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Lloyd’s Shop

A sweet new industrial event space for Burleigh Heads.

If you didn’t hold your event in an epic, Instagrammable space, did you even hold an event? No, no you did not.

Oh hey Lloyd’s Shop in Burleigh Heads, a motorbike workshop slash event space that we would like to move into thank you very much. It’s the work of one Cohen Arthur, a Gold Coast local who has been repairing and rebuilding Harley Davidson’s for quite a few years now and yes, he’s one of those people who has multiple ventures and talents and give us some of those would ya please.

Anyway. Lloyd’s Shop is his latest baby. It’s a 1970’s warehouse found on Hutchinson Street and it’s the event space of your dreams with both an indoor and outdoor section for all your good time needs and an array of the bikes he’s working on displayed around the place at any given time.

Not just any event space though, Cohen has sourced some absolutely incredible materials from around the world to give it an elegant but edgy vibe that you certainly won’t find anywhere else around these parts.

For example, the feature wall at the back is finished in pink Italian concrete with silver (yes actual silver) flecks throughout and two stunning stained glass windows imported from a decommissioned New York church that was built in 1914. Yep, that’s the level of epic Lloyd’s is. Thousands of fairy lights (our fave) are draped overhead and it’s quite the magical little setting.

Between the indoor and outdoor sections is Cohen’s Harley workshop, so you may gaze lovingly at the masterpieces while thinking about the fact that you will never be brave enough to actually ride one, or sipping a beer and enjoying people’s company or whatever.

Outside, giant cactuses (love you) line the bright pink feature wall and big old neon sign reading Coco shines out from above. It’s the little touches that make spaces loveable guys, and this one has them in spades.

Basically Lloyd’s is capable of hosting any type of event you can conjure up and Cohen and the gang can cater to any need you may have too (except test riding the Harley’s, soz, we checked).

Workshops, conferences, engagement parties, weddings, art exhibitions, fashion shows, brand launches, you name it, it can happen there.

ALSO, if tasty coffee and tasty eats are your thing, Industrial Café just opened up on site so that’ll satisfy the needs of any hungry slash thirsty people you’ve invited along.

One more thing, Lloyd’s can be hired for long term times such as pop up stores and how good is that.

That’s it, get down there and check it out and if you’re having a party, invite us please, we’re really quite good at attending parties.

LOCATION: 14 Hutchinson St, Burleigh Heads

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.

Industrial Cafe

If you are the kind of person whose three favourite things are sweet, never-before-seen interiors, ballsy neon signs and next-level coffee, you’re in luck because those three things can all be found in the brand new Burleigh coffee spot that is Industrial Café.

Yes, you guys, it’s one of the coolest little spots we’ve ever laid eyes on and, as of this week, it’s open for you to lay your eyes on too. Industrial Café can be found in an off-the-beaten-track little place we like to call behind-Bermuda-Burleigh (just made that up, can you tell) which is the section of Burleigh Heads just behind Bermuda Street. Yep.

Anyway, the space is the work of one Jacqui Scorgie, the delightful lady behind one of your old Palmy faves, Department of Coffee, which sadly shut down last year but also happily because now we get this little newbie.

It can be found on Hutchinson St amongst the really quite cool warehouse spaces and behind two beautifully ornate doors brought all the way from Bali. There’s a little courtyard space out the front with greenery all about and some long tables on which to enjoy your goodies.

Inside is where the magic happens though. The polished concrete walls curve into the ceiling and it’s all one continuous wall/floor/ceiling situation the likes of which we’ve never seen before. The bench space is also polished concrete and a glass cabinet filled with baked treats is lit from behind by a sign that reads, “bitch better have my coffee”, which is truly great.

It’s all edgy and underground bunker-esque and we’re big fans. BIG.

Jacquie has sourced her coffee direct from the coffee Gods of Australia (Melbourne) and not only is Proud Mary a delicious drop, it is also completely sustainable. As are the cups it’s served in for that matter.

Food-wise, there are muffins, banana bread (love you), homemade granola and vegan bliss balls but the pièce de résistance is easily the toasties (when isn’t it the toasties).

While flavours change daily, you can expect variations such as turkey, Camembert, spinach and cranberry sauce and silverside with spinach, fresh tomato and white mustard sauce. Gimme.

