Kara and Josh Hamilton

Gold Coast locals Kara and Josh Hamilton are one of the most creative husband and wife teams on the Gold Coast. Owners of multi-faceted business The Edit Suite, they work with many local businesses you know and love (plus national and international ones) to create epic content we are always in awe of.

We sat down for a chat with Kara and Josh about working with the UFC and their latest creative venture, the GC Podcast Studio.

How long have you been Gold Coast locals?
Josh moved here in 2007 and Kara moved here in 2005.

What do you love most about living here?
Josh came from New Zealand, so he loves the weather and being out on the water fishing on the boat, skateboarding at all of the amazing parks and surfing. Kara loves pretty much everything: the sunshine, the people, the beaches, the shops, the food! Such a good place for our kids to grow up – so many opportunities here.

Tell us about your business The Edit Suite, what do you do?
We are a team of videographers, photographers, licensed drone operators and motion graphics designers. We thrive on discovering authentic, creative and engaging digital content. Each project is always different, we work with a range of diverse clients producing business stories, promo video, branding content, event content, aerial work and more.

How did the biz come about?
Six years ago after having our first son we decided to join forces and quit our jobs to see if we can turn our passion into a livelihood, we sold our house and bought all the equipment, rented a space and started on this journey. Josh was always going to succeed, he has an amazing eye for detail and is a perfectionist and he just needed a boss like Kara to make it happen. From there, we kept building and growing and now we are lucky to have brilliant staff and a studio large enough to fit our photography studio and a giant pink skate ramp.

What have been some of your favourite projects to work on recently?
We’ve been really lucky to work with so many amazing clients lately including Uber Eats where we travelled to 7 cities across Australia and New Zealand filming and taking photos for some restaurant case studies. We also worked with Visit Victoria for the UFC late last year in Melbourne and produced a video for them to promote the Australian Boomers vs The USA Basketball team which included several trips to Marvel stadium filming with legendary graffiti artist Sofles. The video documented the Boomers brainstorming ideas for Sofles to create a giant piece on the side of Marvel Stadium featuring legends of Australian Basketball.

What’s been something you’ve loved about having to stay home the last few weeks?
We actually used the downtime to start another business called GC Podcast Studio. It was perfect timing as we had planned to set up a while ago but never could find enough time to actually do it. So now we are all set up and ready to roll and are pumping out our own podcast called Call a Creative. The studio is for anyone who wants to start their own podcast. All they do is come up with the idea and we can do the rest.

Are you working on anything exciting at the moment?
Recently we finished up a campaign for Destination Gold Coast called Come & Play and we were lucky enough to explore and film at 30 amazing locations around the Gold Coast from wining and dining, to diving with turtles to jumping out of airplanes. It was so fun and we met a bunch of lovely people along the way. We’ve also just finished up a large campaign with Study Gold Coast featuring all of our amazing educational providers to promote the city to international students.

How can Gold Coasters support your business?
We love telling the stories of our local businesses and creating content they can be proud of. We create most types of content so we are lucky to have so many different clients. If anyone out there wants product photos, portraits, as well as brand videos plus most other things give us a call or email!

What’s the plan for the rest of 2020?
Well we did get hit pretty hard lately as did a lot of people but we are trying to get the business back to normal and are really looking forward to getting back out shooting everyday. It’s been a crazy time so we are hoping that we can travel again soon and get around to all of our amazing clients to create content again. Who knows though, never thought we would have gone through this sort of thing!!!

Any advice for someone looking to start their own creative business?
Put your heart and soul into it, focus on every detail, provide a high quality product that your client loves and have fun with it. It’s not easy to get established with a lot of other companies out there these days, so try and find your style and run with it. It can take a while to break through too but hang in there.

Tell us your favourite restaurants on the Coast…
We live close to Double Barrel Kitchen in Mermaid, so go there a fair bit. The staff are super nice and the food is epic! For dinner, we love taking the family to The Collective for the variety of choices or Miami Marketta for the same reason.

How does your weekend usually look?
We love heading out on the boat cruising up to Straddy or one of the many beaches up around Wavebreak Island having a BBQ and swimming, fishing and relaxing up there. We pretty much do that most weekends!



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