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HOTA announces $1,000 cash for digital artists

Time to get creative Gold Coasters.

There is absolutely no doubt that good things come out of hard times and it’s absolutely incredible to see Gold Coast businesses rallying around one another, and the public in general at a time when we most need each other.

The latest business to come out in support of those who have lost a significant amount of potential income is Home of the Arts (HOTA), our premier art and cultural precinct who have obviously also been adversely affected by the state of the world.

Despite that though, the team at HOTA have announced a new artists support fund that will see them offering up to $1,000 cash for projects that take no more than one week to develop and deliver.

Criena Gehrke (CEO at HOTA) said that artists are the lifeblood of HOTA and without them, there is no Home of the Arts and they need to know they are supported now more than ever. True.

It’s called the Rage Against the V(irus) Fund and it’s designed to turn downtime into a spark for innovation, using digital technology.

For Gold Coast based artists, it’s the perfect opportunity to follow through on an idea they’ve had swirling around for awhile, develop something a bit left of centre or experiment with something completely new. Creativity with no bounds, what a brilliant idea.

If you’re thinking of applying, the projects must have an online outcome, which could include a podcast, audio file, Facebook live event, video content, streaming, Instagram or other digital platforms.

The opportunity is open to artists, collectives and organisations, or artists who have a strong connection to the Gold Coast, with successful applicants to be notified within seven days of applying.

What are you waiting for friends, get out there and make something while you have some time up your sleeves.

Expressions of interest for the HOTA Artist Fund – Rage Against The V(irus) are open from Friday 20 March to Friday 15 May, with all projects to be completed by Friday 29 May, 2020.

Good one HOTA.

Words by Kirra Smith

12 next-level Gold Coast solo musicians

Tyler Vivian

Musical talent is a thing we do not have but that’s cool because it seems lots of other people do and we have other skills okay.

Turns out, the Gold Coast in particular has many a musical prodigy, which is lucky ‘cuz this would be a short story otherwise.

Here are 12 local solo musicians you should give your ears the pleasure of listening to ASAP.

Rene Le Feuvre
The Gold Coast lad just released a new single and it’s a whole lot of love for your ears friends. He creates high vibe tunes and he’s possibly one of the most passionate musos around. Catch him in various venues and cafes across the city. You might just fall in love.

Nathan Fynn
He plays around the Coast on the regular, massaging locals’ ears with his cruisy vibes. They say his style is reminiscent of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Neil Finn and that is quite the combination.

Kate McKay
A singer/songwriter born in South East Queensland, it is with great pleasure we claim this woman and her soulful vocal cords. She’s pretty epic at all the genres but we particularly love a powerful ballad of the Kate McKay variety.

Tyler Vivian
He’s a kiwi turned Gold Coaster with the voice (and face) of an angel. Also a singer/songwriter Tyler Vivian is one man you want to listen to. While he can belt out any old thing, it’s those sweet, soulful songs of his that’ll get ya. Listen to his tunes here.

Brett Gannon
Raw, unplugged acoustic sounds are always a good time and particularly when Brett Gannon is bringing them to your life. He’s played the world over and is much-loved for his lively sets with tunes ranging from the 60s to now.

Julie Hayes
Of Irish descent, Julie Hayes has the storytelling gene running through her veins. Her haunting folks-style melodies will transport you to another world. Julie’s style draws influence from the like of Florence Welch and Joni Mitchell and that is just fine by us.

Kate McKay

Tyson Faulkner
He’s a passionate musician who has been performing for over 14 years around Australia. With a vast roll call of influences including Eddie Vedder, Metallica and Crowded House, you know his shows bring the good vibes.

Ella Fence
An electro-pop artist who recently performed on the Festival 2018 stage, Ella Fence creates big sounds and guaranteed fun times. She’s all about big bass and edgy sounds and she’s definitely one to seek out and reward your ears with.  Listen to her sweet beats here

Gregg Peterson
Another Gold Coast adoptee, this time from the far flung US of A, Gregg Peterson’s musical roots stem from jazz, blues and country. His solo gigs see him utilise those insane looping machines and his guitar work must be seen to be believed.

Zak Keenan
He’s only been playing around the place for a short while but in that time he’s garnered quite the fan base. Catch Zak and his cruisy, melodic tunes at Nightjar on the regular and don’t be surprised if this guy shows up at the Grammy’s pretty soon.

Rory Switzer
He’s a solo man but he’s also part of a band, Loose Leaf and you can see him and hear his smooth vocals all over the Coast these days. The band is a bit of a combo of chill and a rock & roll vibes and they sure know how to get a party started.

Jason Delphin
Jason plays and produces music styles that range from blues, soul, jazz, folk, punk rock. He was unearthed by Triple J and he’s played at Falls Festival and few times throughout the year along with Blues on Broadbeach. So you know he’s good.

There you have it, this lot play across the Coast at many a venue so look up your favourite and get down there to #supportlocal.

Words by Kirra Smith.

Chats with Gold Coast musician Emma Hudson

Emma Hudson is a talented local musician who at 24, has only just embarked on what’s destined to be a successful career.

The bubbly singer and songwriter performs across the Gold Coast and is set to release her debut EP within the next couple of months (which is definitely going to be filled with good time tunes).

We sat down for a chat with Emma about creating music from emotion and why making the jump is the best thing you can do when it comes to following your dreams.

