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High socie-Thai meets modern beach luxe

Nahm Talay Thai opens at the Paradise Centre

Lost in the Jungle, Nahm Talay Thai (image supplied)
Lost in the Jungle, Nahm Talay Thai (image supplied)

Do you like your Thai served with a side of oceanside luxury? And your dishes presented with high-end WOW-worthy details, feeding your eyes and stomach with spectacular flare and flavour? We’re even talking liquid nitrogen in some dishes, as well as bubble smoke on cocktails and no, this is not an immunity challenge on Masterchef, but what you can expect at Nahm Talay Thai in Surfers Paradise, opening Friday 9th September.

Situated in the newly renovated Paradise Centre, Nahm Talay Thai is the latest offering from Pattaree (Pat) Jiranuchaiwattana and Vitchaya (Alex) Hasitawet. This duo know a thing or two about executing traditional Thai and Asian dishes in style, with a five-restaurant strong portfolio in Queensland, including Chong Co Thai at Pacific Fair. Add talented chefs Metira (May) Wongtom and Nitis (Kai) Shombunsode into the mix, as well as a stunning DBI Design interior, the final product is a total vibe.

Soft Shell Crab Egg Lava, Nahm Talay Thai (image supplied)
Soft Shell Crab Egg Lava, Nahm Talay Thai (image supplied)

Offering indoor/outdoor dining, a beachfront balcony (perfect for events may we add), plus booth and couch seating, the venue accommodates 120 guests. Picture luxurious accents blended with a high quality, modern beach aesthetic to complement the multi-million-dollar views. Cool grey hues and whites are warmed up with a sandy colour palette creating an oasis-like feel. There are contrasting textures throughout, a unique roof design, beautifully designed bar, and eye-catching golden metallic wave artwork.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner until midnight EVERYDAY, let’s start with the AM timeslot and oooh, the Soft Shell Crab Egg Lava definitely caught our eye. Featuring a croissant with salmon caviar, tobiko sauce, vine cherry tomato, and parmesan, LBR – we were born to eat caviar for breakfast. There is also a wide range of other brekky crowd favourites, but with an exciting Nahm Talay Thai twist. Pair your meal with a darn good coffee or refreshing (and super pretty) cold pressed juice and yep, you’ve started the day right.

Lamb Shank Massaman Curry, Nahm Talay Thai (image supplied)
Lamb Shank Massaman Curry, Nahm Talay Thai (image supplied)

If you’re more of a lunch or dinner person, the menu is once again off-the-Richter good. Order a serve of Crispy Pork Bao to start, with steamed bao, crispy pork belly, cucumber, coriander, spring onion, long red chilli, peanut and sesame oil. Then, it’s signature dish-o-clock and besides happy hour, this is our favourite time of the day.

Tuck into the Lamb Shank Massaman Curry with slow cooked lamb shank, mild curry, potato and cashew nuts, or the Barramundi Fillet steamed with lime sauce. Or, if you’d rather make friends with salad, you can’t beat the mouth-watering flavours of the Wagyu Salad. We’re talking Wagyu MBD 9+, Thai herbs, tomato, cucumber, rice power, chilli powder, house dressing and pear.

And for dessert, may we recommend the Cream Brulée, with egg, cream, pandan, sugar, coconut, vanilla ice cream and chocolate crumble. Drool.

Lychee Martinin, Nahm Talay Thai (image supplied)
Lychee Martinin, Nahm Talay Thai (image supplied)

Now let’s get down to business – cocktails of course. Pat and Alex certainly don’t do anything by halves and their jaw-dropping drinks menu is a testament to this.

Don’t miss the opportunity to sample a Bubble Smoke Lychee Martini and you had us at bubble smoke. With vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice, cranberry juice and lychee syrup and bubble smoke top, the yum-factor is only rivalled by the presentation.

Laying off the harder stuff because you’re in detox mode? Same (not really) and good news, the Mocktails are as delish and insta-worthy as their boozy cousins. We’re ordering the Mint Lychee Frappe with lychee, lychee syrup and mint.

Also, a quick shout out to the Jellyfish Shots because these things are quite possibly the coolest thing we’ve seen, and yes we’re back to alcohol #oldhabitsdiehard.

Mint Lychee Frappe, Nahm Talay Thai (image supplied)
Mint Lychee Frappe, Nahm Talay Thai (image supplied)

This brings us to the pointy end and the hardest decision yet. Should you go for breakfast, lunch or dinner (no more complaints about not being able to find a restaurant for a late-night feed, finally a venue open till midnight!) and our advice is a unanimous “all of the above”.

