Interactive escape room phenomenon takes the Coast by storm

Escape rooms are a good time phenomenon that appeared out of nowhere and took the world by storm. If you’ve not yet experienced it, the premise is that you’re locked in a themed room with people you like a lot (for best results) and given clues to get yourselves out and solve a mystery. Before time runs out of course.

It’s an interactive game-style situation that forces you to use your brain while also laughing at yourselves and proving to one another who in fact is the smartest of them all.

On the Gold Coast, the escape room craze began in 2015 and now there are five venues in total where you can get handcuffed to a wall for fun.

The first one to open in Surfers Paradise was Padlock’d, who currently have four different rooms in which you can be locked but they’re soon expanding into an additional venue and will have 12 rooms to choose from.

At the moment your choices are Pipeline – where you’re deployed into a top secret facility to work out what happened to the Commander, Nightfall – where you have to get yourself out of a nightmare, Daybreak – finding a missing Doctor and captured by the immortal undead and Outpost – where you’re trapped in a spy safe house.

It’s a very good time and one we’re big fans of.

Our very own Padlock’d have created some world firsts the technology and equipment in their rooms. One of the newbies even has a fully functional dodgem car inside, so that’s amazing.

The current venue is 210sqm while the new one is five stories high and over 800sqm. Exciting times.

Owner Sean Wilson says, “these days guests are wanting more from their experiences, they’re craving interaction and participation. Escape rooms bring guests into a game, allowing them to interact and participate as their own character.”

With sounds effects and mood lighting, Padlock’d is an even more immersive experience than the usual escape rooms and we’re here for it.

If you’re after a good time that you can get involved in with a big crew of people, use your brain and have a laugh at the same time, we highly recommend getting locked in a room.

Try it for yourself, you’ll see. Also, get 10% off here.

LOCATION: 36 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise


Words by Kirra Smith



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