Lloyd’s Shop

If you didn’t hold your event in an epic, Instagrammable space, did you even hold an event? No, no you did not.

Oh hey Lloyd’s Shop in Burleigh Heads, a motorbike workshop slash event space that we would like to move into thank you very much. It’s the work of one Cohen Arthur, a Gold Coast local who has been repairing and rebuilding Harley Davidson’s for quite a few years now and yes, he’s one of those people who has multiple ventures and talents and give us some of those would ya please.

Anyway. Lloyd’s Shop is his latest baby. It’s a 1970’s warehouse found on Hutchinson Street and it’s the event space of your dreams with both an indoor and outdoor section for all your good time needs and an array of the bikes he’s working on displayed around the place at any given time.

Not just any event space though, Cohen has sourced some absolutely incredible materials from around the world to give it an elegant but edgy vibe that you certainly won’t find anywhere else around these parts.

For example, the feature wall at the back is finished in pink Italian concrete with silver (yes actual silver) flecks throughout and two stunning stained glass windows imported from a decommissioned New York church that was built in 1914. Yep, that’s the level of epic Lloyd’s is. Thousands of fairy lights (our fave) are draped overhead and it’s quite the magical little setting.

Between the indoor and outdoor sections is Cohen’s Harley workshop, so you may gaze lovingly at the masterpieces while thinking about the fact that you will never be brave enough to actually ride one, or sipping a beer and enjoying people’s company or whatever.

Outside, giant cactuses (love you) line the bright pink feature wall and big old neon sign reading Coco shines out from above. It’s the little touches that make spaces loveable guys, and this one has them in spades.

Basically Lloyd’s is capable of hosting any type of event you can conjure up and Cohen and the gang can cater to any need you may have too (except test riding the Harley’s, soz, we checked).

Workshops, conferences, engagement parties, weddings, art exhibitions, fashion shows, brand launches, you name it, it can happen there.

ALSO, if tasty coffee and tasty eats are your thing, Industrial Café just opened up on site so that’ll satisfy the needs of any hungry slash thirsty people you’ve invited along.

One more thing, Lloyd’s can be hired for long term times such as pop up stores and how good is that.

That’s it, get down there and check it out and if you’re having a party, invite us please, we’re really quite good at attending parties.

LOCATION: 14 Hutchinson St, Burleigh Heads

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.



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