Paperbark Café

Here we are again with a tale about Burleigh Heads, just in case you needed another reason to spend time in the ever-expanding suburb. It’s one about a new brunch spot that has popped on Park Avenue and seems to have settled into the corner block quite nicely.

Yes, we’re talking about Paperbark Café, the open air newbie satisfying all your daily breakfast and lunch needs and serving up tasty, organic coffee to get you through these fresh 2019 days.

Paperbark is found underneath The Village at Burleigh in the spot Real Food Kitchen once lived. It’s an open, airy space with 180-degree views of the leafy green streets of Burleigh Heads and the occasional glimpse of the ocean in the background. Huge trees surround the area and plants hang from overhead and it’s a very natural, laidback, slow Sunday morning kind of vibe. Our favourite.

It’s the work of longtime local Josh Cooper who is also an avid environment lover and plans to transform part of Paperbark into an ecotourism venture. Paperbark is his first solo foodie biz and he’s certainly a guy who’s doing good things for our little city. While you’re in there enjoying the eats, sign yourself up for some scuba diving and experience that magical underwater goodness up close and personal with some absolute pros.

Speaking of eats, let’s chat about the menu. It’s a breakfast slash lunch deal featuring all your favourite things, with some unique new flavours and sizeable dishes that will absolutely not leave you hungry.

We HIGHLY recommend sampling the Paperbark Pancakes because they are pancakes mostly but also because they come with a little herb we’ve never heard of called Lemon Balm and it is the punchiest, most citrusy taste in the world and it brings something very special to the dish (and pairs perfectly with maple syrup). LOVE.

Next up you should go with the Housemade Potato Hash firstly because potatoes are life and secondly because there is also a giant pile of crispy bacon (best) poached eggs and hollandaise. It’s the goods.

Last but not least there is, of course, Good Ol’ Avo toast (actually called that) and it’s piled high onto Flinders Sourdough with toasted grains, Alto lemon extra virgin olive oil and microgreens.

There are also Paperbark’s specialty bowls and big old burgers, both of which are perfect after a day of soaking up that unrelenting south east Queensland sunshine.

The coffee is organic, the good vibes are high and in the not too distant future you can expect some evening fun times in the sweet little space too.

Oh and the café is named after the Aboriginals that once came in to Burleigh when the MANY Paperbark trees were in fruit because that fruit dropped into the ocean and brought lots of fish in for them to feast on. So that’s a solid tale in itself.

Do yourself a favour and stop in to Paperbark ASAP, it’s the friendly neighbourhood haunt you need in your busy, back-to-work life.

LOCATION: 1/4 Park Ave, Burleigh Heads
HOURS: 6am until 2pm daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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