Where: Paradise Centre, 2 Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise
When: Friday 9th September, open 7am – midnight, Monday – Sunday.

Words by Bianca Trathen.



Miang Kam, Nahm Talay Thai (image supplied)
Miang Kam, Nahm Talay Thai (image supplied)

Sound the alarm – Paradise Centre 2.0 is coming!

Ultimate Burger from TGI Fridays (image supplied)

Is it just us (it’s not) or is there A.LOT going on in our beloved Surfers Paradise right now? It goes without saying that it’s always been a non-negotiable for visitors, because a trip to the GC just isn’t a trip to the GC without a stint in our tourism capital. And let’s be real, it’s certainly housed a fair share of good times for us ‘natives’. From beach days to big nights (the latter of which live on in our somewhat blurred memories – and faded prints from our disposable cameras), it’s always held a special place in our hearts. Well, our iconic glitter strip’s shimmer will shine brighter than ever come Friday 9th September, when Paradise Centre unveils its hotly anticipated $40 million redevelopment.  *cue jaw drop.

Set to redefine the Gold Coast’s beachfront dining and shopping scene, Paradise Centre will reveal a stunning new exterior with eight brand new dining experiences, complete with unparalleled ocean views. We can also expect the addition of some very welcome retail hard hitters, and oh how we love this for us. Let’s talk food first because the only thing we live for more than shopping is eating, and we are already stressed about where to go first.

Cocktail available from Nahm Talay Thai Restaurant & Bar (image supplied)
Cocktail available from Nahm Talay Thai Restaurant & Bar (image supplied)

Providing locals and tourists alike with an eclectic mix of culinary offerings, there’s revamped classics and some BIG new players. We don’t like to name drop (we do), but the Wahlberg family’s first Queensland instalment of their infamous Wahlburgers is opening, and we are fangirling out of control. Serving up gourmet burger goodness, suddenly all we can think about is a young Mark Wahlberg in his Calvin Kleins circa 1992 and honestly, that changed us.

Back to the task at hand, the stunning revitalisation also includes legendary tex-mex restaurant El Camino Cantina. It’s launching its very first ever breaky in Oz and the only thing better than going out for Mexican or for breakfast, is going out for a Mexican breakfast! Also on the star-studded roll-call is American institution TGI Fridays, and our day has legit just been made.

Gelato Messina (image supplied)
Gelato Messina, Paradise Centre (image supplied)

It’s not all about American and Mexi themed nosh though, with other popular additions in the melting pot of new multicultural nomming options. We’re talking flavoursome Italiano cooking as good as Nonna’s at Enzo’s Cucina, and Thai food so authentic that even ‘Thai-hard’ food critics will agree that all you need is ‘larb’ – and Nahm Talay Thai!

Everyone’s quick, fresh and healthy food-on-the-go hero, Hero Sushi, made the cut, as did Gelato Messina and its 40 redonkulously good varieties of gelato #IDie. Another note-worthy addition is the premium barista-made coffee and modern Aussie cuisine at La Playa, coz one can never have too much quality caffeine in their life.

Also injecting new blood into the Surfers region is the refurbished Eastern Mall. Who can resist Ava Beauty, Stateside Sports, Rip Curl and Baku Swimwear, and may we suggest you try on the latest bikinis before you hit the restaurants…for obvious reasons #BurgerBloat #TheStruggleIsReal. Joining the recently launched Surf Dive N’ Ski and Vans, the Paradise Centre’s line-up of shopping haunts will delight any shopper.

Paradise Centre, Surfers Paradise (image supplied)
Paradise Centre, Surfers Paradise (image supplied)

This exciting redevelopment adds to Paradise Centre’s 90+ specialty shops, alfresco dining and humdinger entertainment precinct with the world’s largest Timezone, Zone Bowling, MANIAX Axe Throwing, and more to come. In our humble opinion, this couldn’t have come at a better time with new hotels opening and action a-plenty unfolding around the heart of the GC.

Now more than ever, our beloved Surfers Paradise is doing justice to the second part of its idyllic name, thanks to the likes of our favourite seaside shopping and dining hub, the levelled-up Paradise Centre. For more information, visit here.

Where: 2 Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise
When: New dining precinct opening Friday 9 September. Wahlburgers and TGI Fridays exact opening date TBA.


Words by Bianca Trathen.

Wahlburgers Burgers (image supplied)
Wahlburgers Burgers (image supplied)

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