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Gold Coast Women in Business Awards

Celebrating some of the Coast’s most inspiring women.

Once a year we gather to celebrate some of the most innovative and inspiring women on the Gold Coast and 2018 unearthed some absolute gems.

The Gold Coast Women in Business Awards were held just last week and there was no shortage of support for the initiative providing a platform to honour outstanding and successful businesswomen and industry achievers.

From established women in business to high school students, the awards are the perfect way to showcase all the incredible local business owners and visionaries found around these parts.

Which we’re obviously all about.

For the sake of this tale, we’re going to let you in on a few of the worthy winners in the hope that next year you’ll get involved if you know of, or are, a legendary local business woman.

The big kahuna of awards is quite clearly the Gold Coast Woman in Business of the Year Award and (drumroll please) the 2018 winner was Cheryl Stewart, co-founder of Morlife.

Which is, of course, a business creating nutritional and functional health foods to empower wellbeing. Functional foods meaning foods that have health-promoting or disease-preventing property beyond the basic function of supplying nutrients. So that’s good for humanity.

The Futurist Award, which sounds like quite the honour, went to Selena Magill, Director of Marketing at International Village Roadshow Theme Parks. So Selena is responsible for a lot of fun in the world. First of all, thank goodness someone who is onto fun creation and second of all, excellent work.

The Business Achiever Award went to Naomi Spies, whose lovely face you will probably have seen at countless events she, and her team, at Ruby PR, have put together. Naomi leads a team of women representing local businesses and, quite obviously, does a very good job of it.

The Aspiring Young Business Women’s Award went to Tiffany English of Modus Operandi, a brand specialising in business management solutions.

Shoutout to all the absolutely incredible women who won at this years’ awards ceremony and also to every single woman out there running a Gold Coast business, we love your work and you’re doing an exceptional job no matter who you are.

Better start planning your nominations for next year friends.

Words by Kirra Smith

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