Dave and Abbey Crompton

Sometimes in life, there are people you come across who make your life simpler (and fill it with delicious goodies) and for those people we are very grateful.

Two such folks are Dave and Abbey Crompton, Gold Coast locals and owners of food delivery service Nourish’d –offering gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, nut-free and paleo friendly, home delivered meals. 

We sat down for a chat with Dave and Abbey about how they manage to create tasty meals without any nasties and plans for Australia-wide expansion. 

How long have you been Gold Coast locals?
Abbey moved to SEQ from Tasmania at 17yrs in 2014 & Dave from England at 24yrs in 2009. We were fortunate to be able to move to the Gold Coast in 2014 when Abbey relocated for work at Mantra Group Hotels in 2014.

What do you love most about living here?
Both of us coming from pretty cold climates, we’re big fans of the sunshine! The idea of hitting the beach in winter is pretty unfathomable where we come from!

Tell us how your business Nourish’d got started?
In 2014, we were facing losing another precious Sunday to the grind of the weekly food prep tasks. Long, arduous hours driving to tackle the crowds at the Farmers Markets for fresh produce, then onto sourcing the best grass-fed meat from organic butchers, before finally heading home to meal prep lunch and dinner for the week ahead. We were fed up with it basically, so began researching for a meal delivery service provider that offered healthy, gluten-free meals. We couldn’t believe there were none! So, I quit my job the following Friday to create Nourish’d (originally known as Caveman Kitchen); Australia’s first meal delivery service that offers gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, nut-free and paleo friendly, home delivered meals, which promise all of the flavour and none of the nasties. Voted the number one Best Value for Money Meal Delivery Service in Australia by Canstar Blue (2019), Nourish’d is a family owned and operated business that began as an idea born out of the frustration of all healthy eaters existence – the weekly food prep.

What’s unique about your particular service?
For us, it’s all about creating awesome customer experiences, so everything we do is based around that. From curating a menu worth drooling over, to obsessing about the customer journey through to the website and only working with the best suppliers to deliver an exceptional product and service. We really believe that just because it’s a pre-prepared meal, it doesn’t need to be bad.

What can people expect when they order from Nourish’d?
A whole new level of service – we take care of you like you’re our own family! For us it feels like every time someone orders, we’re being personally invited to dinner in their home and we are really great guests.

Do you cater to people with dietaries?
100%! All of our meals are gluten free, about 80% of the menu is dairy free and we use absolutely no preservatives or processed sugars (only natural things here!). We also have paleo, keto, low-carb and vegetarian options available. There’s something for everyone!

Why do you think meal delivery is the way to go?
More and more for our customers their most valuable commodities are their time and their health – Nourish’d helps take care of both of these. No shopping, cooking, prepping or cleaning – just delicious meals, that are bloody good for you.

What’s in the pipeline for the rest of 2019?
2019 is a super exciting time for Nourish’d. We’ve just launched our new vegetarian menu and are exploring expansion into new territories across the country, and we have some big partnerships in the works!

Tell us your favourites on the Coast…
Cafe for breaky: Pinky’s Kitchen & Bar – great for catchups with the girls.
Coffee spot: Teavine House. I work from home (aka coffee haunts) a lot, and I find this spot such an amazing place to get creative.
Restaurant for dinner: The Jungle Mexican Cantina – best fish tacos, best margaritas!
How does your weekend usually look: Our weeks are hectic, so our weekends are pretty sacred family time with our babies. We leave the phones at home and take long walks, usually near a body of water, while sipping good coffee. We have picnics in the backyard, and try to get a couple of partner workouts in. Saturday night is our at home date night where we usually cheat up one of our Nourish’d meals (using our Chilli Con Carne atop homemade fries to make Dirty Fries is a fave!), pop a bottle and chill with a movie.

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