Just Dough It

In news that’ll make you nostalgic for a youth spent in your grandma’s kitchen, baking cookies and licking the bowl, you can now purchase cookie dough to eat with a spoon, ice cream style.

That’s not a sentence we ever thought we’d write but since we’re (cough) a little over 30, we’re also kind of wondering how this has only just become a thing.

It certainly has though. Just Dough It are the biz behind the concept of literally dishing out raw cookie dough via UberEATS and pop events around the Coast. And you can jump on that bandwagon as of right now.

The foodie venture came about when cookie connoisseurs Zachary and Caitlynn realised (after consuming probably-not-safe cookie dough) nobody in Australia was providing the goods and thus, a dream was born.

They also wanted to invoke that previously mentioned nostalgia and listen to people’s childhood baking stories, so props for that.

Turns out eating raw cookie dough generally isn’t that good for you so Just Dough It have removed the eggs and heat treated the flour, therefore completely eliminating the need to ever eat another dessert again.


Flavours range from choc chip to brownie, a combination of Milo and Tim Tams and strawberry cheesecake. SIGN US UP.

Just Dough It currently offer the tasty treats on UberEATS in Burleigh and Coomera and you can also hire them for private events.

The plan is to open their very own little space later on this year and 2018 is shaping up to be a goodie.

Just Dough It will celebrate their first birthday with a pop up shop at The Lanes Easter Market this weekend, so you’ll get the chance to taste test some limited edition flavours.

Happy Easter indeed.

LOCATION: The Lanes Easter Market from 3-9pm on Saturday at Lakeview Blvd throughout the Easter long weekend.

Words by Kirra Smith



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