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Hugh Sheridan

Chats with the Aussie actor and star of HOTA’s upcoming Hair.

Hugh Sheridan is Australia’s golden boy; an actor, musician, presenter and winner of four Logies, most notably for his role as Ben Rafter on Packed to the Rafters.

Soon though, he’ll be gracing our Gold Coast shores as part of Home of the Arts (HOTA) showing of the revolutionary rock musical, Hair.

We sat down for a chat with Hugh about what we can expect from the contemporary version of a 50 year old classic and what he loves most about the Gold Coast.

What do you love most about visiting the Gold Coast?
Honestly, it’s my beautiful friends that I’ve made while working on films over the last few years. I have always loved the Gold Coast for the weather and the beaches!

HAIR is coming to HOTA in October, what can we expect from the show?
Expect the unexpected! Hair can be hard to follow at first but stay open and free and you’ll enjoy the ride. There’s amazing songs and themes – all honest and heartfelt.

Talk to us about some of the social issues it touches on?
Women’s rights, climate change, sexual identity, racial clashes and the ongoing war. All, tragically, sound very relevant today.

How did your role in HAIR come about?
I was actually in an ashram in India when I first heard about the production. It felt right given I was already in India where Berger intended to go.

Your career and life, have spanned both music and acting, talk us through some of the highlights so far…
Winning the four Logies was a dream come true as it solidified my feelings that I had chosen the right career. My one-man shows on Times Square and at the Sydney Opera House were pinch yourself moments too!

What’s the plan for 2019 after HAIR finishes up?
I’m booked to sing in Egypt, as well as the George Michael Listen to your Heart Symphony on the Gold Coast. My brother is getting married in Adelaide at Christmas so maybe I’ll do Carols. I can’t believe the year’s almost over!

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