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
I was lucky enough to grow up on the Coast! In fact, I’ve lived in the same street since I was a baby.

What do you love most about living here?
The views and the lifestyle. It’s so relaxed and everyone’s so friendly. And I love that I can go from beach from to valley in the same day. It’s wild.

How long have you been a singer / songwriter?
I grew up playing guitar but only gained the confidence to start writing and perform about 18 months ago! Since then, I’ve had so much support from family, friends, and strangers and I’m so grateful for where the whirlwind of a journey has taken me so far.

Have you always known this is what your career would be?
Absolutely not! Music was always a passion, but I actually completed a Bachelor of Psychology before this. I didn’t think there were jobs in the music industry, but it turns out I was super wrong! If I’d have known then what I do now, I would have started this a long time ago!

Where you do you find inspiration for your music?
Whenever I have a strong emotion, songs just kind of pour out of me. Whether it’s love, anger, loss, whatever. My song themes range a lot but the one thing in common between them is that they mean a lot to me. I pour my soul into them.

What have been some of your favourite local gigs to play?
Tonic on Chirn has a special place in my heart. It’s the first gig I ever played and since that day, they’ve become like a family to me. The vibe is so relaxed and the food is amazing too, so that helps.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to make music their career?
Make the jump. It’s not as scary as you think. The music community on the Coast is so welcoming and supportive; if you put the work in, you’ll thrive.

Plans for the rest of 2019?
I’m in the middle of some really exciting stuff at the moment! I’ll be releasing an EP within the next month or two, which is crazy to me. I’m collaborating with some other artists, gigging more, and getting a few other things together that I can’t talk about yet. But a lot is happening!

Tell us your favourites on the Coast:
Cafe for breakfast: Barefoot Barista has a to-die-for acai bowl (did someone say ice-cream for breakfast?)
Coffee spot: Espresso Moto has the best vibe for some creativity flow with my caffeine.
Restaurant for dinner: Harvest Buffet at The Star is my go-to for a cheat night.
How does your weekend usually look? If I’m not gigging, tutoring, or studying, I’m spending time with my son playing games and running around. My life is crazy hectic but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Gold Coast Musician Ryan Munro

He’s the local lad who went from beloved Gold Coast busker performing at our annual Buskers by the Creek event and as of just last week, Ryan has released his first single, fittingly titled By the Water.

We sat down for a chat with Ryan about how his transition from busker to pro came about and where we can catch the grungy blues musician live. 

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
I have been a local for about twelve years now so I guess I’m pretty much a full-blown Gold Coaster!

What do you love most about living here?
I love having the beach always by my side and the explosion of new artists, musicians and restaurants emerging. I also love the amazing people and of course, our beautiful weather.

Tell us about your transition from busker to full-time musician…
As a busker, you’re right there at eye level with your audience and you really have to make yourself a bit vulnerable, giving your audience a piece of yourself that they take with them. It’s the first step of performing in front of people you’ve never met and experiencing the feeling of being the spotlight. The natural progression was to take my performance to the stage in pubs and clubs. Fortunately for me, I was spotted at Buskers by the Creek in 2018 by founder Cindy Jensen and the platform she offers through her festival allowed me to show my talents to a bigger audience and further progress my career with the guidance of the team.

You recently released your debut single, how did that feel?
Yes I’m thrilled to announce that I recently released my debut single By the Water, available on all platforms. It was honestly the highlight of my year. I have a great sense of accomplishment and now have even more drive and motivation to stack my next song! I love recording – it really allows you to refine and find your song’s true potential. Adding string accompaniment was the perfect touch to rounding out the song. I’m thankful to Scotty French at Love St Studios for his amazing work and Paul Blakey for the mastering. After years of rearranging it over and over in my mind, it’s amazing to be able to hear the final product and know it’s mine.

What’s the vibe of your sound?
I think Cindy describes it best: “A tasty cocktail infused with rustic grunge, blues and roots, classically-inspired alternative folk garnished with a little bit of hip hop.”

From where do you get inspiration for your music?
The first track came together after one of my visits alone to Currumbin Creek – the same spot where I always went to play and vent and reconnect with my cheapest counsellor; my six-string Maton. This time the reflection of my love for the mother of my three amazing children came to the surface. By the Water is a song of reflection and acceptance and I find inspiration for my music in positive feelings that encourage personal growth.

Is there anywhere we can catch you live on the Gold Coast?
You can definitely catch me at this year’s Buskers by the Creek, held on the 18th to 20th of October at Currumbin Creek! I’ll be on the main stage so make sure you come along. I’m also heading on tour in Sydney so that’s very exciting. Check out my other gig dates on my Facebook page.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2019?
Plan for the rest of the year is to travel and gig as much as possible. I’ll also be preparing for the By the Water film clip at the start of 2020 as well as the highly anticipated five track EP album.

Tell us your favourites on the Coast…
Cafe for breakfast: Beach Shack Currumbin. On the beach, great food, happy, friendly staff and coffee all day long. What more could you want?
Coffee spot: Dust Temple Currumbin – a beautiful industrial-styled warehouse hosting art shows, poetry slams and performances by yours truly. Little Lido across from Tugun Bowls Club also does a mean coffee.
Restaurant for dinner: Anywhere with a good steak meal.
How does your weekend usually look: My weekend usually consists of driving a few hundred kilometres, playing at least four gigs and spending as much time as I can with my beautiful family.

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