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Get quizzical at home with FREE online trivia

So we can’t go to the pub, probably not for awhile. We miss cold beers and shooting the breeze with our friends, we miss parmis and people watching and the general feeling of being somewhere fun. There’s another thing we miss that’s generally related to the pub too, and that thing is trivia.

A bit of friendly competition, hilarious trivia team names, the aforementioned cold beers and parmis. Trivia is a very good time. Luckily the very clever people at the Gold Coasts’ Time Out Entertainment, who are responsible for in-person trivia at several venues across the Coast, have come up with a solution.

And that solution is, online trivia. Which is amazing and something we are absolutely going to do to fill in some time from now on.

As it has everyone, the current state affairs affected Time Out Entertainment in that they are obviously no longer able to go to the pub and offer trivia to the people. Also like many people, they were able to come up with an alternative to that problem and here we are.

Entertainment for everyone.

Combining some fancy tech equipment we will never understand and A LOT of time spent working out the details, Time Out Entertainment were able to come up with a way for people to get involved free of charge.

The first round saw 500 teams playing and that has built to now over 700 teams.

It’s run three nights a week, Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm AEST and Friday at 9pm AEST and there has even been a Kids Trivia event which had over 500 kids playing.

It’s pretty much the perfect way to stay connected to friends and family, for adults and children alike, keep that Aussie competitive spirit alive and garner some bragging rights for when we’re allowed to spend time together again.

At the moment, there’s chats in the works about online music bingo which is also super fun.

Not only that, soon there’ll be prizes to win so you can not only play for free, you can win stuff too! It just gets better and better.

If you’re keen to join in, jump over here and get started. You’re guaranteed to have a very good time.

Words by Kirra Smith

Raise a glass to this fun Gold Coast wine delivery service

If there was ever a time to have wine delivered constantly and in bulk, it is now. Which is why it brings us great pleasure to introduce a new Gold Coast company by the name of Barolo & Friends, who do exactly that.

Offering up quite the array of sips, the business idea began last year when a pair of Gold Coast locals embarked on a trip overseas and due to the weather, had nothing else to do but sample delicious wines.

Lucky for us, those wines were far more affordable than the some of the wines we’re used to seeing in Australia and so, a (beautiful) business was born.

Not only wines from across the seas though, Barolo & Friends also offer local Aussie wines and every single bottle is of the very best quality and offered at very affordable prices.

Owners Craig and Tom have marked their favourites on the site, along with creating hilarious reviews explaining some of the wines in detail with the view of trying to educate people without using stuffy language us regular folks don’t understand. Which means you can learn about different types you may never have heard of before and also sample something completely unique. How good!

Of course, all your favourite kinds are on offer but in varieties you may not know of, but will absolutely enjoy sampling. Maybe a Palmer & Co. champagne fresh out of France? We’ll also take a bottle or three of 2014 Syrah. Coming at you, direct from their warehouse in Burleigh.

Craig and Tom

There are wines and mixed cases of the week, so you can discover a whole new area of the world’s wines without needing to leave the comfort of your living room (convenient) and there are plenty of award winners available with Barolo & Friends catering to all budgets while also ensuring every single bottle they source is exceptional.

Not to mention, they’re happy to source particular drops and once we spend more time watching their videos online to learn about wine, this is something we might just like to get involved in.

You can of course order mixed cases so there’s the option to try a little bit of everything. The team are also offering contactless delivery if you’re keen to order all of the wine and not go near anybody, plus Gold Coasters get FREE delivery on mixed cases of six using the code INSIDE here

Quite obviously there have been a fair few good inventions over the last few years but wine delivery is right up there with the best of them.

The easiest way to begin is by downloading the Barolo & Friends app and get ordering in just four pushes of a button (wipe it straight after) and get sipping.

Words by Kirra Smith

Buy booze direct from these Gold Coast breweries and distilleries

Right, so we’re in isolation, chatting to our friends via video, baking copious amounts of banana bread and trying not to be bored but alas, being bored. Enter alcohol, a necessary addition to group chats (cheersing the screen is a good time) and the perfect companion to a bit of midday baking. What would we do without it?