Like we said, if you’re a fan of epic interiors and even better coffee, it’s high time you paid a visit to Industrial Café, it’s a real treat in more ways than one.

LOCATION: 3a, 14 Hutchinson St, Burleigh Heads
HOURS: Monday to Friday 5.30am until midday and Saturday 7am until 10am

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

BKA Vegan Restaurant & Bar

Oh hey, we’re here to chat about Burleigh Heads again – the fastest growing foodie scene in Australia (made that up but it wouldn’t surprise us if it were true).

The latest exciting eatery to join the ranks of Burleigh’s rapidly expanding restaurant extravaganza (dramatic) is BKA Vegan, a stylish plant-based venue found underneath Ambience on Burleigh and open as of right now.

BKA Vegan has moved into the spot once occupied by The Local and it’s got that low-lit, moody industrial vibe we know and love. A sign splashed across the wall reads ‘Be Kind Always’ (which is what BKA stands for) and that, friends, is the entire premise of the newbie.

Earthy tones, exposed bricks and raw unpolished timber makes up the bar area and it’s a welcoming, edgy and delightful addition to beautiful Burleigh.

You can sit inside to soak up the good vibes or sidle up to a footpath table and watch the world pass you by.

Quite obviously, the menu is of the entirely vegan persuasion and every single thing on it (besides the bread) is made in house. Let it be known however that yes, it’s a vegan restaurant and while the food is indeed plant based, it is also simply food that is tasty, comforting and full of surprising, delightful flavours.

Owners Kylie Wood, a vegan of eight years, and Ryan Jacob wanted to create a space that offered hearty, tasty food and to educate people about being kind, both to one another and the planet. Ryan has been a chef for over 30 years and brings his expertise to a menu filled with unique flavour profiles that we shall now discuss.

There are many dishes worth mentioning here starting with small plates. We were particularly fond of the Spring Rolls (best we’ve ever tasted) and the Stuffed Crumbed Mushrooms. More please.

The larger plates were even better. Highly recommend the Mushroom Satay Ramen (flavour sensation), the Eggplant Cannelloni with spinach, cheese and lentil ragu and the Black Bean Noodle Salad with edamame, pickled ginger, wakame and spicy black bean dressing. Especially the Eggplant Cannelloni, what a treat.

The drinks menu is filled with vegan wines and beers (FYI Burleigh Brewing’s beers are all 100% vegan) and the cocktail menu is as good as you’ll find anywhere.

The entire crew are passionate about creating a conscious, ethical space and it shows both in the food and on their smiling, stoked-to-be-there faces.

Good food and good vibes, two of our favourite things. Get down there and give them some love Gold Coasters.

LOCATION: 1/1837 Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads
HOURS: 10am until 11pm Wednesday to Sunday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Bondi Grill’e

In news that will surprise no one, Burleigh is set to welcome another epic eatery to the fray at the end of September. Bondi Grill’e first appeared in Coolangatta in 2015 and, due to popular demand, will swing open their doors for a second time in six short weeks.

The food options are a meaty affair boasting their signature, and super popular, pork, beef and lamb ribs and a selection of gourmet burgers. Famous for perfectly cooked steak, the Burleigh venue will add new cuts of premium Cape Grim Beef to the menu.

The menu will also expand to include entrees, mains, share plates and desserts as well as a full cocktail menu.

In other exciting news, fresh local seafood with a Brazilian twist will also be added to the Burleigh lineup, a first for the Bondi Grill’e boys.

Almost a quarter of the new premises will be dedicated to a bar (hallelujah) that will offer your favourite craft beer, a sweet selection of wine and some delicious new cocktails.

We can see it now, sunny Sunday arvos with the crew, a cocktail in hand and seafood to match the salty sea breeze.

The Coolangatta restaurant came about after a trio of passionate chefs, originally from Brazil, completed their Aussie-wide travels and decided to call the Gold Coast home (where else).

Their plan was to create an intimate venue with a relaxed vibe and community atmosphere and, of course, the good people of Coolangatta made them feel at home.

Now it’s Burleigh’s turn with the new 130-seat venue set to become a firm favourite amongst locals looking for something new to sink their teeth into.

Stay tuned for more details in the weeks to come.

Words by Kirra Smith.

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