Keri Krieger

Keri Krieger (image supplied)

She’s a longtime Gold Coast gal passionate about women’s health and healing and Keri Krieger knows what’s up when it comes to looking after ourselves when it comes to times like these.

We sat down for a chat with Keri about how we can nurture our bodies and minds right now and how daily rituals can ease stress and support our health.

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
I have been on the Gold Coast since I moved here in ’92 from North QLD to do a creative arts degree.

What do you love most about living here?
I zipped back and forth between here and the UK for a few years and came back to Palm Beach in 2007. Have been in the area ever since. It’s a cliche, but the lifestyle (things are cliche for a reason right?). I loved living overseas and in theory having a “weekend in Paris” as an option but the day to day living doesn’t get any better than here; sunshine, sand between my toes and the ability to choose how much hustle I get involved in. I’m a tropical fish at heart.

Talk to us about acupuncture, how did you get into it and why do you love it?
Acupuncture is an amazing ancient health care practice that has integrated it’s way very successfully into our modern-day health care system. Fine needles (we need a different word but we don’t have one in English) are inserted into points on the body that correlate with the meridian system. Think roadways on the external body that relate to all the internal organs. These pathways let us access and influence our internal organ health. Acupuncture is both an Art and a Science and I think that is where some confusion can occur. There is so much that modern Science has recently been able to quantify with peer reviewed articles around IVF, pain management and Oncology.  But there’s the art to it as well that looks at us humans as an interconnected part of our natural habitat taking into account our emotional and mental wellbeing. It sounds crazy to say sticking tiny pins in your arms or legs can support anxiety but again there is much clinical data to support this.

Things are a little wild in the world right now, what’s your take on how people are feeling?
Wow there’s alot happening right now. What I am seeing is that in amongst it all we’re realising that we are allowed to be full spectrum people. That you can be anxious about the world in general and be specifically happy about a lovely moment that you had. And that we need to be more resourceful and creative about how we live our lives. People are hopeful and worried at the same time which can feel confusing. I know in other communities things have been much much harder, we live in a very privileged area but what I’m seeing in my day to day is a level of gratitude and determination to be kind and support others. There has been so many hard wake up calls this year and it’s a challenge on everyones nervous system but what I hope continues is an awareness of the interconnectedness of all of us. And I’ve definitely found at Nuwa that we’ve been treating al the usual things (the clinic specialises in IVF, fertility and pregnancy support) but I started working there just in time to see a huge increase in the women booking in to help their stress levels and experience of anxiety.

How can acupuncture help?
Acupuncture is working with our nervous systems and now more than ever, we need practices, tools and support to down regulate that hectic feeling of always being on alert and in fight or flight.

You’re also a mentor for women, what do you offer women?
I’m about mentoring women in business to succeed on their terms and to really know what those terms are. I’m all about supporting women to get deeply in touch with how they can operate their business best according to their values and needs. I’ve had clients that on paper were and are incredibly successful. Running those classic 6/7 figure business’ that we all hear about yet they were doing it in such a way that they had abandoned themselves, were feeling discontent, disconnected and tired. This of course affects everything else in your life, including your health and the actual business in the end. So what I offer is usually a very person specific deep dive into their limiting beliefs and behaviours and how that’s currently playing out in their world. It’s a life overhaul theres’ not other way to describe it. I love the immersion and the outcomes that are possible. I love seeing these women come out the other side in full bloom!

You love a ritual, what are some things we can incorporate into our days to ease the stress or daily life right now?
Everything can be a ritual if there’s some attention or presence to it. I created a laundry champagne ritual the other day when we came home from a long weekend away. Book ending your day with ritual pauses is really helpful (try something other than wine). Having an actual cup of tea (none of us need more coffee) while leaving a long winded voice note to someone we miss first thing is a lovely moment of connection. Five minutes of dancing to your favourite song when you get home is a wonderful way to shake off the day. Ditto goes for singing loudly on the way home in the car!  Going outside to look at the stars in the backyard for ten minutes before bed. Setting an alarm at night to dim the lights and turn off the screens. At the end of a hard day or week, writing down all the things that were challenging then setting fire to them (safely). This is acknowledging and releasing. I take EVERY excuse to celebrate (see laundry above), obviously it doesn’t need alcohol. A candle lit dinner isn’t just for a special romantic occasion. A new pot plant that you water and talk to every day is truely a fun companion. Let your imagination go wild.

What would you say is the most important thing we can do for our mental health?
Sleep. Sleep is THE thing to prioritise. No caffeine after midday, dial down the sugar, no screens in bed, ear plugs, eye mask, do whatever you have to! A breathing / meditation practice, this can be as simple as five slow deep breathes in and out at points in your day. Time in nature. Journalling, you don’t need to be a writer to get those feelings down and out of your head. A small team of close humans you can be honest with, this includes professional help. Never feel bad about asking for help, we need our village.

How does the rest of the year look for you?
The rest of the year looks full and varied just how I like it. I have a big writing project to put a dent in. A summer garden to get growing and a new position out at Eden Health Retreat to dive into alongside my ongoing practice at Nuwa Natural Health. Let’s see though if 2020 will continue to laugh at our plans! I used to do quite a bit of travel for work but I am enjoying this close to home life.

Tell us some of your favourites on the Coast:
Restaurant for dinner: We love popping over the hill to Caracara in Tugan for tacos and margaritas.
Coffee spot: I have been a devotee at The Dust Temple since the very beginning. Just a bike ride around the corner from home.
Cafe for breakfast: Saltwater for the local group catch up, Caribou for their B&E rolls and Barefoot Barista because I moved to Palmy when Dean & Liz opened and it feels like going home (for their haloumi zucchini fritters).
How does your weekend usually look: I’m so excited for these warmer weekends that are slow and sunny. A local walk along Currumbin Creek,  A bike ride along the beach to Kirra. Reading on the deck in the sun with the pup and the bloke. Meals with friends, just the good simple things.



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