You know what the best kind of alcohol is? Gold Coast alcohol. Made by local legends who are crafting the absolute goods when it comes to a tasty drop.

Since we’re all about supporting local and we know you are too, we comprised a list of local breweries and distilleries from whom you can purchase your iso alcohol direct, cutting out the middle man and giving them all a helping hand in this ridiculous time.

Here they are, get drinking (in moderation obvs).

Black Hops
The lads at Black Hops have two breweries on the Gold Coast, one in Burleigh Heads and one at Biggera Waters and both slinging takeaway cans for your sipping pleasure. They’ve got quite the array of beers available including Pink Mist (our fave) and the recently re-released Beach House. Not matter your preference, they’ve got you covered.
Where: 5 Gardenia Grove, Burleigh Heads and 671 Pine Ridge Road, Biggera Waters

Balter Brewing
As you’d expect the Balter boys are on the bandwagon serving up their beloved brews in the form of cans (of course) but also as long necks in singles or three packs. Which is a truly Aussie thing to do. All your Balter favourites are on offer and they can all be delivered should you not want/be able to get to the brewery. We’re big fans of all Balter’s beers and particularly love their branding. Buy yourself a long neck or three and check out what they’ve done with the paper bag. Too good.
Where: 14 Traders Way, Currumbin

Burleigh Brewing
The legends at Burleigh Brewing are makers of really, very excellent beer in a variety of flavours that we love equally. Big Head in particular is carb free, which is very handy at a time when we eat a lot and don’t get out much. You know what the greatest thing about Burleigh Brewing is right now though? They’re delivering across the Coast. Simply order online and get your goods dropped right at your door. Perfection.
Where: 2 Ern Harley Drive, Burleigh Heads

Mt Tamborine Distillery
Need some fancy, delicious liqueurs to sip on while you’re doing all that indoor stuff? Same. Mt Tamborine Distillery has you covered with their very extensive range. Jaffa, Choc Mint, Choc Chilli perhaps? They’ve also got a life changing Limoncello and spirits too, so pretty much everything you could possibly need. Add some of their new hand sanitiser to the mix and that’s you covered for the next week or so. Grab some from the tasting room if you live up that way or get it shipped directly to you.
Where: 10 Macdonnell Road, Tamborine North

Lost Palms Brewing
The pretty pink brewery has created a little takeaway window on site and from it they are selling all of their epic brews including the recently released Peach Hard Seltzer which we can tell you (from Hottest 100 day experience) is a taste sensation. It’s also low in calories, carbs and sugar making it pretty much good for you and our new fave thing. They also have many other delicious types that you should sample ASAP.
Where: 11 Oak Ave, Miami 

Granddad Jacks
The Miami crew are selling their delicious, delicious gin out of the distillery on Lemana Lane and there are a few to choose from in varying degrees of strength. There’s Two Pencils (our fave), 65 Miles (navy strength, fun) and Greenhouse, a botanical treat. They’ve also created their very own hand sanitiser because they’re clever like that, so you can pick up all the necessities in one go. Love.
Where: 45 Lemana Lane, Miami

Fortitude Brewing
Up at Tamborine Mountain, Fortitude Brewing are still making their tasty tipples for your sampling pleasure. They’ve got many a type of beer to choose from including your regular Pale Ale and Lager faves plus their very own ginger beer, which is one of the best around. If you’re up that way, pop through their new makeshift drive-thru and grab yourself a couple to take home and enjoy. Always a pleasure at Fortitude Brewing.
Where: 165 Long Road, Mount Tamborine 

Happy sipping friends.

Words by Kirra Smith

9 mind-boggling Gold Coast trivia nights

Trivia Nights (image from Unsplash)
Trivia Nights (image from Unsplash)

Keen to escape the day-to-day monotony of your life with a night of niche questions and a handful of drinks? Yep, us too. Well, strap your bright person pants on gang; we’ve found you just the thing.

