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Meter Maid Bar & Restaurant

Now serving up King of the Wings in Surfers Paradise.

In what may just be the most perfect Gold Coast combination of all time, our iconic Meter Maids have teamed up with Brisbane food truck favourites King of the Wings to launch their very first venue in Surfers Paradise

Found on Orchid Ave, the space is decked out with Meter Maid imagery and golden costumes dating back to 1965, when the popular local phenomenon began. Booth-style seating is reminiscent of an old school diner and a wide screen TV ensures not a moment of Aussie sporting glory will be missed.

The unique idea is a joint venture between the Meter Maid brand, who were keen to start their own venue and King of the Wings, who provide the food side of things.

The DELICIOUS food side of things. If you don’t like chicken maybe stop reading and also, go and have a good long think about who you are.

So the wings. These guys took place second place at a Best Wing Sauce competition in Buffalo, New York (home of Americans who are apparently the king of chicken wings) PLUS first place at the Australian Buffalo Wing Festival in 2017.

First of all, did not know there was a Buffalo Wing Festival and second of all, already requested time off work to go next year.

Yep, the wings are that good. Flavours range from Southern Style (with herbs, spices and a crunchy dry rub), American BBQ (smokey goodness), Bee Sting (crowd fave with honey and sesame), Chillogy (spicy obvs) and Portugese Crumb (Peri Peri style).

There are also sliders on offer with the above flavours of chicken (without the boney bits) on brioche and with tasty additions like coleslaw and such.

YUM. Of course there are frosty brews and a selection of classic cocktails to wash that goodness down with.

Pair all that with pretty Meter Maids in little blue and gold bikinis and it’s a Surfers Paradise experience like no other.

Having been sparkling up the streets of Surfers Paradise for years, Meter Maids originated in the 60s when Bernie Elsey decided it would be a good idea to get the gals all dressed up and have them carry coins around the drop into parking meters.

Bet he didn’t think they’d still be around in 2018. But around they are gang and their delightful little selves are serving up the goods for your dining pleasure as of right now.

Oh and fun fact: there are plenty of Meter Maids souvenirs to take home with you too. Actual gold.

LOCATION: 26 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise
HOURS: Open 7 days, 11am until late

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.

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