Mr Buttergoods

Let’s begin by acknowledging Mr Buttergoods as being an absolutely cracking name for a bakery slash café if ever we’ve heard one. Because the (ridiculously good looking/tasting) goods are made from butter, geddit!? Yep, right, moving on.

So Palm Beach is where you can find Mr Buttergoods as of last week and we suggest you pick up your phone, open your entertaining, meme-filled group chat and summon the gang right this minute. We’ll wait.

Now here’s the lowdown.

Taking up space where the Palm Beach bike shop lived for a very long time (RIP) is the new bakery slash café of your dreams. It’s a corner space so it’s quite roomy with both outdoor terrace seating from where you can glimpse the big blue and regular indoor seating (obviously) PLUS bench seats where you can peer intensely at the pastry chefs while they create food that is also art.

Because here’s the thang, every single sugary treat is made right there on the premises and what a treat they are.

There are things on offer like Turkish Delight Choux Bombs, Curly Wurly Eclairs, Salted Caramel donuts and a variety of giant slice-type goodies.

BUT NOT ONLY THAT, there are Lester and Earls’ (oh because they’re the owners soz) famous pulled pork sausage rolls, crusty loaves of bread for purchasing and what may just be the most golden, heavenly smelling selection of pies we’ve ever encountered. Love you pies.

Of a weekend you can nab yourself a fresh baguette or salad from the cabinet and then you can march your merry self down to the beach and devour it while thinking about the pastry you will probably purchase on the way back past. Do it.

As of now, you can also eat breakfast in the sleek, industrial-style space and that comes in the form of Eggs Bennie Croissants, loaded Bacon and Egg Rolls and Avo on Toast with fresh cherry tomato salsa.

Followed by pastries, obviously.

We love pastries.

How good is Palmy*.

Bye now. Go forth and treat yo’self to a sugar coma.

LOCATION: 1097 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach
HOURS: 6am to 3pm daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith (*lives in Palmy)



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