gold Coast with eco-friendly packaging. Paris & I has been seen on Chontel Duncan, Davina Rankin, Jade Mead and many more Australian female icons.

How did it come about?
Activewear is all we wear, but we could never find perfect activewear! We spent so much money and we were NEVER happy, so in 2017 we started researching and designing what we would produce… from there, Paris & I was born. In such a competitive market, we wanted to stand out. We felt the market was lacking in so many aspects and that’s why the brand instantly took off. We kept Paris & I a secret for a whole year 🙈. It also took us 1 year to perfect our first design ‘The High Waist Scrunch Leggings’.

What are your personal favourite pieces from the collection?
Sammi: Everyday Shorts and The Luxe Jacket
Paris: The Luxe Jacket and Scrunch Leggings

Paris & I (Image supplied)

Are your pieces designed for specific purposes?
Yes, we design and create activewear that makes all women and us feel good! It’s not just for gym girls, we wanted to create pieces that are for everyday women. It’s also Aussie-made.

How are your designs unique?
Australian made, no thick ugly seams and suitable for all body types. We are super personal with our customers, we like to connect with them and by doing this, we have gained some amazing lifelong friendships. We also just launched our Spring Collection, made up of three colours: Vanilla Bean, Electric Blue & Sage Green! We wanted this Spring collection to have some versatility (Sage & Vanilla) and always love to include something bright, bold & fun (Electric Blue). When going through the colour process, we love to choose colours that can be worn for fashion and fitness. What makes this collection unique is our marketing. To align with our goal of making women feel confident, we have decided to keep all images real and raw – no filters, no photoshop. We shoot with real women of all sizes and we’re so excited to continue sharing real content with our community.

What’s the fabric like?
Super soft, stretchy, squat proof, breathable and flattering. It contours and shapes in all the right places whilst still offering great support! We use fabrics suited to all females no matter what shape, size or stage of pregnancy.

What are your plans for Paris & I for the rest of 2020?
To bring out some fun colours (we can’t wait to share them!) and we have some exciting new designs in the works – stay tuned 🙂

Tell us your favourites on the Coast:
Coffee spot: No Name Lane
Cafe for breakfast: Daark Chirn Park
Restaurant for dinner: Omeros Bros, Wok Temptation in Southport and Grill’d
How does your weekend usually look: We usually work on Paris & I over the weekend but in our spare time, we will go for a nice beach walk or catch up with some friends over dinner. Funnily enough, we are dating brothers! It’s cool when just the four of us get to hang out and chill over the weekend.



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