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Lost Kingdom nightclub brings jungle vibes to Surfers

Swinging open on Friday 31st July.

Very exciting things are happening left, right and centre on the Gold Coast at the moment, the latest of which is the opening of long-awaited nightclub Lost Kingdom in Surfers Paradise.

As of 9pm on Friday 31st of July, Lost Kingdom will be yours to explore and it’s set to be an otherworldly urban sanctuary, the likes of which the Gold Coast has never experienced before.

Featuring lush greenery and bamboo throughout, you’ll be taken on a sprawling journey through the jungle before finding the final destination, which is of course, the bar and dancefloor. Remember dancefloors? Miss them.

Once these pesky restrictions lift, the vibrant location will host up to 350 guests throughout a selection of stylish dancefloors, seated areas and VIP booths, immersing us in an experiential nightclub setting.

The jungle themed venue is obviously going to be a very good time and of course, there’ll be a myriad of jungle themed cocktails to sip on while embarking on your adventure.

There’ll be an Island Boat with 10 singular shots on board, along with a Treasure Chest cocktail and all of the tipples will be shaken and stirred by some of the best on the Coast.

Exotic cocktails combined with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems mean Lost Kingdom will come together to be one of our most-loved venues and we are pumped about it. The speakers will be blasting an eclectic mix of house, dance and RnB music for all the party peeps.

Lost Kingdom is the latest in the Hallmark Group’s ever-expanding portfolio of contemporary venues, including Finn McCool’s Irish Bar, Retro’s Cocktail Lounge and Asylum Nightclub, so you know it’s going to be the goods.

If you’re ready for some post-iso fun (and we know you are), Lost Kingdom is going to be the place to be in Surfers Paradise as of Friday 31st July.

As soon as that dance floor opens, we’re on it. See you there for a boogie in the jungle.

LOCATION: 15 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise
HOURS: Friday 9pm to 3am and Saturday 9pm to 3am



Retros Cocktail Lounge

Surfers Paradise may not be a place you’re usually keen to frequent on a night out but hold up haters, we’ve got good news.

Retros Cocktail Lounge opens this week and if you’re one of the (highly intelligent) people in the world who love yourself some 80s and 90s beats, strap on your dancing shoes and get ready to party.

Located on Orchid Ave, Retros originally opened in Brisbane to rave reviews and now Surfers Paradise gets to share in the love.

The tunes will be old school (strictly 80, 90s and noughties) and everyone’s favourite way to consume cocktails (in a fishbowl) is on offer. Everything from the design to the music and drinks are inspired by those epic decades.

Mirrored disco balls and neon lights illuminate the room and guys, best of all, there’s glow paint E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.

You can rent yo’self a VIP Bottle and Booth from $350, which includes a bottle of Grey Goose vodka and a dedicated host to serve and pour drinks. So it’s basically like you’re Britney Spears (pre breakdown) and her entourage and what could possibly be better.

If dancing until your feet ache, sipping from a shared (or not) bowl filled with delicious alcoholic beverages and reminiscing on the good old days are your idea of a good time, you should definitely hit up Retros ASAP.

Party on Wayne.

LOCATION: 5-7 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise
HOURS: Thursday from 9pm until late, Friday and Saturday from 8pm until late.

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.

Finn McCools Irish Bar

How good are all things Irish? The people, the Guinness pies, the Guinness, the actual physical place that is Ireland. BEST. Since all those things are quite the trek from Oz, we’ll take the second best thing, Irish bars and hooray, a new one is coming to Surfers Paradise next month.

Finn McCools Irish Bar is set to open in early November and prep your drinking shoes friends, there’s bulk fun to be had.

Finn McCools, which is the singlemost smile-inducing name we’ve ever come across, is the wee sister venue of the Brisbane version and that place is the goods (award-winning in fact). It has taken over the space where Fiddlers Green once lived and we’ll miss you big guy.

The name of the venues comes from an Irish myth about a hunter-warrior who fell in love with a giant woman (a few other things happened but turns out it’s a really long tale) and that gives us hope to be honest. Anyway, they say the bar is also the stuff of legends due to their delicious pub grub, array of tasty beverages and all of the live music.

Not to mention, they broadcast MANY sporting events on their MANY giant screens. There’s also something called “the hottest ginger competition” and guess we’ll have to wait and see what that entails.

As you’d imagine, the space boasts a huge bar, cosy booth seating and all the good vibes you’ve come to know and love from an Irish establishment.

Because everybody loves a bit of Irish culture, Finn McCools’ menu will feature all the Irish classics including Beef and Guinness pie, Irish Stew, Chicken Curry and traditional Irish breakfast of bacon, eggs, mushroom, pork sausage, black pudding, beans and Barry’s tea (a much-loved Irish blend).

The main bar will feature must-sips including Guinness and Kilkenny, plus all your fave beers, ciders, wines, spirits, and cocktails. Perfect for a session with a crew that doesn’t mind a few, because that is the Irish way.

Finn McCools is brought to us by the team behind Retros Cocktail Bar and Shooters Nightclub so you know it’s going to be a good time.

Stay tuned for the exact opening date, to be sure.

LOCATION: 39 Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Words by Kirra Smith

Sleek new Surfers nightclub ASYLUM now open

Surfers Paradise has undergone somewhat of a revamp of late, exciting new venues are popping up left, right and centre, long-standing institutions are being completely overhauled and the general vibe of our most bustling suburb lends itself to an even more exciting summer season than usual.

The latest noteworthy happening comes in the form of news that a beloved Surfers Paradise nightclub has undergone the revamp of all revamps and you’re going to want to get around this one party people.

Shooters, the Orchid Ave nightclub that knows a few too many of our secrets, had a complete, $2 million transformation including a new name, new look and well, new everything really.

A few days in, ASYLUM is already one of Australia’s hottest nightspots and it’s all ours Gold Coasters.

The new space is nothing short of impressive, with a sleek, industrial fitout and high intensity dance music inviting you to leave your inhibitions at the door.

There’s mesmerizing, state-of-the-art lights and eye-catching (creepy) delights and the hosts are said to be masters of controlled chaos – doctors, fellow patients, choose your own adventure friends.

ASYLUM has challenged the late night status quo on every level. It’s  an immersive nightclub experience unlike anything we’ve seen before.

It’s terrifying and we are absolutely pumped.

ASYLUM has just opened it’s doors so prepare yourself for a brand new type of summer adventure.

See, Surfers Paradise bringing the goods.

LOCATION: 15 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise

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