Meet the man with the famous sausage

Burleigh’s Andrew Loveday has become a household name thanks to his award-winning snags. In over 20 unique and mouth-watering flavours (think spaghetti bolognaise, smokey bacon and maple and Thai curry coconut) they are an Australia Day must-have.

In 2015 he was crowned National Sausage King for his Texan BBQ sausages and more recently, Queensland Sausage King for the same flavour.

We sat down for a chat with the man behind the snags to learn some tips on how to cook the perfect BBQ.

Five favourite sausage flavours for Australia Day?

Vegemite and cheese, we have those year round, Texan BBQ, plain beef, charcoal chicken and there’s gotta be a lamb one in there – we have about five or six flavours of those, it’s hard to pick a favourite.

Any tips on how to cook a sausage perfectly on the BBQ?

The first thing is don’t have the pan too hot when you start, don’t prick holes in it, because that will make them burst and go everywhere. Just keep turning them as much as you can to let the little bit of fat that will come out (which is a good thing) and keep it moist.

How you came to be a butcher?

Dad said I had to get a trade before I left school so I’ve been a butcher for 25 years.

How does it feel to be the National Sausage King?

When we won it was pretty awesome, it’s been a long time coming, we’ve been in the industry a long time.

Tell me about the awards you’ve won?

We start at the Gold Coast regional awards and once you win that you go to the state competition, which is held at the EKKA. From there you go to nationals, this year we’re off to Tasmania.

Which is the most popular flavour?

The Texan BBQ, which is the one we won the awards for and then the steak sausages, which are smokey bacon and maple flavoured is probably the next most popular one.

Why are your sausages the best?

It’s the quality that goes into each sausage.

We also cater for allergy sufferers, a lot of our sausages are gluten free and we also do one called an AIP – Australian Auto-Immune Protocol Sausage (no soy products, a lot of coconut aminos and a lot of root vegetables) – plus we can also do any blend people want to put together.

My daughter has an autoimmune condition and she asked me to make something for her, so I invented them.

BBQ or tomato sauce?

Don’t need it.

Any hints or tips for cleaning the BBQ after cooking?

Shut the lid. No, just a good scrape with the scraper and maybe some paper towel to clean it off.

What do you love most about the Gold Coast lifestyle?

Just the relaxed atmosphere. I’m a country boy so it’s pretty much like a big country town, everyone’s friendly.

You’re not a Gold Coast local if you haven’t tried one of our snags.

Being a local business we have to ask for your favourites…

Beaches: Burleigh, hard to go past it

Restaurant: I like to go to Girven Road for a burger

Pub: The Burleigh Hotel or Shark Bar

Café: There’s a little place in Burleigh, Social Brew, we like that place

Hours: 6am to 6pm daily.

Address: Treetops Shopping Centre, corner Bermuda St and Reedy Creek Rd, Burleigh Waters.

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.




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