Not only is trivia generally a laugh a minute, but it’s also reasonably inexpensive (if not free), and you get to think of a hilariously inappropriate name for your team. Here are nine local spots to test your knowledge and expand your useless facts repertoire across the Gold Coast. (From North to South – for your convenience.)

The Park Coomera
The perfect chance to stretch your clever muscles for those on the northern end of the Coast. Infusion Trivia takes place on Wednesdays, with registration free and starting from 6.30pm with the main event at 7pm. Don’t be scared to bring some hungry mouths either; with trivia meal deals you can score a metre-long pizza and four schooners of beer for a very reasonable $80 — with a deal like that, you’re already winning.
Where: Shop MM7, Westfield Coomera

The Parkwood Tavern
Well-versed in all sorts of weekly events and live music, however, on a Wednesday, we suggest you pull together the brainiest people you know and head down to The Parkwood Tavern. From 6.45pm onwards, enjoy some state-of-the-art trivia — no pens, no paper, you only have a wireless buzzer. Fancy! It must be noted though, that tables bookings are required to secure your entry.
Where: Corner of Olsen and Wintergreen Drives, Parkwood

Southport Sharks
Being known as a hive of events and a great social hub, Southport Sharks brings you a weekly trivia you simply cannot miss. A monthly themed trivia gives way to the other week’s being hosted by non-other than Hot Tomato’s Simon Baggs. Entry is entirely free, family is encouraged, and bookings are essential.
Where: Olsen & Musgrave Avenues, Southport

Last Night on Earth 
It’s one of the best nights in town, with trivia lovers flocking from all over the Coast to take out the top prize. The fun starts at 7pm on alternating Wednesdays with plenty of inappropriate questions, a vast array of beers and loads of laughs. Entry is free, but teams are a maximum of six people, and bookings are a must. Get booking!
Where: 50B Nerang Street, Southport

Bine Bar & Dining (image supplied)
Bine Bar & Dining (image supplied)

Vinnies Dive
This fun splashed and sometimes naughty den of shenanigans is always a place of good times and merriment. When they’re not busy playing rock ‘n’ roll and slinging whiskey and beer, you can stop by on a Monday night from 6.30pm for a good old-fashioned game of pub trivia. Why not?
Where: 44A Nerang Street, Southport

Mermaid Beach Bowls Club
The Mermaid Beach Bowls Club is always a good time and never more so than Thursday nights. From 7pm, you and your squad can get involved in the festivities and compete for cash prizes and drink vouchers while downing some fish and chips and a shandy or two. Plus, there’s over $150 in prizes to be won. Happy days!
Where: 9 Markeri Street, Mermaid Beach

Bine Bar & Dining
The sweet little Nobby’s beer bar is home to trivia good times each and every week with themed nights the way of things, i.e. Harry Potter. While you’re there, try a vast range of rotating tasty craft beers, and there are tacos for $5. It’s $15 per team with a max of six people, and can we just say, there are big prizes in store for those with the highest score.
Where: 1/28 Chairlift Avenue, Miami

Precinct Brewing Co. entrance (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)
Precinct Brewing Co. entrance (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

Precinct Brewing Co
Just when you thought Miami’s art precinct couldn’t get any better, Precinct Brewing Co decided to join in on the action. With clever and taste bud tingling brews like their Lagerita (tequila-infused and aged on American Oak), Tipsy Trivia on a Tuesday is the best way to escape the house and enjoy $15 pizzas all night long. The questions kick-off at 7pm with a $15 entry for teams of up to six.
Where: 17 Christine Avenue, Miami

Currumbin RSL
Set on the banks of picturesque Currumbin Creek, you’ll want to spruce your Thursday night up with the Steak Night special of just $20 for a 250g sirloin, house salad, fries and sauce, and free entry into trivia with no booking required — yep, just rock up, register, and join in. There are monthly themed trivia too! A great selection of prizes is on offer with the fun kicking off from 7pm.
Where: 165 Duringan St, Currumbin

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Currumbin RSL (image supplied)
Currumbin RSL (image supplied)
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